Arizona wrestling betting

Whether you’re a fan of wrestling or just enjoy placing a wager on events, there are some things to know as you navigate your way through the sports betting world. Several venues participate in wrestling betting in Arizona, and we will go over those, plus what betting entails.

Getting started with wrestling betting in Arizona

To be able to place bets on wrestling in Arizona, you are going to need to work with a sports betting site. There are many to choose from, and we will highlight some of the more reputable ones in this guide.

 Also, you will need to understand what type of betting is done with the sport of wrestling and how to ensure that your experience is an enjoyable one filled with winning.

Wrestling sportsbooks in AZ

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Best sportsbooks for wrestling betting in Arizona

Some of the top AZ online sportsbooks have or will soon be adding wrestling betting to their site to welcome fans of the sport.

Find wrestling betting sites in AZ

We have read through the reviews and picked some reputable Arizona online sports betting sites to list for you to be aware of. Let’s take a look at some of the popular sites and a general idea of what they offer.


BetMGM AZ provides real Las Vegas-type gambling straight from the comfort of your phone. They eagerly welcome new customers, providing a nice welcome bonus for your first wager. The operator is one of the top 5 betting venues to choose from for sports.


DraftKings AZ is much like the other sports booking agencies in that it offers a welcome bonus to its new players. In addition, they offer a wide selection of betting options for newcomers and seasoned vets.

The brand caters to real sports and deals with the fantasy league aspect of many sports if you are interested.


Fanduel AZ is a reputable favorite amongst players where you can compete against others in contests. They have a handy mobile app for their customers to use. They have free contests to participate in if you lack monetary funds.

William Hill

William Hill has been around for some time now and is one of the top wrestling sportsbooks available. Featuring props, futures, and parlays, there is a wide range of betting options available.


Caesars Sportsbook has live betting available in certain states. This licensed operator tailors to new customers and existing with a variety of bonuses and welcome offers.

Bet on wrestling in Arizona

If betting on wrestling has got your attention, the next step would be to understand what type of bets are available on your standard ones.

Straight wager

This is the simplest of all bets and is a wager on who you believe will win the match. This could be a regular-season match or a competitive match.

The favorite will have a (-) minus sign next to the wrestler indicating the odds. The larger the number, the higher the wrestler’s favor. A (+) plus indicates that the wrestler is favored to lose the match.

Proposition bets

Called “prop bet” for short, this bet deals with wagering on events that happen outside of who the winner is.

Prop bets can include, for example, how many times a wrestler will go down in a round or who will enter the ring first. Prop bets can get quite random and differ based on the sports betting site used.

Other betting options

Specific bets can also be offered on various websites. Some examples of these types of bets are:

  • First time winner – rewards a player for their first win.
  • Longest ring time – the winner of this title has stayed in the ring longer than anyone else.
  • Appearance bets – some rewards are given merely for the wrestler appearing randomly in a match.
  • Bout outcome bets are a bet placed on predicting how an event will end.

Determining your winnings

Most wrestling operators give you the option of seeing how much you need to wager in order to win a certain amount.

A bet placed on a wrestler with a (+) plus sign next to them will yield a more significant win than a favorite wrestler. Likewise, betting on the underdog will ensure a higher payday if that underdog wins.

Wrestling betting strategy in Arizona


Whether you are an experienced gambler or brand new, everyone wants to know a good strategy to ensure their winnings. While we can’t promise any methods guaranteeing a winning wager, we can relay some techniques that might help in your betting ventures.

Making educated predictions after the result of the research is the best practice to use before placing bets. Research can come from several sources.

More options

Being well informed may lead you to place a smarter wager than you would have previously before research.

Since some of the wrestling events you will be betting on may be scripted, looking at the past results of similar matches can help you make educated wagers in the future. However, events are random, and nothing is for certain.

What to look for in a wrestling betting site


Multiple websites allow betting, but you need to be careful before selecting one. Checking over a few things before spending your money is essential when betting online.

Wrestling reviews

If a sports betting site is reputable, you are sure to find enough information about the site on the web from others who have used the service. Take the time to read over player reviews on several different sites to compare user experiences.

This is a good way to check to see if a site is a possible scam or not and prevent you from spending money with a retailer that might not be legit. Unfortunately, in the world of online gambling, many sites are trying to take your money.


