PointsBet Arizona

Arizona bettors are taking advantage of top markets, promos, and customer service on the Pointsbet Arizona. From their betting app to banking methods, this review covers all you need to know about AZ’s Pointsbet sportsbook.

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promotions at Pointsbet Arizona


Pointsbet AZ is offering some attractive bonuses and promotions for its users, from welcoming gifts to ongoing cash prizes. These offers are continuously changing, growing, and expanding. Pointsbet bettors can be sure to expect extra opportunities to win throughout their Arizona sports betting experience.

Pointsbet AZ sign-up bonuses

The Pointsbet sign-up offer, also called a welcome Pointsbet bonus, is offered on this sportsbook for new users. When creating your account, be sure to take advantage of the current promo offered for new sign-ups.

Promo codes at Pointsbet Arizona

The most recent promo code on Pointsbet included a risk-free bet of up to $2,000 for new users. This essentially guarantees that your first bet of up to $2,000 is “insured”, making it impossible to lose your money off of your first bet.

Should your bet go south there is no need to worry; Pointsbet will return your staked amount of up to $2,000 right back into your account.

Pointsbet AZ bonus offers


Pointsbet AZ weekly cash prizes

Once on the Pointsbet app, users will have access to continuous bonuses and promos. The Pointsbet NBC predictor has weekly cash prizes with no need to bet your cash. That’s right – you simply make predictions on big upcoming matches and you’re eligible to win cash prizes through your account.

Pointsbet AZ parlay insurance

Another ongoing promo we’ve seen on Pointsbet is their parlay insurance. This insurance is for 4+ legs same game parlays on either MLB or the NFL. If the bettor loses their parlay because of one failed leg, they’ll receive up to $25 back from Pointsbet.

This parlay insurance can be given up to once a day to support ongoing Pointsbet parlay bettors.

Pointsbet no juice promos

Another enticing option we have seen on Pointsbet includes no juice promos for +100 NFL spreads.

For those newer bettors, juice is defined as the sportsbook’s fee, vig, or cost for using the platform. If you bet on an NFL spread with +100 odds, you’ll be able to collect 100% of your winnings clean and clear.

We are staying tuned to see if Pointsbet will add in other no juice promos for different betting markets soon.

Review of Pointsbet AZ


Our Pointsbet review begins by covering the most attractive bonuses and promos offered within the Pointsbet betting app. Online betting now offers sign-up offers, welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, and internal competitions for sportsbook users.

We’ll then get into the Pointsbet app review, discussing this sportsbook’s features, benefits, and overall customer satisfaction. This includes the Pointsbet banking methods and security features that keep your money safe

Central to it all, this review then goes on to cover Pointsbet betting markets and bet types. Does Pointsbet Arizona offer everything you need for online sports betting throughout the year? Read on to find out.

Finally, we’ll finish up with our Frequently Asked Questions to sum up the most important aspects of Pointsbet. You’ll soon learn what separates Pointsbet from other Arizona betting apps and why it’s here to stay.

Pointsbet sportsbook Arizona betting app

The Pointsbet sportsbook Arizona betting app has been positively reviewed for both Android and iOS users alike. From your PC to your phone, Pointsbet’s interface is sleek and easy to use on any occasion.

Be sure to turn on push notifications to get the latest news on your bet wins, upcoming matches, or new promos.

Pointsbet also offers live betting for an action-packed betting experience. Not finding the bet you’re looking for? Pointsbet addresses that too, with their name a bet feature. You name the bet and they’ll price it accordingly – easy as that.

Pointsbet features, markets, and bet types are also expansive and beneficial to bettors on the platform.

Pointsbet Sportsbook Arizona odds

Pointsbet sportsbook Arizona is offering enticing odds and lines on its betting app. Apart from the standard markets and bets, Pointsbet offers its PointsBetting wagering style. This is a great option for those bettors with higher risk tolerance in exchange for much higher potential rewards.

The Pointsbet wagering system has yields of up to 20x compared to standard fixed-odds bets on opposing Arizona sportsbooks.

Pointsbet Arizona features and benefits


In our review of Pointsbet Arizona, we’ve noted a long list of features you can’t find on competing sports betting sites. From their odds to their service, we’ve listed the Pointsbet highlights below.

  • Daily odds boosts across betting markets
  • Pointsbet PULSE blog
  • Easy to use interface with effective navigation
  • Live betting and player prop options
  • Reliable customer support with a live chat feature
  • Event and game line Twitter updates
  • Odds display preferences
  • Pointsbet Rewards program

Review of Pointsbet Arizona’s betting markets

Pointsbet offers all major betting markets across the Copper State. From top national sports to international leagues, bettors will find all they need and more on this sportsbook betting app.

Pointsbet football

This betting app has all things football, on and off-season. Starting with the NFL, the largest betting market in the U.S., bettors can access all common bet types plus special props and NFL-specific promos. One possibility is the Pointsbet NFL no-juice promo we mention above.

Some states also allow Pointbet to include the college football betting market, amplifying wagering possibilities for all users.

Pointsbet basketball

The top betting events in basketball revolve around the NCAA, which is offered as a betting market in most states on the Pointsbet app. March Madness, the NBA, and the WNBA are additional basketball markets you can find on Pointsbet Arizona.

Pointsbet Arizona baseball

Baseball is another top market when it comes to betting in Arizona. You can bet on the Diamondbacks and any other MLB team through Pointsbet with various bet types.

Other Pointsbet AZ markets

The excitement of betting doesn’t stop at the top markets. Pointsbet offers betting options for over twenty different sports. You can also find markets for tennis, hockey, darts, ping-pong, motorsports, handball, soccer, rugby, MMA, cycling, cricket, etc.

