Basketball Betting in Arizona

Fans around the Grand Canyon State have been getting in on the excitement by betting on their favorite basketball teams. You can join in by signing up with an online sportsbook today to earn bonuses, find competitive odds, and make the most of the ongoing basketball season. Here’s what you need to know!

Compare Arizona basketball betting

You’ll need to understand a few things before you get started with Arizona basketball betting. First and foremost, you’ll need to find a top-quality online basketball sportsbook.

From there, study the various betting options, available sign-up bonuses, and how to build a winning betting strategy. With this information in hand, you’ll be on track to winning big no matter who’s playing.

Top AZ Basketball betting sites 2024

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Betway Basketball Betting in Arizona Betway Sportsbook First Bet Reset $250 Bet Now Betway AZ Promo
BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
  • Free live streams
  • Early Cashout feature
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Caesars Sportsbook Basketball Betting in Arizona Caesars Sportsbook Up to $1,000 bonus Bet now Caesars AZ Promo
BetRivers Basketball Betting in Arizona BetRivers Sportsbook Get up to $100 in bonus
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
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Desert Diamond Sports Basketball Betting in Arizona Desert Diamond Sports $250 Welcome Match Bonus Bet now Desert Diamond Promos
DraftKings Basketball Betting in Arizona DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets
  • Same game parlay boosts
  • Multiple in-game bonuses
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Unibet Basketball Betting in Arizona Unibet Sportsbook $100 Second Chance Bet
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Best basketball betting Arizona


Even the most skilled basketball bettor is only as good as their Arizona sportsbook. Without competitive odds, you’ll be stuck betting for paltry wins with limited options. Therefore, do your research ahead of time and find quality sites with premium features. Not sure where to look?

Check out our five favorite basketball sportsbooks here:

DraftKings basketball

DraftKings might have made a name for themselves as a daily fantasy sports platform but they’re also one of the premier online sportsbooks in the world. They currently have two different sign-up bonuses available when you make your first deposit, including a $50 free bet and an additional matched deposit bonus worth up to $1,000.

Make the most of their diverse betting options and explore all of their odds to walk away with a hefty profit.

FanDuel basketball odds

There’s no doubt that FanDuel is the #1 online sportsbook for Arizona NBA betting. Having partnered with the Arizona Suns, FanDuel now offers some of the best odds and betting options for your favorite Grand Canyon State basketball team.

Sign up with FanDuel today to access their pristine mobile app and unlock a 20% matched deposit bonus worth up to $500 on your first bank transfer. Discover their Players Club where you can earn points and grow your profile using their generous prizes.

Unibet basketball bets

If you can’t wait to start betting today, give Unibet a shot. They have a wide range of banking options, including Skrill, PayPal, PaySafeCard, and UKash, meaning you’ll be able to fund your bankroll in an instant. Even withdrawals are fast on Unibet so you won’t have to wait day after day to pocket your winnings!

Caesars basketball Sportsbook

There’s no shortage of promos and sign-up offers at Caesar’s Sportsbook Arizona. When you register today, you’ll unlock a $1,001 deposit match and, if you sign up using a referral code, you can even earn another $100.

Caesar’s regularly offers additional promos, especially sports-specific perks for NBA and college basketball. Make the most of these offerings and walk away a winner!

BetMGM basketball lines

If you’re looking for a well-rounded online sportsbook to get in on Arizona basketball betting, you won’t find much better than BetMGM. It’s the gold-standard platform for generous promotions, competitive odds, and a diverse range of betting options.

Follow their social media profiles to unlock additional promo codes and keep your eyes out for upcoming events. It’s not uncommon for BetMGM to host special deals for NBA championship events.

Quality basketball bets AZ


If you’re unsatisfied with our five recommendations, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere. The more options you have, the better your odds of winning. Before you sign up with any old sportsbook, though, you should understand what makes one  better than another. Keep your eye out for the following features:

Safety above all else

Basketball betting might seem like a bit of fun but it takes a lot of trust to hand over your money and bank details to a web platform. Therefore, always inspect a potential basketball sportsbook before registering or providing personal details. If the site seems fishy or is unverified, go elsewhere.

Your information should be stored safely using encryption technology and under password protection. If you don’t see a small padlock in the top corner of your search bar, the site could be compromised and your details may be at risk.

A reputable name

You wouldn’t hire a lawyer or an accountant without past recommendations so don’t trust an online basketball sportsbook that isn’t also reputable. Our top recommendations are all industry leaders with long histories of providing safe and excellent service. Caesars and BetMGM are both managed by international hotel and casino brands while FanDuel and DraftKings are both well-established platforms.

Take the time to do some research about a potential sports betting site and read through customer reviews. If the reviews are uniformly bad or seem contrived at best, avoid the site and find something better.

Basketball specific bonus

If you want to win big on basketball, find a  basketball sportsbook that offers regular basketball promotions. When championship games come around, your sportsbook should reward your commitment by providing some sort of promotion, whether that be free bets or odds boosters.

Not only will bonuses boost your payouts, but they’ll also make Arizona sports betting more interesting. With a risk-free bet, you’d have the option to make a wager you wouldn’t necessarily make and thereby add an extra dash of excitement to the game.

Strong odds and various betting options

Beyond safety and reputation, your main concern should be your betting site’s odds and lines. If your sportsbook isn’t offering decent odds or only has a few available lines, you won’t have the opportunities needed to win a profit.

