Darts betting Arizona 

Darts aren’t just for dive bars anymore. Along with the usual big ones in America, darts is increasingly added to the sports lineups on platforms in Arizona. It may be niche, but darts is leaving its mark — and bettors are loving the action.

Darts betting Arizona picking the right odds site

With wagers available in Arizona, numerous betting providers have set up shop, offering great odds and offers tied to the biggest sports in the United States The Arizona online betting sites don’t stop there, though.

Many broaden their sports markets coverage to include a broad range of sports, as well as more niche ones that have devoted followings, such as darts. Here’s what to look for when you’re a darts fan in Arizona ready to place your bets. 

Extensive darts offerings

Don’t just settle for a betting site that simply includes darts in their sports market offerings.

Look for one that has a reputation for understanding the game, covering the major players and tournaments through promotions and unique wagers, and including such specialized darts offerings as in-play darts betting and live streaming. 

Competitive darts odds and wagers in Arizona

Before registering with an Arizona darts betting site, take some time to compare the odds set for darts and rate each on their competitiveness. Also, note whether they regularly offer different lines and proposition bets through the year on darts.

All Darts betting sites in AZ

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Coverage of major darts events in AZ


Make sure that a sports betting site offers odds on the biggest darts events sponsored by the two prominent darts organizations: the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), especially its World Championship, and the Modus Icons of Darts Live League.

Frequency of rewards for AZ

The best sports betting sites will reward you handsomely for betting with them, both through welcome bonuses, deposit matches, and risk-free bets, but through promotions tied directly to certain darts odds/wagers and special events.

There should be no reason why you shouldn’t able to regularly take advantage of both bonuses and promotions while betting on darts in Arizona.

Best darts odds in Arizona

Are you having trouble narrowing down the best site place your bets on darts? Here are five of our favorite betting sites in Arizona that will more than meet your darts betting needs. 


At BetMGM, you start out with a $1,000 risk-free bet bonus. You’ll be glad you have it. The sports betting site offers a complete lineup of both PDC Darts and Modus Icons of Darts matches to wager on, all on easy-to-navigate and well-designed web and app interfaces.

BetMGM, backed by its parent company’s long-standing reputation, also has an impressive list of other sports markets to bet on and stellar customer service.


Matches from both the PDC Darts Tour and Modus Icons Darts are regularly listed on Fanduel, a company that started out specializing in fantasy sports but is now making a strong mark on the online sports betting world.

Fanduel excels in its bonuses and regular promotions as well as its special offerings, including live betting.


Like BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook brings a trusted name into an online sports betting offshoot. So far, so good. Caesars has a fantastic mobile app, even better bonuses, and its odds are among the most competitive in the business.

Its variety of wagers — from parlays and props to futures — extends to darts, as does its lucrative sign-up bonuses. 


With personality and panache, Draftkings is another former fantasy sports specialist that has developed a huge following for its online sports betting offerings. Both its web and mobile app interfaces are beautifully designed.

Darts fans will be impressed with Draftkings’ multiple wager lines on not just Darts PDC and the Modus Icons, but the Darts PDC Home Tour. Also available: live betting in real-time during darts matches.  


Unibet may not have the same name recognition as some of the other legal sportsbooks operating in Arizona today, but it boasts a solid lineup of sports markets, an easy-to-navigate website and great welcome bonuses.

Darts fans will appreciate its helpful blog posts covering darts events and its up-to-date odds for upcoming matches.

Darts leagues and events to bet on in Arizona

Unlike other sports, darts action occurs steadily throughout the year. In Arizona, bettors can regularly fine action on the dominant darts organizations operating today.

Professional Darts Corporation 

Known as the PDC, the Professional Darts Corporation is darts’ premier organization, offering the biggest events — both ranked and unranked — during the year. 

The biggest darts event in of the year is the PDC World Championship, which runs from December through January. Sites such as Draftkings, BetMGM, and Fanduel are already featuring futures betting odds on certain players to take home the win this year.

Of the ranked PDC events, betting is typically available for the following:

• European Championships: Held each fall, the European Championship features Europe’s top players competing against the highest-ranked players on the PDC European Tour Order of Merit.

• Grand Slam of Darts: Held in England since 2007, this invitational tournament began as a collection of matches between the PDC and the British Darts Organisation, before the latter folded. It is a regular presence on television.

• Players Championship Finals: Since 2009, the Players Championship Finals has featured the top players from the Players Championship Order of Merit in England, at first the top 32 then bumping up to 64 players in 2016.

