Arizona tennis betting

In this guide, we look at the top platforms for tennis betting in Arizona. We also discuss what you should focus on when handicapping, how to find the best odds, the types of bets you can place, and the most popular tennis events to bet on.

An overview of tennis betting in Arizona

Tennis betting is one of the most popular opportunities worldwide, and getting involved provides you with year-round betting opportunities at the best platforms in Arizona.

To be successful you need to learn what statistics and details to pay attention to. This will help you determine where your focus should be when handicapping.

Knowing what opportunities you have is also essential to tennis betting success, including which opportunities will provide better winnings and which opportunities are the most popular for tennis betting in Arizona.

Tennis sportsbooks in AZ

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Top 5 tennis platforms in Arizona


Our top 5 tennis AZ online sportsbooks for betting in Arizona cover the sport with fantastic odds and reliable services. They vary in offerings, but each brand has an indisputable reputation that tennis bettors of any experience level can benefit from.

BetMGM offers a new bettor bonus of a $1,000 risk-free bet, The operator scores high for luxury, but you also benefit from consistent odds boosts and tools to get started. They have a smaller variety of tennis bets, but popular events are covered with competitive odds.

FanDuel provides new customers with a 20 percent deposit match of up to $500. They are great for prop and future bets, and you can find better value in these lines with this AZ online sports betting site.

Caesars platforms offers a $5,000 risk-free bet to new bettors. The platform is great for in-play betting, and after acquiring William Hill in 2021 the platform has fantastic overseas offerings.

At DraftKings, you can unlock a 20 percent deposit match up to $1,000 and a $50 free bet. They are great for tennis fans because the market digs deeper into smaller circuits and tournaments. Live stats updates can also boost your in-play winnings.

BetRivers offers new bettors a $500 risk-free bet. They cover the major Grand Slam tournaments with both pre-match opportunities and in-play. You can also find markets on some less popular tournaments to round out your wager schedule.

What to focus on when tennis betting in Arizona


Like any sport, there are specific statistics and details to pay close attention to when placing bets. You should round out your perception of a situation, but things like ace statistics for a player or the type of court can heavily influence your decision.

Aces and advantages

Tennis players with a great serve will almost always have the advantage, and finding a player with a large number of aces is a decent indicator of this.

If a player has a lower ace count they are not out of the running, but you should look at any other advantages they have before putting money on them. Make sure you round out your assessment of a player’s ace count with other statistics and assessments.

Breaks and advantages

Another statistic that can indicate a strong player is the number of breaks they have. This number directly combats aces. Higher breaks can negate the advantage of high aces, but lower than average breaks can catalyze those strong serves.

In some cases, you will find a player who has a high count in both areas. You can expect more from these players, but it can be difficult to wager on matches where both players have high counts.

Some other factors to pay attention to with strong player matches involve any head-to-head performances they have had before and conditions that affect performance, such as weather or court surfaces.

Recent form of players

Tennis players are not constantly performing. Taking a break is common, and often necessary, for tennis players. Understanding how these breaks affect player performance is necessary for accurate tennis betting.

Players will either come out of a break rested or fall into a small pit of poor playing; it is rare for someone to fall in between. You need to pay attention to how breaks usually affect players, as well as additional information like:

  • Any injuries that caused the break
  • How long they were out
  • Whether the break was adequate to address issues

Betting on a player right out of a break can be difficult, so unless you know how it affects them you may want to forego that match.

Head to head records

If you are looking at a match where two players have gone head to head before then you have an advantage, especially if they have done this multiple times. Looking at the outcome (along with other factors) can lead you to a likely outcome.

Keep in mind that oddsmakers know these things as well. These lines may not be as valuable as those on new matchups or new players.

Court surface types

Tennis courts come in a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Grass courts
  • Clay courts
  • Synthetic hard courts
  • Acrylic hard courts
  • Carpeted courts

These easily change how players perform, and understanding how players interact with different court types gives you insight into how a match will go.

For example, players who serve heavily do better on hard courts because they catalyze those intense serves. Those they volley perform better on softer courts like grass.

Court types can be especially useful in close head-to-head matches. This might be the determining factor in many of your bets.

Odds for tennis betting in Arizona


Tennis is full of favorites, and that makes it difficult to find bets you can win big on. Instead of settling for outlandish odds, consider betting on less popular lines.

Props and futures tend to have odds that favor the bettor because they are not tied to clear outcomes. This means that even when you bet on major players you can still find valuable lines.

Best odds for tennis in AZ

While there is less strategy going into these, learning how to bet on them pays offs.

Betting on women’s tennis also tends to be more favorable for tennis bettors in Arizona. The difference between major players is not as stark as it is in men’s tennis, resulting in more palatable odds.