Be sure to check out their basketball betting lines and guarantee that you’ll have access to parlays, over/unders, point spreads, props, and all other types of betting options. If not, we recommend finding a different platform.

Applicable banking options

Premium odds and betting lines mean nothing if you can’t transfer or withdraw funds. Always look into a potential betting site’s banking options before registering. If not, you may find yourself unable to finance your bankroll.

While most online sportsbooks accept ACH eChecks, Visa/Master payments, and bank transfers, not all platforms are willing to accept payments from e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill or cash-based payments, such as PayNearMe and prepaid cards.

You can usually find all available banking options under the ‘Banking’ tab of your sportsbook’s Customer Support page.

Responsive and Responsible Customer Service

It should go without saying but you’d be surprised just how much quality customer service matters. The last thing you want is for a payment to suddenly disappear or an incorrect bet to go through at the wrong time. These issues could cost you a lot of money and you’ll want to talk to someone immediately.

Any potential sportsbook should offer some form of customer service. This may be in the form of an FAQ or an email address. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to contact a live customer support representative. If none of the options are available, don’t trust that sportsbook.

Bet on Arizona basketball


Once you’ve found a handful of worthy basketball sites, you’ll be ready to start basketball betting in AZ. Compared to other sports markets, basketball works well with a unique betting style built around specific types of bets. Keep reading to learn how you can hone your strategy with a variety of betting lines.

Basketball point spread bets Arizona

Unlike other popular team sports, basketball attracts a shocking number of point spread bets. These bets work by betting on a spread, or an expected point difference between the favorite and the underdog. Oddsmakers set the spread ahead of a game and you bet on whether the teams will come within it or not.

Betting against the spread pairs nicely with live betting and is an excellent way to spice up your viewership throughout the season. It’s inevitable that even the best of teams will lose at some point in the season so don’t be surprised if you walk away with a win from your point spread wagers.

The best strategy for placing point spread bets is to stay in the know with your favorite teams. Track which players will be sitting out a game to nurse an injury, whether there have been changes to coaching styles or any other major shake-ups and you’ll know who to bet against.

Basketball point total bets

Depending on your sportsbook, you may see this bet called an over/under bet. It works by betting on the total point set for a game. Before the game starts, your sportsbook will set a line at which they expect the game to end. You bet on whether the total outcome will land below or above that line. If the score hits the line, you get your stake back.

Basketball is especially well-suited to point totals since it’s such a fast-passed game with typically high point values. Bet in the middle of the game to throw in a dash of live betting and you’ll appreciate the added excitement.

Basketball money line bets AZ

If you’re new to basketball betting, you might want to start with something a little simpler than point totals and point spreads. If so, we recommend money line bets. Money line bets are probably what you have in mind when you think of betting—pick your expected winner and bet on their odds. Your sportsbook will provide the odds and you simply put up the money.

Basketball parlay bets

Because basketball seasons lead up to championship games, it’s particularly well-suited to parlay bets. Parlay bets work by stringing together individual wagers across games and, as you continue to win, your profits compound into a massive final pot. The trick is knowing when to pull out, though. If you bet on a losing match, you’ll lose your entire parlay.

Where punters go wrong with Arizona basketball betting


Even experienced bettors make mistakes from time to time but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid failure. If you’re new to the world of basketball betting, avoid falling into these traps:

Failing to do your research

Unlike in football and baseball, you won’t know exactly who’s playing on the court until the last minute. Whereas football players are called up the morning of the game, basketball players might not know if they’ll be off the bench until minutes before the game even starts. This means you need to pay close attention to the players and their condition.

Do your research to dig up as much dirt as you can from social media to know who has an injury, a sprained muscle, or even just a cold. Without this information, you’ll be betting blind.

Underestimating game schedules

The #1 mistake inexperienced bettors make is underestimating gameplay schedules. There’s no doubt that jet lag and back-to-back gameplay take a toll on players. If you know your team has been on the road for weeks, they’ll likely start to wear down. By that same logic, though, don’t understand the power of a home game. Players love to see their fans and usually play better at home.

Ignoring advanced statistics

Basketball stats might not be as thoroughly developed as baseball stats but that doesn’t mean you should completely discount them. Check player metrics and build a winning strategy around which teams have the best players. Follow shooting percentages, turnovers, and every possible detail to find the winning team.

Bet on Basketball in Arizona FAQs

Which basketball teams should I bet on?

There’s no definitive answer for who you should bet on but avoid only betting on your favorite team. Spread your bets out to maximize your wins and don’t be afraid to abandon your favorites if it means winning.

How can I stay up to date with basketball?

The best way to stay up to date is to watch the games and follow your favorite teams on social media. Teams and players typically post updates throughout the season to keep you in the loop with everything going on.

Have the Arizona Suns teamed up with any sportsbooks?

Yes! The Arizona Suns are currently partnered with FanDuel, where you can access strong odds and a huge range of betting options.

How old do I have to be to bet on basketball in Arizona?

Under Arizona HB 2772, anyone aged 21 or older can legally wager on sports using an online sportsbook within Arizona state borders.

Are winnings from basketball bets taxed in Arizona?

Yes, under Arizona state law, your winnings are subject to an 8% gaming tax. You’ll receive a W-2G tax form when you register with a sportsbook to simplify the claims process.