American Express Betting Arizona

If you have an American Express credit card, you may be able to fund certain sports betting accounts. While not as common as other accepted banking methods in Arizona, some sportsbooks accept AMEX as a valid deposit method.

Bet with AMEX in Arizona

But you may be still wondering how you can use an AMEX card for sports betting. Further, you’ll want to know which sportsbooks in Arizona accept this method. We’ll cover both of these topics, and we’ll explore the terms associated with American Express transactions. Finally, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages to banking with this method and answer FAQs.

What is AMEX betting in AZ?

When we refer to American Express betting, what we’re talking about is making deposits and withdrawals with AMEX cards. At most licensed sports betting operators, you can use credit cards as a valid form of deposit.

It’s important to note, though, that not all sportsbooks accept the American Express brand of credit cards. Most sites accept Visa and MasterCard only.

However, for the Arizona sportsbooks that do accept American Express, there are certain terms applied to usage. Sportsbooks fees, minimum/maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts, and rules apply to credit card transactions. There will also be fees and stipulations applied by American Express for each transaction you make.

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Top online sportsbooks accepting American Express in Arizona


Now that you’re aware of what exactly American Express betting is, it’s time to explore AMEX betting sites. In the state of Arizona, you have a few options for sportsbooks that accept American Express payments. BetMGM, Draftkings Sportsbook, and Fanduel Sportsbook are the top three. Take a look at their main features below.


BetMGM Sportsbook is one of the American Express betting sites featured in Arizona. BetMGM has risk free bets, bonuses, live sports betting, and many other exciting promotions. You can easily fund your BetMGM betting account with your AMEX card, and these deposits take just minutes to process.

One nice thing about using American Express at BetMGM is that the sportsbook won’t charge extra fees for this method. Note, however, that you can’t use AMEX Corporate Travel cards, Prepaid cards, Small Business cards, or Bank Co-branded cards. Unfortunately, you can’t make withdrawals with an American Express card at BetMGM.


Draftkings is one of the top US sportsbooks, featuring a sign-up bonus valued at $1k, professional sports, and live wagers. Players can even try their shot at joining the VIP account at Draftkings.

Draftkings Sportsbook is another site where players can make use of AMEX for transactions. However, you can only use AMEX gift cards; American Express credit cards aren’t accepted. Unfortunately, though, you cannot withdraw winnings with any American Express methods at Draftkings Sportsbook in Arizona.

Fanduel Sportsbook

At Fanduel, punters can take part in dozens of betting markets, from the MBL to the NBA, NCAAF, and more. The sportsbook is for both mobile and desktop betting purposes, making wagering extremely convenient.

You can also make use of American Express for Fanduel, but you’ll have to do so via PayPal. PayPal transfers allow you to move money from your AMEX card indirectly. You can also withdraw your winnings in this manner.

How to deposit with AMEX in Arizona


Once you choose a sports betting site in Arizona where you want to wager, you can begin depositing. Depositing is important since you can’t make any wagers or take part in many bonuses without a deposit.

Depositing with credit cards, as it turns out, is relatively simple. You’ll want the American Express card that you’re using to be in your name. In other words, it should be the name tied to your sports betting account.

Once you are ready to make a deposit with AMEX, you can do so at most sites by:

  • Logging into your sports betting account
  • Entering the cashier or other part of the site where you make deposits
  • Choosing “American Express” or “AMEX” as your deposit option
  • Deciding on your deposit amount and enter it
  • Setting up your card details with the site (card name, number, expiration date, and CVV2)

If your deposit is successful, your sportsbook will notify you in their designated time frame. This could be different among sites since processing and approval times can vary. If your deposit with AMEX isn’t successful, it may be because your card has insufficient funds. Otherwise, you may have exceeded your AMEX credit limit or entered the wrong card info.

How to withdraw winnings with American Express in AZ

Unfortunately, you’re not likely to find a sportsbook that accepts American Express as a valid form of withdrawal. In fact, most sportsbooks don’t use credit cards as a method of withdrawal, as a rule of thumb.

Even if you tried to transfer money from your sportsbook to PayPal to a credit card, you wouldn’t succeed. This is because money doesn’t go back onto credit cards the way it can with a bank account.

Pros of American Express betting Arizona


There are certain advantages to betting with American Express in Arizona. Bettors may wonder whether it’s worth it to choose this method as opposed to others. The truth is, though, there are pros and cons to any withdrawal/deposit method in sports betting. We’ve rounded up our favorite perks to using American Express for withdrawals and deposits in the Grand Canyon State.

AMEX is a fast option

One big perk to using American Express for deposits and withdrawals is that it’s convenient and fast. While some Arizona sports betting banking options can take hours or even days to process, AMEX typically takes just minutes.

And when it comes to sports wagering, you never know when an optimal bet is going to appear. You want to be able to deposit within minutes if you’re going to make your wager in time. This is especially true for live, in-game wagering, where time is of the essence.

American Express is an easy option

One reason that American Express (and credit cards in general) is a good option is that it’s convenient. Not everyone is capable of or willing to open a PayPal account or other digital wallet account for deposits/withdrawals.

