Motorsports Betting Arizona

We look at the basic strategies for motorsports betting Arizona and the different types of bets you can place. We also highlight some of the most popular motorsports betting leagues and events, and we point you to some of the most reputable sportsbooks in AZ.

An overview of motorsports betting in Arizona

Motorsports betting  Arizona encompasses a variety of leagues, races, circuits, and types of bets for Arizona bettors to benefit from year-round. Setting up a firm baseline of effective strategies is essential for creating a method that can adapt to any motorsports setting.

When you look at the different ways you can bet on motorsports in Arizona and the many events that are covered, you can easily fill up your betting calendar with fast-paced, valuable wagers. Making sure you sign up with a reputable sportsbook is half of the battle, and then you can find races to focus on and hunker down for researching and wagers.

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Basic strategies for motorsports betting Arizona


Motorsports involve many different types of races, but the strategies listed below can be adapted to any Arizona motorsports betting situation. Use these as loose rules to develop more substantial strategies that relate specifically to the races you bet on.

Pay attention to past events

Motorsport events tend to repeat themselves, so looking into the past can give you insight into what may happen in the future. This is a major premise for Arizona motorsports betting that other strategies are based on, and it is general enough that applies to most situations.

Almost every detail can be analyzed and used to predict future events.

Learn how to use stats

Motorsports bets are driven by specific statistics, and knowing what stats to pay attention to on each race can help limit the time that you spend researching while giving you the best shot to win your bets.

Even minute details can change your mind on the potential outcome of a bet, so find out which ones count in every instance.

Understand how drivers perform on different tracks

Drivers prefer different tracks. One can come out as the race winner on a track with plenty of straightaways, but the slightest curves might put them at the back in the next.

Look at the recent history of the race and see which drivers have performed there before, as well as where they ended up.

Run through race previews

Race previews that are put out before race weekends can give you an edge when motorsports betting Arizona.

These provide useful information like what the track looks like, how drivers and teams are looking leading up to the race, and what kind of weather you are looking at.

Consider how weather affects races

Speaking of weather, this can be a key indicator of potential issues drivers might face. Expect variations in weather to skew the driver performance, but pay special attention to which drivers have a history of adapting well.

If you bet on props relating to crashes this can also be a major indicator.

Look at grid position

The weight that grid position has on the outcome of a race depends on the circuit. Tracks that twist and turn can make overtaking leaders difficult, but frequent straightaways provide plenty of opportunities here.

Look at the history of the track to determine how much grid position affects the end position. In many cases, you will see that securing pole position almost guarantees a win.

Top 5 motorsports sportsbooks Arizona


Finding a reputable motorsports sportsbook to handle your betting in Arizona is essential to success. These books give you the best value on popular wagers, and they often have a better variety.

Beyond this, sportsbooks like BetMGM, FanDuel, Caesars Sportsbook, DraftKings, and Unibet are held to their reputation. You benefit from plenty of banking options and fantastic customer service.

BetMGM motorsports odds

Bettors can use BetMGM’s $1,000 risk-free bet on plenty of motorsports events, including Formula 1. The sportsbook has plenty of future opportunities, including race winner and ante-post winner on nearly every league offered.

FanDuel motorsports betting

With FanDuel’s $500 deposit match you can bet on several motorsports events such as the Qatar Grand Prix in Formula 1. FanDuel has a strong focus on racing bets, so you can expect plenty of bets leading up to race weekends.

Caesars motorsports sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook has plenty of options on NASCAR and Formula 1. This sportsbook does plenty in terms of live betting, and it can easily be a staple for in-play bets on race weekends.

DraftKings motorsport

DraftKings regularly covers Formula 1 and World Superbikes. New bettors can find a 20 percent boost to their first deposits (maxing out at $500). Paying attention to racing stats is easy with DraftKings stats hub and in-play updates.

Unibet motor betting

At Unibet, you will regularly find offers on Formula 1, NASCAR, and MotoGP. This motorsports sportsbook is based in Europe, so lines on races outside of the United States may be more abundant.

Bet on motorsports in Arizona


Betting on motorsports in Arizona can involve anything from who will set the fastest lap to who will win the championship. The depth of your options relates to what is offered by the sportsbooks you choose, but most offer these popular options.

Moneyline motorsports betting Arizona – odds explained

Typically the moneyline is the prediction of the outcome of an event. In the case of motorsports, this can be the driver or team that wins the race.

Moneyline odds in Arizona are usually written to convey which players or teams are favored to win and which ones are underdogs. They also explain how much your wager is worth if you win.

For a favored winner odds are written with a minus sign at the front. When you see this you should know that the number that follows is the amount you would need to bet to win $100 (e.g. -120 odds would require you to bet $120 to win $100).

Underdogs are written with a positive sign preceding the number. This number indicates the amount that you would win by wagering $100 (e.g. +120 odds would require you to wager $100 to win $120).