Other ranked events to bet on:

  • The UK Open
  • World Championship
  • World Grand Prix
  • World Matchplay
  • There are also top unranked events to bet on organized by the PDC. The most popular include:
  • Champions League of Darts
  • The Masters
  • PDC World Youth Championship
  • Premier League Darts
  • World Cup of Darts
  • World Series of Darts

Global darts circuit matches are also frequently offered on sports betting sites, including the German Darts Masters, US Darts Masters, the North American Championship, and the Shanghai Darts Masters.

Other darts organizations to bet on in Arizona

Sportsbooks have been following darts action even during the global pandemic, especially through the PDC Darts at Home Tour. Many betting sites have set odds on the top players competing from home within the tournament that is live-streamed.

Another option is the Modus Icons of Darts Live League, which has developed a following since it features some of the most famous darts players in a round-robin battle.

Types of bets for darts in Arizona


Ready and excited to place those darts bets, Arizona? There are several different options, ranging from the most simple of bets to more complex betting for bettors with a bit more experience. 

Here are some of the common bets on darts you’ll find on Arizona sports betting sites. 

Match winner

If you’ve ever placed a moneyline bet on sports, you’ll know how to make a match-winner bet on darts. With the match-winner bet, you’ll simply place a wager on who will win a darts matchup. It’s one of the most straightforward bets in darts.

Correct score

The correct score bet takes the match-winner bet one step further. Here, you’re betting not just on a match-winner but their margin of victory.

Leg spread and alternate spread

A leg spread bet in darts is similar to a point spread bet for other sports. With a leg spread you are picking a player to win, but also plus or minus a number of legs, or single games, designated by a sports betting site in the odds.

An alternate spread may also be available for certain matches, with different odds set for variations on the number of legs.


Like other popular sports on betting sites, darts also feature futures betting. Bettors can make wagers on something to happen in the future, such as who will win the PDC World Championship.

The odds fluctuate over the course of the year, but if you pick a winner early, you can reap large rewards.

Total 180s

The darts betting equivalent to the popular over/under bet for other sports. You’re wagering on the odds set by a sportsbook for the total perfect 180s in a match, whether it will be over or under the selected number.

Another 180s-related wager is betting on which of the players will make the most 180s during a match, an example of a props bet.

170 checkout and 9 dart finish

Two other forms of popular props bet ­— wagering on a specific aspect of a match or a tournament — is betting on whether or not the highest possible checkout will take place during a match or if there will be a perfect finish with the fewest darts possible, a 9 dart finish. 

Parlay betting

Match parlays are perfect for the more experienced darts bettor. With parlays, you can combine different types of bets, for example, a leg spread, most 180s, and match-winner, into one big bet, the parlay. To win the parlay, each of the individual bets within it must be successful.

Darts live betting

Ever-popular on sports betting sites — and increasingly available for darts betting – live betting, or in-play betting, lets you place a bet as the action is taking place, as opposed to wagers set before a darts match or tournament.

Live betting often encourages a more lively and engaging betting experience. The odds and tapes of wagers fluctuate quickly as a game goes on in real-time.

Live betting can take place on a sports betting site’s web or mobile app platform, and bettors keep track as sportsbooks add new opportunities, wagers, and odd lines as a darts match goes on.

It’s fast and fun; you can make wagers on the winner at one moment and then change your mind the next because of a match’s unpredictability. And as it a player gets closer to the perfect 180, you can place a wager right up until the exciting moment when that will take place.

Other sports to bet on in the state:

FAQ Darts betting in Arizona


What is a match treble wager?

A match treble is a very specific type of wager on darts offered by many sports betting sites. It’s a form of a parlay. With a match treble, you’re wagering on a player to win a match, but also records more 180s than their opponent and have the highest checkout rate.

All of those three things must take place for you to win the match treble wager.

How should I approach betting on a darts tournament?

Research is key. You may be able to make a significant profit by looking for the mismatches in tournaments and trying some wagers on the underdogs. A site may also offer odds on matches between evenly ranked players that you notice could be moneyline wager upsets.

What are my options for banking when betting on darts?

In depends on which sports betting site you register for, but generally, there will be many different methods for both making deposits and withdrawals.

Typically for both, you will have options including debit/credit cards, ACH/e-bank, e-wallets, PayNearMe, and many more. A few come with transaction fees, but many do not.

How do I use bonuses and promotions when placing wagers?

A sign-up or welcome bonus will be sent to you usually through a code emailed when you register for a site. Promotions tied to certain darts events will be outlined on a sportsbook’s page dedicated to that sport.

Be sure to check the terms and conditions of each promotion to see if you qualify and if you have to use it in a certain way or by a certain time.

Can I use multiple sports betting sites in Arizona to place darts wagers?

Yes! There are no restrictions placed on the number of online betting providers you can sign up for. In fact, it may be a good way to take advantage of different odds, types of wagers, and promotions.