VIP Preferred betting Arizona

Punters with bank accounts linked to VIP Preferred can find Arizona operators allowing deposits and withdrawals with this e-check method. E-checks, such as those through VIP Preferred, are one of the more common banking methods in sports betting. However, not all gamblers are familiar with this form of transaction. You may still wonder how VIP Preferred works.

Start with VIP Preferred in AZ


That’s why we’ve done the research and gathered all the facts you need to know about this banking method. Below, we highlight Arizona sports betting sites that feature VIP Preferred. We’ll also share tips on withdrawing and depositing with VIP, as well as the pros and cons of doing so.

Finally, we’ll share answers to FAQs about Arizona VIP Preferred betting so you can prepare to make e-check transactions smoothly.

We help you find where to use it in the state

Before you can start betting with VIP Preferred, you should at least familiarize yourself with it. There are a few things that punters should know about this e-check banking method. What’s unique about VIP Preferred is that it’s connected to the US gambling market.

VIP Preferred allows gamblers to electronically transfer their funds from their attached bank account to the platform. 

VIP Preferred prides itself on having higher limits and lower fees than other banking methods. It also offers its customers 24/7 customer service and the ability to add up to four bank accounts. When you add your bank account to your VIP account, you can do so quickly in the cashier. 

Not only is the sign up process easy; it’s also easy to electronically cash checks. You can simply show your ID to an operator once you’re enrolled to receive your funds.

Vip Preferred betting sites in AZ

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VIP Preferred betting in Arizona


Now that you’re aware of what VIP Preferred betting is and how it works in Arizona, consider the options. Only a few online betting sites currently accept VIP Preferred payments. Of these sites, the terms differ in terms of what you can do with VIP and what the rules are.

Betting sites that accept VIP preferred in AZ

Explore these sites below, including BetMGM, Draftkings, and Fanduel. 


BetMGM is one of the top US platforms offering bonuses, promotions, live betting, and so much more. They accept VIP Preferred as a form of payment in their online cashier. You can make both deposits and withdrawals through the VIP Preferred Program. 

You can even withdraw with VIP if you deposit with another method. As long as you’ve deposited with VIP once, you could hypothetically deposit with a credit card and withdraw with VIP. The brand also doesn’t charge extra fees for using the VIP Preferred Program. 


Draftkings is another top operator in the state of Arizona. Punters love this site for its big welcome bonus, stats hub, live in-game betting, and other offers. You can both deposit and withdraw funds with VIP Preferred at the operator. 

However, if you want to withdraw with VIP, you have to have at least deposited with VIP once before. Depositing with VIP Preferred at Draftkings simply requires punters to enter their bank account info and verify their ID. 


With promotional offers, odds boosts, and other exciting choices, Fanduel is an exciting Arizona option for players. You can bet on many professional sports leagues, as well as college markets for certain sports.

Players can even take part in the Fanduel refer-a-friend program as part of a promotion.  When it comes to depositing and withdrawing, you can also use VIP Preferred

Depositing funds with VIP Preferred method in AZ


Depositing funds with VIP Preferred at online platforms is fairly simple. You will use a similar process to the one you use for withdrawing funds with this banking method.

Note that you have to first register with the VIP Preferred gambling network before you can make deposits. You really only need basic bank account information (routing and account number) and a driver’s license number to register. 

There is a general process for funding an AZ sportsbook account with VIP Preferred. However, we’ll look at the steps outlined by BetMGM as an example. When you want to deposit with VIP Preferred, you need to:

  • Log in to your sports betting account
  • Enter the sports betting cashier and choose “deposit”
  • Choose “VIP Preferred Program” as your banking method
  • Enter your chosen deposit amount
  • Enter your bank account and routing numbers
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and deposit

These steps are pretty standard across different platforms. You need to be sure you have your bank account information on hand when you’re ready to deposit. However, once you do, it’s just a matter of clicking a few buttons. Most platforms let you know if your deposit is successful by sending a notification or a secure email afterward.

Withdrawing winnings with VIP Preferred method in AZ


Withdrawing winnings with VIP Preferred at Arizona platform is also pretty simple. You use the same method you use to deposit funds – by entering your bank account information.

Note that most platforms have a rule about withdrawing with VIP if you deposit with a different method. You can do so as long as you’ve at least deposited with VIP Preferred successfully once before.

It’s also important to note that withdrawals take a bit longer than deposits to process. Most platforms have a review period where they decide whether or not to approve a player’s withdrawal. 

At BetMGM, for example, this takes between 24-48 hours in most cases. Then, you may also have to wait for the VIP e-check to fully transfer into your bank account. At BetMGM, this takes three to seven business days. However, at other platforms, it could take more or less time.

Pros of betting with VIP Preferred in Arizona


There are many pros to betting with VIP Preferred in Arizona. After all, this is why it’s one of the favorite methods among online punters. Aside from its connection to the US gambling network, here are some pros of VIP Preferred deposits and withdrawals.