Pointsbet event betting is also alive and well. This includes both national and international leagues, championships, series, playoffs, college finals, and some.

Bet types at Pointsbet Sportsbook Arizona


Bettors can find a variety of bet types within each of the ample betting markets on Pointsbet. While there are plenty of extraordinary bets within each sport or event, we’ll cover the most frequently utilized bet types offered through Pointsbet sportsbook Arizona.

Pointsbet Live betting Arizona

Pointsbet includes an in-play page to display all of the live games on its platform. In addition to this, bettors can wager live bets on all major betting markets including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. They also offer live betting options around international soccer, ping-pong, tennis, and golf.

Future bets

As most bettors know, future bets include all wagers on upcoming events and matches farther into the future. Popular Pointsbet futures include predicting the winners of divisions, playoffs, series, finals, championships, and leagues.

Specific futures events include the popular Super Bowl, NBA Playoffs, MLB World Series, and soccer World Cup.


Pointsbet pays special attention to Parlays, as shown through their occasional parlay insurance bonus option in certain states.

You can create same-game, general, and combo parlays on the site. Not only that, but Pointsbet offers parlay builder and quick parlay generator features for bettors too.

Users can generate a parlay around almost every sport offered on the Pointsbet betting app.

Fixed-odds betting

It wouldn’t be betting without your traditional fixed-odds bet options at Pointsbet Arizona. These common bet types include moneyline, total, prop, teasers, and point spread bets.

Pointsbetting Arizona

As we briefly covered under bonuses, Pointsbet stands out among other sportsbooks through their Pointsbetting system. Instead of having wins or losses that remain fixed throughout a game or event, Pointsbetting has fluctuating winnings/losses until the conclusion of said event.

Bettors are informed of the maximum win and loss levels when wagering on Pointsbetting. Meanwhile, they’re still participating in an exciting betting method for the risk-taking betting population. Bettors will also be able to access stop-loss and withheld balance features for this type of wager.

Around 1/5 of Pointsbet offered bet types for major markets are Pointsbetting features not offered on any other Arizona sportsbook.

Banking methods available at Pointsbet AZ


Moving your money into and out of your Pointsbet AZ account is of the essence. Bettors can find a slew of reliable methods on Pointsbet for both transactions. From preferred methods to those that offer an extra layer of privacy, bettors have their choice when it comes to Pointsbet banking methods.

Pointsbet deposits in AZ

There are multiple ways you can fund your sportsbook account. Each has its pros and cons we will go through below.

  • ACH (e-check): Many sportsbooks prefer this method due to its speed and simplicity. One potential downfall is that occasionally sportsbook transactions may be rejected or investigated by your bank before approval.
  • Visa/Mastercard debit or credit cards: As one of the fastest and most popular ways to pay, this banking method will include whatever debit/credit card fees you have associated with your card.
  • E-wallets: PayPal is the most popular e-wallet and it adds an extra layer of security to your transactions. PayPal funds are almost always immediately accepted by the sportsbook, but you’ll have to make sure your PayPal account is a personal one with the same associate email address as your sportsbook account.
  • PayNearMe: For those looking to be more anonymous in their transactions, this option allows you to go to a physical location to pay cash for your sportsbook deposit.

Pointsbet withdrawals in AZ

Just as with withdrawals, Pointsbet Arizona offers a variety of withdrawal banking methods for their bettors.

  • PayPal
  • ACH (e-check)
  • Pointsbet Mastercard
  • Online banking

Pointsbet Arizona customer support and security


As a reliable brand for online betting in Arizona, Pointsbet provides security around both your account details and any assistance you may need while betting.

Pointsbet customer support in AZ

Pointsbet offers a live chat option to quickly resolve any minor doubts or questions you may have on their customer support page. Should you need more detailed assistance, you can also reach out to Pointsbet representatives in Arizona through their 24/7 email options.

On this same customer support page, bettors can find a wide range of Frequently Asked Questions covering all topics from betting to house rules and more.

Pointsbet security in AZ

Many bettors worry about the protection of their personal and banking details when using a sportsbook. Pointsbet AZ considers this, safeguarding all of your information from third parties wherever possible.

Creating your account will require identity verification and you also have the option of adding a strong authentication option for every time you sign in.

FAQs on Pointsbet AZ

Is betting with Pointsbet AZ safe?

Yes, Pointsbet is licensed in AZ and regulated to ensure top security for your account. You can use a strong authentication log-in to layer protection on your account. Pointsbet also offers multi-layered banking methods, such as e-wallets or prepaid cards for security.

What bonuses does Pointsbet offer in Arizona?

Pointsbet bonuses and promotions are consistently evolving. Some examples we’ve seen have been a $2,000 risk-free welcome offer, weekly cash prizes, parlay insurance, and no-juice point spread bets for the NFL season.

Is Pointsbet a good sports betting app?

Our review concludes that Pointsbet is a strong sportsbook in Arizona. This is especially true when it comes to their betting odds, options, markets, and features. Pointsbet is a trustworthy online betting app that prioritizes its users’ experience.

What features does Pointsbet AZ have?

Pointsbet hosts a large number of features in Arizona. Some include daily odds boosts, the Pointsbet PULSE blog, live betting and player prop options, event and game line Twitter updates, odds display preferences, and the Pointsbet Rewards program.

Does Pointsbet have any unique betting markets in AZ?

Pointsbet covers all major betting markets as well as smaller-niche markets, including darts, motorsports, ping-pong, cricket, rugby, etc. Pointsbet also offers Pointsbetting, a unique wagering opportunity for high-risk, high-reward options.