These odds can also be written as fractions, which show you the ratio of profit to wager (e.g. 1.2/1). Decimal odds show the amount you win per dollar wagered (e.g. 2.2).

Race winner motorsports bets in Arizona

Betting on the race winner is a moneyline bet that takes into consideration which driver will finish first at the conclusion of the race. These are easy to understand, so they are a good choice for staying current with motorsports betting Arizona.

Top finishers in motorsports betting Arizona

If you are not sure who will win the race but have a decent idea who will come out in one of the top positions then you can go for a top finisher bet. These tend to have different margins, such as top 3 or top 10, and the smaller the margin the more you stand to win.

Race driver championship motorsports bets in Arizona

The race driver championship is a future bet that refers to which racer you believe will win the current year’s championship. If the league you follow uses a point system this can be the driver with the most points from race finishes throughout the year.

The further out you place this bet the higher your potential payout is.

Constructors’ championship motorsports bets in Arizona

The constructors’ championship is also a future bet, but this applies to which team has the most points after a season or which team places first at a championship race

Motorsports spread betting in Arizona

Spread betting for motorsports is more intricate, but some sportsbooks payout based on the accuracy of your wager.

These occur in head-to-head matchups. You predict the margin of victory between the two.

For example, in formula one winners are awarded points for their finishing positions. By betting on the spread between two drivers in the form of a point differential you have a more difficult but more valuable betting opportunity.

Different motorsports betting series for Arizona betting


Motorsport is an umbrella term that references a variety of motor-vehicle races, including formula racing, sportscar racing, motorcycle racing, and much more. These are the biggest motorsports racing series when it comes to Arizona betting.

Formula 1

Formula 1 features some of the fastest cars and most skilled drivers in all of motorsports, and it encompasses 20 races between March and November. These take place all over the world, including the American Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas.

Formula 1 includes a stricter set of rules with which the drivers and teams must stay in line, and results are listed using a point system. This helps determine season-long championships for drivers and constructors.


IndyCar has been called the Formula 1 of North America, and all but one of the races are in the United States. The other is in Canada.

Cars that take part in IndyCar races are made by Chevrolet and Honda, and the driver’s championship is a hot bet. There are plenty of exciting races with heavy betting action, including:

  • The Indianapolis 500
  • Indy Lights
  • The Pro Mazda Championship
  • The USF2000 National Championship

These range from Premier lines to developmental lines and everything in between.


Not all motorsports involve car races. MotoGP is the premier motorcycle racing competition worldwide, with races across the globe from March to November. Most of these take place in Europe, but you can find events as far as Japan.

There are six manufacturers that you can bet on for the manufacturers’ cup:

  • Aprilia
  • Ducati
  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • KTM
  • Suzuki

Riders participate in a 19 race series that is divided into MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3.


The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) has the longest racing calendar in the world with events taking place from February through November. This is the most popular racing series in the United States, and bettors might want to take note of the many crashes that take place for certain props.

The largest series in this league include:

  • The Monster Energy Cup
  • The Xfinity Series
  • The Camping World Truck Series

There are more than 1,500 races that take place at over 100 tracks in the United States, but you can also find circuits in Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, and other countries worldwide.

World Rally Championship (WRC)

The World Rally Championship is a series organized by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Teams consist of a champion driver, co-driver, and manufacturer.

There are 14 three-day events that take place on tracks ranging from gravel to snow and ice. The rallies are split into anywhere from 15 to 25 stages, and teams race against the clock on closed road tracks.

Other motorsports betting events to choose from in Arizona

Other motorsports events you are likely to see options on include:

  • The 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • Bathurst 1000
  • Dakar Rally
  • Pikes Peak
  • Isle of Man TT

The variety you have depends on your sportsbook and the time of year.

FAQs Motorsports Betting in Arizona

What type of bet is easiest for motorsports betting in Arizona?

Outright moneyline bets can be the easiest to place for motorsports betting in Arizona. These are generally easy to predict, and they involve a lower level of calculation and research than other wager types that involve more inspection.

Which races should new bettors focus on with motorsports betting in Arizona?

Unless you are already familiar with another racing circuit, following Formula One is the easiest for new bettors. This will give you the best betting opportunities. There is plenty of history with F1 and betting, so you can pull from this as you wager. This is also one of the most popular motorsports leagues to follow.

Are motorsports popular for betting worldwide?

Motorsports is one of the most popular events for betting worldwide. This is largely due to its accessibility and its high-action pace.

Do Arizona sportsbooks cover all motorsports events?

Arizona sportsbooks are not likely to cover every motorsport event in existence. This is why it can be beneficial to use two or more sportsbooks to round out your betting opportunities.

Is live betting a good choice for motorsports betting in Arizona?

Live betting pairs well with motorsports betting in Arizona because of the pace of the races. While you can predict quite a bit, the speed and length of these events give you the perfect live betting opportunities.