VIP Preferred is safe and secure

One big pro of VIP Preferred is that it is safe and secure. You can feel confident that your funds and bank account information is in good hands with the company and licensed platform. It’s also safe in the sense that you get to authorize the funds before they’re pulled from your bank account. 

This method is convenient

Another pro of VIP Preferred is that it’s very easy to register for this banking method. It takes only a few minutes to enter your bank info and verify your identification.

Further, it’s just as easy to deposit and withdraw with this method. It only takes a few steps to enter your account and routing numbers and put a transaction into motion.

VIP Preferred has optimal customer service

A big advantage of this banking method is that you can access customer support at any time, any day. You don’t necessarily get this level of service with other methods like PayPal or credit cards.

It has lower fees

One of VIP Preferred’s selling points is that they have lower fees than other e-check methods. Most platforms also don’t charge extra fees for this banking method.

This is beneficial to bettors and their bankrolls because any way you can save money on betting is a pro. You don’t want to withdraw your winnings, only to have a significant portion reduced by fees. 

VIP Preferred takes multiple bank accounts

Another perk of VIP Preferred is that you can add up to four different bank accounts to your VIP account. This could be convenient for punters who want to use different bank accounts for different platforms, for example.

Deposits with VIP Preferred are instant

Although withdrawals may take longer to process, depositing funds into your Arizona online sports betting site with VIP Preferred is usually instantaneous. At certain platforms in Arizona, like BetMGM, your VIP Preferred deposits are instant up to your deposit limit. 

This is extremely convenient for punters, especially if you want to deposit for live in-game betting opportunities. You never know when a betting opportunity is going to appear that you want to join in on. If the moment strikes, you want to be able to fund your account quickly.

Cons of betting with VIP Preferred in Arizona


Although there are many pros to VIP Preferred, there are also some downsides to using this banking method in Arizona. Consider some of the following cons so that you’re aware of the full scope of VIP Preferred betting.

VIP Preferred has US restrictions

One downside to VIP Preferred is that you can only use it if you have a US bank account. It also only caters to USD currency. 

You have to share vulnerable information

Even though VIP Preferred securely takes your information, you still have to share your bank account and routing number. This is something you can avoid if you use another method, such as PayPal, for example. This is worth considering if you don’t want to share your direct bank account details.

It’s not as private

Another possible downside of using VIP Preferred is that you don’t get to keep your gambling transactions very private. For some punters, privacy is just as valuable as other perks, like convenience and security. Unfortunately, when you use VIP Preferred, the transactions may show up on your bank statements as gambling-related.

Withdrawals may take longer with VIP Preferred

Finally, a potential con of withdrawing with VIP Preferred is that it’s not very speedy. Don’t count on an instant withdrawal of your winnings with this banking method.

This can be a real buzzkill if you’ve finally won a bet and want to cash out immediately. Many platforms have a review period and extra processing time that delays your VIP Preferred withdrawal.


Arizona sports bettors have a lot of options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing at licensed platforms. One method that poses considerable advantages is the VIP Preferred Program, which allows e-check deposits and withdrawals.

You can find this method offered at several Arizona platforms, like BetMGM, Fanduel, and Draftkings. It has low fees, instant deposits, and several other perks that make it worth your time. Just remember that withdrawals may be slow, and you have to share bank account information with the platform and VIP Preferred.

Check out the other banking options at operators in the state:

FAQs – VIP Preferred betting Arizona

Is my information safe with VIP Preferred?

Yes, VIP Preferred uses secure methods of transactions and storing information. VIP Preferred states on their website that they will not sell or share your information with unrelated third parties. They guarantee this in their privacy policy.

Do e-checks take a long time to settle?

No, e-checks are a relatively quick method of transferring money out of your bank account for gambling. VIP Preferred e-checks will get debited from your bank account within about one banking day. Note, however, that your betting site may have its own time limitation on moving funds with VIP. 

How does VIP enrollment work?

It’s pretty simple to enroll in VIP Preferred. You simply go to the cashier at your sportsbook online and fill out a form. You’ll have to share a valid ID and a blank check. You should receive your 7-day VIP Preferred check cashing limit in just over one minute’s time. You can get started using the service immediately. 

Why isn’t VIP Preferred offered at more Arizona betting sites?

Each sportsbook designates its own set of rules and partnering banking methods. If you find a betting site that doesn’t currently operate with VIP Preferred, check back in the future. platforms often change and update their terms, so you may be able to use VIP with them in the future. 

Why do VIP Preferred transactions get declined at AZ platform?

There are a few reasons a VIP Preferred transaction might get declined at a sportsbook. Firstly, you might not have sufficient funds in the bank account tied to your VIP account. Second, your ACH limit might be too low for the deposit you’re trying to make. Third, you might have entered incorrect information in the transaction process.