There are many lists available online of reputable places to gamble online. Each site, if licensed, should show its credentials online as it is an important piece of information to be available to the consumer when choosing a sports betting venue.

Some betting sites are local to the United States and some are overseas. Check with the regulations in your local area to ensure the legality of any gambling you are participating in. We only listed some of the more popular sports betting sites we know are legit for you.

Payment and withdrawal options

Most sites are more than willing to offer a wide selection of deposit options so that you can place wagers on their site.

Credit and debit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency are the most popular options when depositing. There is usually a minimum of $20-$30 deposit on most sites.

Withdrawal options vary in form and length of time they take on each website. Withdrawals via cryptocurrency are generally faster than receiving a wire transaction or a check in the mail.

Promotions and bonuses

For being a regular player, many sports betting sites offer bonuses throughout the play as a reward for spending a certain amount of money. This entices players to continue betting and staying captivated in play.

Finding a sports betting site to offer you a betting promo in AZ will not be hard if you are a new customer. Most promotions are advertised heavily online and on TV.

Promotions range from placing a no-risk first bet all the way to winning $500 for a $10 bet. The bonus options vary based on the website but are usually quite generous.

As a reminder, most offers are designed to lure the customer into the action. So carefully consider the options before joining a sports betting site, and make sure you read over the terms and conditions before placing any bets.

Types of wrestling to bet on in Arizona


There are a few different leagues that you can find online with betting options available. In addition, we found a few in the wrestling world that may interest you.


AEW stands for All Elite Wrestling. All Elite Wrestling was founded in 2019 and is the biggest competitor. They host monthly pay-per-view events and have betting options available for those specific events.


Major League Wrestling is another popular venue that airs its events on YouTube. If you can find a forum to bet, these episodes are open to all.


New Japan Pro Wrestling has been around since 1972. However, only recently have you been able to bet on the leagues events online. Betting is available on individual events along with tournament competition.


The developmental league has gained interest in the gambling world. You can bet on events as well as TV ratings on some sites. This is considered the minor league of wrestling compared to the major league.


Ring of Honor is another wrestling league you may not have previously heard of before. Specific wrestling leagues such as these usually have their own audience of gamblers. This has been around since 2002.

Main league

The obviously most popular league for online betting, it has options for betting on regular events as well as the PPV events.

You will find the widest selection of betting options choosing where to place a wager on. You will also find more sites that have this sport available to be wagered.

Why bet on wrestling in Arizona?


Many can see major sports such as basketball and football being the prime choice of wagering by most sports fans. However, while these are popular options for sports betting, wrestling has its own unique fan base just like any other sport.

Opening up the ability for fans to place wagers on their favorite events allows a person to further the experience of viewing the sport.

Sports betting sites saw the possibility of revenue to be gained from the wrestling betting world so they jumped at the opportunity to introduce wrestling betting to their sites.

As you can see, the number of leagues available is vast to bet on. With the most popular being the main league, that is where you will see most of the action along with the higher amount of options available for betting.

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw, or Raw for short as its fans call it, airs every Monday at 8:00EST on USA Network. Raw has been around since 1993 and is a fan favorite, offering five types of championships throughout its telecast.


Also known as Smackdown Live, it debuted at this wrestling venue in 1999. Broadcasting in 7 different countries hosts four different types of championships that players can wager on.

Other sports to bet on in the state:

FAQs wrestling betting AZ

If wrestling is fake, how can you bet on it in AZ?

Wrestling may be scripted, but the outcome is unknowing by people wagering on the event. This allows for bets to be placed even though the people participating may know the ending.

Is betting on wrestling legal in Arizona?

Check and make sure you are in a state-licensed area before placing any bets on wrestling. You should be able to find information on whether sports betting is legal in your area online.

What are some top sites that host wrestling betting?

We listed 5 in our guide but another one we didn’t mention that is popular is Unibet.

Where can you find betting odds on wrestling events?

If the sports betting site allows you to place a wager on the event, the odds will go right along with it in the wagering process.

Where do I find welcome offers for wrestling?

Simply searching the internet for wrestling betting sites usually leads you right to advertising by some of the top wrestling sportsbooks in your state. Check the top booking sites in their promotions tab and see what each site has to offer.