Arizona betting odds

If you’re looking to join the world of online sports betting in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place. But, before placing a bet, you’ll need to learn about and understand sports betting Arizona odds and how to use them to your advantage. So today, we’ll break down that and more to bring you closer to a large payday.

What are Arizona odds for sports betting?

Arizona sports betting odds show you the probability of an outcome in a specific game or match. We’ll teach you how to read these odds to determine which team is favored, how much you need to wager, and how much you could potentially win.

When speaking informally, some bettors may use the words “betting odds” to encompass the ratios of winning probability and type of bet. Depending on the bet you’re placing, the Arizona odds will look a little different than others. This guide will break down the most common bets and their odds for online sports betting in AZ.

Sportsbooks have ways of changing their odds depending on several factors. We will also discuss what drives odds and lines to change on sportsbooks.

Finally, we’ll leave you with a list of the best AZ sportsbooks with the best odds and our AZ odds FAQ section. By the end of the guide, you’ll be ready to read, analyze, and bet on the best odds in Arizona.

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How to read odds in Arizona

American odds are listed in Arizona using positive (+) and negative (-) signs before numbers. The positive sign is associated with the underdog team. This team is not expected to win.

The number next to the (+) will tell you how much money you can win for every $100 you wager on the underdog. The chances of success are lower, so you typically have a higher payout than if you were to bet $100 on the opposing team.

The negative sign is associated with the favorite team. This team is the expected winner, so you’d typically win less for every $100 wager than if you were to bet on the underdog.

Let’s check out a quick example.

  • Miami Dolphins +150
  • Arizona Cardinals -170

In the above odds, the Arizona Cardinals are the favorites. Since they are projected to win, you’ll have to bet $170 on the Cardinals in order to win $100 plus your bet back.

Sports betting lines in AZ

Betting lines are another part of betting odds that you should know before wagering in AZ. A betting line is when a sportsbook sets betting odds and creates a “line” between the two teams with only two possible outcomes. The margin of difference between the two teams is called the “line”.

Betting lines are used to even out the possibilities of winning between the two teams. For example, few people would risk betting on the underdog if a top-tier team was playing a lower-performing team. AZ sportsbooks are aware of this, so they level the playing field to make the game more interesting and more attractive for bettors.

Here is an example with a point spread bet. The Phoenix Suns (-7.5) are playing Oklahoma City Thunder (+7.5). The 7.5-point handicapped is imposed by the sportsbook, evening the playing field. This is the line. Bettors backing both teams now have an equal chance of winning.

To win a bet on the Suns, the Suns must win by at least 8 points. To win a bet on Oklahoma, they must lose by less than eight points.

Most common sports betting Arizona odds

We’ve gone through the basics of reading odds, but there are more odds to learn about depending on the bets and sports you are invested in through your Arizona sports betting sites. So we’ve broken down the six most popular below.

Moneyline Arizona odds

Moneylines are the foundational sports bet that every bettor dabbles in. We refer to the bet as a moneyline in football and basketball, a run line in baseball, and a puck line in hockey.

These are simple bets on which team will win a game. As we mentioned above, you’ll have to bet more on a favorite to win $100 than if you were to be on the underdog of the same game.

Moneyline odds are always written out as a 3-digit number equaling what you would win in payout if you bet $100. So let’s see this through another example.

  • Arizona Cardinals -150
  • New York Jets +180

A bettor would have to wager $150 on the favorite, Cardinals, to win $100. Conversely, a bettor would win $180 for every $100 wagered on the Jets.

Over/under Arizona odds

These bets are another great option for beginners, as they’re fairly easy to understand. For example, here, a bettor wagers on whether the total points for a game will be more or less than the number posted by their sportsbook.

The odds for over/unders are usually set at -110. This means that you’ll need to bet $110 to make $100 on a win. Here is a totals example for an MLB game between the Diamondbacks and the Yankees.

  • 8.0 runs (-110)

This example means that the sportsbook has set the total number of home runs for the game at nine. Bettors then choose whether they think there will be more or less than nine runs by the end of the game and bet accordingly.

If the final number of runs did end up being exactly eight, all bettors would be refunded their wagers, and no one would win. This is called a push.

Point spread Arizona odds

When describing betting lines, we used a point-spread example to show how sportsbooks even out odds between two teams. Point spread bets can end in a win, loss, or push.

Let’s review this system with another example. Six points favor the Suns over the Nets at -110 odds. However, if many bettors begin to place their bets on the Sun, the sportsbook may change the odds to (-115) or (-120), pushing bettors to consider wagering on the Nets.

If the odds remained at -110, you would have to bet $110 on the Suns to win $100 should they win the game by more than six points.

Arizona odds – Parlays

Parlays are bets on at least two independent matches or games. You can wager on a Moneyline parlay, point-spread parlay, and totals parlay. To win a payout, all of your bets on the parlay have to be correct; however, pushes will not disqualify parlay wins.