Types of tennis bets to place in Arizona


Tennis bet types include all of the basics you may already know from betting on other sports. These popular methods are easily adapted to tennis matches so you can understand what outcome you are wagering on.

To win match

A to win match bet is the tennis form of a moneyline. You are betting on who will win the match. With popular players, these can be easy, but you do not always win much with these kinds of bets.

The odds set on Moneylines will usually be written with American odds at Arizona platforms. Positive odds communicate how much you can win by wagering $100 (e.g. +110). Negative odds tell you how much you need to bet to potentially win $100 (e.g. -110).

Game spreads

In a game spread, players will have a handicap that they need to cover in the match. This number indicates a specific number of games that will either be added or subtracted from their game total. Players need to win the match even with this manipulation to win the bet.

For example, a player with a spread of -2.5 needs to win by 1 or more games. Conversely, a player with a +2.5 spread only needs to win by 1 game to win the bet. They could lose by two games and still win the bet because they covered the spread.

Total sets

Betting on total sets involves a prediction on whether the match will complete in two sets or the players will go over that.

This is a good option for close matches in which either player can come out on top. You already know that neither one will lose easily, so it is safer to assume they will drag the match out.

Mismatches are also easy to pin down. If one player is leagues ahead in experience and performance then they should be out of there in just two sets.


Props are offered regularly for tennis, and they can be one of the more lucrative bets to place. These wagers involve aspects of the match that do not lead to the direct outcome, such as who wins the initial set, the stats of the match, or how much a player wins by.

Props vary from platforms to platforms more so than other types of bets, so pay attention to what is offered.


Futures are prop bets that take place over a longer period. You can place a bet in January and not see it come to fruition until July.

Placing future bets on the Grand Slam tournaments can be lucrative, especially if you make your wager further out. Odds tend to decrease in value the closer you get to the event because you (and the oddsmakers) have more information to work with.


In-play opportunities are widespread with tennis, especially with the rise of online sports bets. These matches can go fast and change direction in the blink of an eye. Live betting lets you take advantage of better odds, especially with matches between popular players.

In-play bets tend to encompass other bet types, especially parlays. The odds are constantly updating, usually after every point, and you may even have the opportunity to bet on the following match.

When it comes to tennis betting most bettors tend to focus on the ATP World Tour for men’s tennis or the WTA Tour for women’s.

The biggest tournaments to bet on are the four majors, also known as the Grand Slam tournaments.

These are:

  • The Australian Open
  • The French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • The U.S. Open

Both men’s and women’s tours feature the same Grand Slam tournament schedule, so you can have opportunities here regardless of what you focus on.

The Australian Open

The Australian Open takes place the last two weeks of January in Melbourne Park. This is the first event of the season, taking advantage of the warmer weather in Australia at this time.

The Australian Open is one of two Grand Slam tournaments that feature hard courts.

The French Open

What most know as the French Open is officially known as Roland-Garros. This is a two-week tournament that begins later in May.

Because this tournament takes place on clay courts at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris it is considered one of the most physically demanding tournaments worldwide.


The full name for Wimbledon is The Championships, Wimbledon. This is the oldest tennis tournament worldwide, and it has been held at the All England Club since 1877.

The tournament begins in early July and is played on grass courts. One of the most interesting aspects of Wimbledon is the all-white dress code that is enforced.

The U.S. Open

The Grand Slam tournaments conclude with the U.S. Open, starting on the last Monday of August and stretching out two weeks that encompass Labor Day. 

Players play what was originally known as the U.S. National Championship on acrylic hard courts at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

Other sports to bet on in the state:

FAQs tennis betting odds Arizona

What type of bet is easiest for tennis bettors in Arizona?

Moneylines tend to be the easiest for tennis bettors because the bet is straightforward. It can be difficult to determine who will win closer matches, but many have a clear winner even without handicapping.

Should Arizona tennis bettors focus on one circuit?

If you are just getting started with tennis betting in Arizona you should work with one circuit before putting more onto your place. Trying to pick up more than one circuit can spread you too thin to pay adequate attention to the players and tournaments.

Why do some tennis odds look different?

Because tennis is an international sport you may see different odds forms than you are used to. Fractional odds (e.g. 10/2) indicate win/stake. Decimal odds (e.g. 4.25) show you the amount you win for every dollar you bet.

How does weather influence tennis betting in Arizona?

Weather can influence tennis betting because it affects player performance. In some cases, matches will be postponed, but they can also be transferred to different locations. Considering any changes is necessary for placing winning bets.

Do all platforms offer tennis betting in Arizona?

Most platforms at least offer lines on Grand Slam tournaments. If you plan to bet on tennis extensively you will need to put extra effort into finding a platform with a greater variety of offers. Major licensed platforms will usually cover a few circuits.