Arizona cycling betting

The world of cycling betting in Arizona constantly keeps bettors on their toes. Here we’ll explain this fast-paced sport, including the different types of bets within the cycling market. You’ll learn all about sportsbooks for cycling betting, events, and betting strategies to help you win big.

Picks for cycling betting in AZ


In the world of sportsbook betting, cycling is not usually mentioned. This underrated sport goes unnoticed by many, but those smart enough to participate enjoy fast-paced action with the opportunity for big payouts.

We begin by listing the top Arizona betting sites for cycling betting. These sites are licensed and verified to generate positive experiences for their users.

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Next, you’ll learn important cycling betting terms that will help you understand the cycling betting market. Since cycling betting in Arizona has various categories of bets you can place, we follow up the terminology with detailed descriptions of each cycling bet type.

Once you’re familiar with the betting market, you’ll receive some cycling betting strategies to give you an edge over your competitors. If you’re left with any other questions, don’t forget to check out our FAQs on cycling betting in Arizona at the end of the guide.

Cycling betting sites in AZ

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Best cycling betting AZ


Your choice of betting site will determine which bonuses, betting markets, and banking methods you’ll be able to use while cycling betting in Arizona. We’ve analyzed licensed betting sites in AZ to compile our Top 5 list of the best sportsbooks in AZ for betting on cycling below.

Cycling odds sites in AZ


BetMGM knows bettors need smaller market options, such as cycling betting on its app. You can find all major banking methods on this platform, as well as excellent customer service to facilitate your cycling betting. Enjoy its live streaming option and easy-to-use app as a bonus.


FanDuel Arizona provides major sportsbook betting, fantasy sports, and less common betting markets all in one. They are licensed and used in over 20 U.S. states and have simple contests and bets with low minimum requirements for beginners.


Coming from Caesars Entertainment, this AZ online sports betting site offers exclusive sign-up bonuses to attract new users. They have competitive odds in all markets from football to cycling and beyond, and have one of the most secure betting systems available.


DraftKings is a top U.S. betting site with over eight million users and counting. Their extensive betting market menu is only the tip of the iceberg; they also host tons of contests throughout the year that bring in thousands of bettors with thousands of dollars in cash prizes.


Unibet offers over 15 different betting markets, cycling included. You can find exclusive bets on the Tour de France, Milano – Sanremo, Paris – Roubaix, and Tour of Flanders races. Take advantage of their in-play betting options and ongoing promos for bettors.

Arizona cycling betting terms


Cycling betting Arizona puts your money where your mouth is, which means you’ve got to understand the words coming out of everyone’s mouths. Here are the top AZ cycling betting terms to know before placing your bet.

  • Match up – Another word for moneyline bet. A bettor chooses who they think will win in a head-to-head race between two cyclists.
  • Velodrome – An arena built for track cycling, with banked tracks.
  • Cadence: The revolutions per minute of a cyclist’s feet, also called a pedaling rate.
  • Chase/chasers: Cyclists trying to catch up to a breakaway rider or group of riders.
  • Crosswind: A gust of wind that comes from one of two sides.
  • Time trial – This refers to a cyclist racing alone or as part of a team, trying to beat the recorded time of other riders who have raced under the same conditions in the past.
  • Omnium cycling – This is a heptathlon race involving many events over multiple days. Riders compete in several disciplines and accumulate points in each one. The cyclist with the most points at the end wins.
  • Sprint cycling – A race between 2-4 cyclists based on speed and tactics. The cyclists start next to each other and compete in a velodrome.
  • Keirin cycling – A type of race originating in Japan where riders chase a motorbike, accelerating their velocity until the motorbike disappears and the cyclists sprint towards the finish line.

Arizona cycling odds

Cycling betting in Arizona is much different than your standard sport. Bettors have many bet options apart from wagering on the winner of a race.

Cycling rider bets

You can bet on a cycling rider’s race position, climbing ability, speed, or how they’re placed on a leaderboard. Here are the most common individual rider bets available while cycling betting in Arizona.

  • Winner: The most well-known cycling bet is betting on which rider you believe will win the overall race. This can also be called a match-up bet if you are wagering on one competitor in a 2-rider race.
  • Top 3 finish: With sometimes well over 100 participants, cycling bettors can increase their chances of winning by betting that a rider will be in the top 3 race finishers.
  • Top 10 finish: Much like the top 3, you are betting that a rider will make the top 10 finishers of a specific race.
  • Best young rider bet: You can bet on any cyclist who is 25 years old or younger as having the best performance in a race. The Best Young Rider will be awarded a white jersey.
  • Race leader: You can place this bet if a race is spread over several days. You will bet on the race leader over the different stages of this race.
  • Best climber: One of the most demanding types of races is on mountain terrain. Bet on the rider you think will be the best, also titled King of the Mountain. This person may receive a polka-dot jersey in the Tour de France.
  • Green jersey: This is given to the leader in a subsidiary competition of a race, such as to the intermediate sprint winner.