Different sportsbooks determine the Arizona odds on a parlay, and those will vary depending on which matches you’re interested in.nThe probability of winning a parlay is lower, but the reward for a win can be huge.

AZ Teaser odds

Teasers are another type of parlay, but they cannot include Moneyline bets. A teaser gives the bettor a bit of an edge compared to a traditional parlay since the bettor can change a point spread or total within a certain range of points. A bettor will choose to do this to improve their odds of winning the teaser.

Since bettors can improve their odds, teasers offer lower payouts than traditional parlays, but they do add in the extra fun of manipulating the betting lines.

The caveat of the teaser is that the manipulation of the line or total has to be the same for each team in the parlay. The lines can be moved in opposite directions, though.

Let’s take a look at a teaser bet for an NBA matchup of the Suns versus the Nets again. Here the sportsbook lists the Suns -3.5, and the bettor can move the line up to four points. Let’s say the bettor decides to move the line three points up to 6.5 and wagers that the underdog Nets will lose by less than 6.5.

Let’s say that same game had the Suns favored by 7.5 points instead of 3.5. If the bettor had instead moved the line three points in the other direction, the Sun’s advantage would have dropped to 4.5, and the bettor can wager accordingly.

Future AZ odds

Futures are as simple as they sound. Bettors bet on games or events that are projected to occur anywhere in the future. This is often done when people bet on upcoming championships, leagues, divisions, series, or world competitions.

The earlier on you bet on a future, the larger the payout you’ll receive if your bet proves correct. The odds for futures depend on the event and the sportsbook. Visit our other guides on the site:

Sportsbooks with the best Arizona odds

Different sports betting sites in Arizona offer varying odds on the same game. So it’s important to shop around for a sportsbook that will offer you the best array of odds and betting options. Our top six licensed Arizona sportsbooks below offer great odds and extra bonuses for their bettors.

BetMGM odds

BetMGM in Arizona offers exceptional odds and different promotions to bettor your ongoing wagers. As an example, in the past, they have offered NFL parlay insurance, which refunds a part of your bet if you lose your parlay by just one leg. They’ve also offered risk-free touchdown bets and parlay bonuses for winning 4-7 legs.

Barstool sportsbook odds

Barstool sportsbook offers you great odds and the information you need to make the best bet you can. With their many sports-broadcaster personalities, news articles, and team stats, you’ll find everything you need to place that winning wager.

FanDuel sportsbook odds

FanDuel is known for its competitive odds and just payouts. They also offer odds boost promos and another parlay insurance possibility. At times FanDuel will also offer daily odds boosts to better your chances of winning big.

WynnBET odds

WynnBET sportsbook stands out in Arizona with its large availability of betting markets and general odds. Both their computer and mobile phone interface make it easy to find the odds for any specific game or event, placing your bet with ease and efficiency.


DraftKings sportsbook offers excellent betting trends and statistics for its users. They also provide live-streaming of many sporting events, allowing bettors to track and bet on changing odds as they progress.


Caesars is another sportsbook promoting a smooth live betting option. One of their enticing new user promos even includes a risk-free bet of up to $5,000. In addition, they have some of the most extensive offered odds on the Arizona market, backed by a big name in betting.

Unibet odds

Unibet’s odds are well-researched and up to pay with top Arizona betting odds. In addition, they easily project your estimated winnings before you even place your wager. Their live-streaming option is another bonus for users of the Unibet sportsbook.

Sports betting – Arizona odds FAQ

What are betting odds in Arizona?

Betting odds are the likelihood of an outcome of a specific game or match. Odds are determined by their respective sportsbooks. As a result, odds can fluctuate before and during the match, as sportsbooks try to even out the likelihood of winning for all bettors.

Which sportsbooks offer the best odds in AZ?

Our favorite sportsbooks for great betting odds in Arizona are BetMGM, Barstool sportsbook, FanDuel, WynnBET, DraftKings, Caesars sportsbook, and Unibet. All have a wide array of betting markets and odds, including some exclusive promos for new users and ongoing bonuses once signed up.

How do I read betting odds in Arizona?

To read betting odds, you’ll need to be familiar with the layout for the type of bet you want to place described above. The (+) sign describes the underdog, and the (+) describes the favorite team. The number next to the (+) will tell you how much money you can win for every $100 you wager on the underdog. The number next to the (-) will tell you how much you have to to win $100 on the favorite.

What are the most common Arizona odds?

The most common betting odds we see in Arizona include moneylines, over/under (totals, parlays, point spreads, teasers, and futures.

What are lines in AZ sports betting?

Betting lines are when a sportsbook sets betting odds and a margin of difference between two teams. This evens out the possibilities of winning between the two teams to entice bettors to play either side. Sportsbooks will change betting lines when they see bets are not being equally distributed.