Other methods like e-wallets tend to require more setup. They’re not as simple as credit cards, where you can simply enter your card info and watch the funds transfer.

Most sportsbooks don’t charge extra fees for AMEX

Although American Express itself might charge you fees for transactions, sportsbooks might not. For example, BetMGM does not charge punters extra fees to deposit with AMEX cards. This is a big pro considering certain deposit methods can accrue fees at sportsbooks if you make multiple each month.

AMEX is a safe option

Finally, one big advantage of AMEX betting is that it’s a sign of a safe and secure sports betting site. Major credit card companies like American Express do not easily approve gambling charges. This means that if your sportsbook is accepting AMEX for deposits, they have vetted the transaction and approved it.

Further, American Express uses secure methods for transactions, meaning it’s a company you can trust your gambling money with.

Cons of American Express betting Arizona


Although we found many pros to betting with AMEX in Arizona, it’s not all peaches and cream. Anytime money gets involved, you’re going to face some disadvantages. Namely, American Express transactions at sportsbooks will involve fees, and you’re limited in terms of where you can use AMEX. Below, we’ve shared the main disadvantages to AMEX betting that we found.

American Express limits your sportsbook options

Although AMEX can be a fast and convenient deposit method, not a lot of sportsbooks accept it. There are only three major operators that we know of at the moment accepting AMEX. And of those three, only one directly accepts AMEX credit cards. This is a serious disadvantage to consider since a lot of bettors enjoy joining multiple sports betting sites.

It’s pretty inconvenient when you have to use different banking methods for different accounts. You can avoid this by choosing a method that’s more widely accepted than American Express.

It’s not a good withdrawal method

Perhaps one of the biggest downsides to AMEX betting is that it’s not a common withdrawal method. In fact, no Arizona sportsbooks currently accept American Express as a withdrawal method. It’s far more common to find e-wallets accepted as withdrawal methods than credit cards.

This is inconvenient for bettors since you need two banking methods on hand – one for deposits and one for withdrawals. It’s always simpler to have all of your gambling funds in the same account. You don’t get to do this with AMEX deposits in the mix.

AMEX’s convenience can be tempting

Third, the convenience and quickness of AMEX deposits may be a bad thing for your wallet. Although it seems helpful in the moment, it could encourage you to spend too much on sports betting deposits. And that money is not money you’re going to get back unless you win a good bet.

Further, credit card accounts typically charge interest on spending transactions. Therefore, when you start using your AMEX card for sports deposits, you start accruing interest charges. This adds up over time.

AMEX has fees

One other con to betting with AMEX is that it’s a credit card, so it will likely have fees. For example, you may incur transaction fees when you deposit with it at sportsbooks. Credit cards also typically have over limit fees. So, if you exceed your credit limit when sports depositing, you could get hit with a fine from AMEX.

It’s always good to avoid as many fees as you can. This is something to think about before using your credit card for sports betting transactions.



While our research shows that AMEX is a convenient way to deposit at sportsbooks, it’s not necessarily the best method. The advantages of this banking method include reliability, security, speed, and convenience. On the other hand, there are downsides, including the fact that you can’t withdraw winnings with American Express.

Punters also can’t use this banking method at very many sportsbooks in the state of Arizona. Right now, the options include BetMGM, Fanduel Sportsbook, and Draftkings Sportsbook. It’s important to consider these factors before you choose American Express as your transaction method when betting. You want to prepare as much as possible before sending your money into the world of sports gambling.

FAQs American Express sports betting Arizona

How old do you have to be to bet with AMEX in Arizona?

The legal sports betting age in Arizona is 21 years minimum since the legal gambling age is 21 years minimum. If you don’t meet this age requirement, you can’t bet on sports, regardless of your chosen payment method.

Do I need a second banking method in addition to AMEX?

This depends on your chosen sportsbook and your transaction needs when sports betting. For example, some sportsbooks do not allow players to withdraw with AMEX. Although you can usually deposit with this method, you’ll likely need to find an alternate method for withdrawing winnings.

Is AMEX the best deposit method in Arizona?

Generally speaking, no, AMEX isn’t the best banking method you can use. If you want security, convenience, and low fees in one method, the better option would be some kind of e-wallet. You also get to make both deposits and withdrawals with e-wallets. You can’t do that with AMEX.

How many Arizona betting sites will feature AMEX in the future?

Just as sportsbooks tend to add more sports markets and features over time, they also add banking methods. There is no guarantee that all sportsbooks will accept American Express. However, it’s likely that more sportsbooks will be accepting this method in the future. To be sure, research the sportsbook before signing up.

Why isn’t American Express accepted at other AZ sportsbooks?

You may notice that the list of sportsbooks accepting AMEX in this article is sort of small. Well, the reason that a lot of sportsbooks don’t accept AMEX is because it’s not as common as VISA/MasterCard. Just as you’re not as likely to have AMEX accepted in a store, sportsbooks aren’t as likely to accept it.