Cycling team bets

Cycling teams require more analysis for betting, but there is potential for big returns. The best players aren’t always on the best team; cycling teams must include people with different strengths and weaknesses to create a balanced competing force.

Most team bets are bets on victory or point accumulation. Here are the different team competitions on which you can bet.

  • Team sprint: With two opposing teams consisting of three riders each, this race resembles a track sprint with the passing of a baton. The first two riders compete in one lap and once they reach their teammates, the second rider proceeds to take their lap, and so on. These are close races with high tension and adrenaline.
  • Team pursuit: Team pursuit includes two teams of three riders who start on opposite sides of the velodrome intending to overtake each other. This sport requires immense skill and precision on each rider’s part.
  • Team timed trials: This road-based race includes teams racing against the clock.
  • Team classification: This is a bet on which team will accumulate the most points throughout a cycling event.

Cycling race stat bets

Some cycling markets include bets around race statistics. These use stats from previous years or races to predict the likelihood of a specific outcome.

  • Race finishers: Large-scale races require endurance, training, skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. Not all riders finish the race, and bettors can bet on how many will reach the finish line.
  • Race non-finishers: On the contrary, bettors can also predict how many riders will not finish the race.
  • Breaking records: Bettors can wager on whether a record will be broken during an upcoming cycling event.

Special bets

Each type of race may include specialty wagers for bettors. Some examples are:

  • Mountain bike bets: With off-road courses and rugged terrain, you can make bets on cross-country, enduro, dirt jumping, free ride, trail riding, and downhill ride winners.
  • BMX: Bicycle motocross is another variation of cycling that includes BMX Flatland, dirt, racing, and street variations with different betting options.
  • Possible crashes: This darker bet wagers on the likelihood that two or more riders will end up crashing their bikes.
  • Other specials: Bets on specific riders, or the likelihood of one rider winning multiple events, are more examples of special AZ betting options around cycling.

Cycling events for AZ betting


There are a few big-name cycling events that bring in spectators worldwide every year. Here are the favorites.

  • Tour de France: This is the most famous cycling tour on earth, born over 100 years ago. Between 20-22 teams participate in the 21 stages of the Tour every year. You’ll find some of the best odds for this event across Arizona betting sites.
  • Olympics cycling: The Olympics includes plenty of cycling to wager on. Olympic cycling betting includes road cycling, track cycling, mountain biking, BMX racing, and BMX freestyle competitions.
  • La Vuelta en España: With over 75 editions, La Vuelta is another 21-stage tour lasting 23 days. Passing through the Pyrenees and finishing in Madrid, you’ll have a lot to see within this cycling event.
  • Giro d’Italia: With a large reputation, the Giro d’Italia takes racers through the Alps over 21-stages in the spring.
  • Tour Down Under: Less famous than other international tours, the Tour Down Under begins cycling season in January over ten days in Australia.

Arizona cycling betting strategies


There are many ways to bet on cycling in Arizona, but not all of these ways increase your chances of winning. Here are some cycling betting tips to help increase the odds of winning your cycling bet.

Bet on the big leagues

Cycling may be popular in its niche, but you’ll only make big bucks if you focus on the big leagues. You’ll find the best odds and the most betting options around events like the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia, so focus on big tours like these to increase your chances of a big payout.

Shop for lines

Creating accounts on more than one sportsbook is a legal and tactical way to get the best odds and lines for cycling betting.

Specialize in one type of cycling

With all of the cycling options, you’ll do best if you focus on only one type. Learn all you can about it, what it requires, and which riders have made a name for themselves under this category.

Diversify your bets

When we say diversify your bets, we aren’t talking about the type of cycling you’re betting on (see our last point). We mean to diversify the bet types you’re making under one type of cycling.

Mix up your bets between single and team bets, if possible. With bets on larger races like the international tours, place bets on a few different players to increase your chance of success.

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Cycling betting in Arizona FAQs

What cycling bets can I make in Arizona?

Cycling betting Arizona includes winner, top 3 finish, top 10 finish, best young rider, race leader, best climber, green jersey, special bets, and more. Specific cycling competitions or niches may include their own varieties of bets.

Which AZ betting sites offer cycling betting?

You can choose from BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, Unibet, and Caesars sportsbook for cycling betting in Arizona. All are licensed and include a variety of bonuses, great customer service, and exclusive betting markets.

Can I win money cycling betting in Arizona?

Yes, with the right strategy you can win big payouts within cycling betting Arizona. We recommend reading up on cycling terminology, choosing a bet type, and reading our betting tips above to place stronger bets.

What are the biggest events for cycling betting?

The Tour de France, Summer Olympics cycling, La Vuelta en España, Giro d’Italia, and Tour Down Under are top cycling events for cycling betting Arizona.

Can I bet on team cycling in Arizona?

Yes, you can place bets on both individual riders and cycling teams while cycling betting in AZ. There are fewer bet types for team cycling than individual, but there are still quite a few to choose from.