Arizona Rugby betting 

Rugby might not be the most popular sport in the United States but it still has a large and loyal fanbase around the world. With a perfect balance of gameplay and intelligent strategy, Rugby is a wonderful sport to watch, wager on, and enjoy. So get in on the Arizona Rugby betting action today and start winning.

Start with Rugby betting Arizona


Don’t start betting without a little know-how. Take this chance to learn all there is about which Rugby sportsbooks in Arizona offer the best Rugby odds, how the game works, which bets are best suited to its gameplay, and how you can improve your betting strategy to win big. Use this information to transform yourself from a Rugby betting novice into a professional online sports bettor.

Rugby sportsbooks in AZ

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Top Arizona Rugby betting sportsbooks 

The first step to Arizona Rugby betting is to find a quality online sportsbook in AZ. Many sites claim to have the best odds but be wary of using just any AZ Rugby betting site. There are plenty of scammers out there looking to make a quick buck by tricking potential sports bettors out of their private financial information. Take time to research that the deals aren’t too good to be true.

Compare Arizona Rugby betting

If you want to use an established, well-respected Arizona online sports betting site with good odds and even better promotions, check out our top five recommended Arizona Rugby betting sites below. These five platforms are top competitors in the online sports betting market so you can’t go wrong using their services.

BetMGM Rugby betting

As one of the largest online operators in the world, it’s no surprise that BetMGM quickly found a footing in the Arizona Rugby market. Within just a few months, they’ve proven themselves to be a competitive industry leader, and their Rugby odds stand to prove it.

BetMGM AZ manages to attract new members every month thanks to their attractive sign-up bonuses and regular AZ Rugby offers. You can follow them on social media to access better perks and find more information about Rugby-related deals. Sign up today and earn a deposit match bonus worth up to $1,000.

DraftKings Rugby betting

After expanding beyond daily online fantasy sports, DraftKings quickly transformed itself into one of the most popular online platforms in the world. They then took their experience with online platforms and transformed it into one of the best mobile platforms in the world.

After downloading DraftKings’s mobile app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll gain access to extensive Arizona Rugby betting odds, a breadth of options, and DraftKings’s top-notch member loyalty program. Gain XP and spend it on prizes, promos, and so much more!

FanDuel Rugby betting

FanDuel AZ gets a lot of credit for their outstanding mobile platform but what helps them really stand out is their wide range of live betting options. As any sports fan knows, watching your favorite game with friends at a venue beats sitting at home, so why not take your AZ Rugby bet with you? Place bets as you watch and adjust your strategy to fit the game.

Caesars Rugby betting

Caesars might be young, but it’s still one of the largest and most well-respected sites in the world. Backed by the renowned Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino, Caesars is able to provide excellent odds, massive bonuses, and possibly the best customer support services in the industry. So reach out to them whenever you need it, and they’ll help you solve whatever issues you’re dealing with.

Unibet Rugby betting 

Although smaller than the likes of Caesars, DraftKings, and FanDuel, Unibet AZ still has everything you need to gain experience as a new Rugby bettor. In addition, their range of banking options make them an attractive option for online AZ Rugby betting who want to process payments quickly and access their profits within a day.

Arizona Rugby odds

After learning how the game works, you’ll then need to learn how to read Arizona Rugby odds. Although no two AZ Rugby betting sites are the same, most Arizona sites use the standard American system, which uses a series of plus and minus signs.

Teams with positive odds are more favored to win, whereas teams with negative scores are less likely to win. Therefore, although a team may have higher odds, the payout will be better if you bet and win on an underdog.

This is where research really matters. Once you know which teams are more likely to pull off a surprise win, you can maximize your profit by betting on the underdog. Study different teams, players, and stats to find the best bet.

Most common Arizona Rugby betting options 

Now that you’re set up with an Arizona Rugby sportsbook and understand how Rugby and Arizona Rugby betting odds work, you can begin building an effective Rugby strategy. The best strategies incorporate a range of options on multiple teams. Diversify your spread, and you’ll walk away with more profit. Here’s what you should know.

Rugby’s fast-paced gameplay and many teams make it one of the best sports to bet on. Although it’s less commonly watched in the US, it’s comparable to football, basketball, or baseball in terms of how many options apply to Rugby betting in Arizona. Check out these six commonly favored types of bets and incorporate them into your strategy to win big.

Moneyline bets Arizona Rugby betting

Moneyline bets are ideal for anyone new to Rugby betting Arizona. They’re straightforward and only require you to understand Arizona Rugby odds. Pick which team you expect to win, place a wager on their odds, and let the gameplay out. If your team wins, you’ll win a profit based on the odds. The lower the odds, the higher your payout.

Futures – Rugby betting Arizona

Where moneyline bets are ideal for new players, futures bets are better suited to long-time AZ Rugby betting fans. They require a lot of background knowledge in the game and an understanding of who has the potential to win throughout the season.

When you place a futures bet, you’re essentially betting on who will win by the end of the season. This means predicting months ahead of time which team will win the championship, even if it’s uncertain now.

Live Rugby betting Arizona 

Unlike American football, Rugby matches are chalked full of non-stop back-and-forth action. This means you have to watch the game closely to follow who is winning. While this alone makes the game more interesting, it also means you can place live Rugby bets in Arizona throughout the course of a match and still walk away with some profit.

If you plan to incorporate live bets in your strategy, though, we recommend finding an Arizona Rugby sportsbook that specializes in live bets. You don’t want to place a bet only to have it get lost in the fray. We recommend FanDuel or DraftKings for quality live bets.

Parlay bets Arizona Rugby betting

Parlay bets are similar to Arizona Rugby betting futures bets in that they require a lot of background knowledge and play out across multiple games, but rather than betting on a single winner far ahead of time, parlay bets compound from game to game. Instead, you bet on a team, and as they continue to win, your profit grows.

You can withdraw at any time but by letting your bet ride, you can earn massive winnings. The risk, though, is that if you lose, you’ll have to forfeit all of your profit. So bet carefully, and base parlay bets on research and your understanding of the game.

Prop bets on Arizona Rugby betting

Prop bets work well with Rugby since it’s so action-packed but they typically don’t pay as much. Nonetheless, they’re a fun way to spice up your viewership and allow you to bet on more than just a winner. So pay attention throughout the game to see if your Rugby betting Arizona props pay off, and sign up with AZ Rugby sportsbooks to find a wider range of prop options.

Over/under betting on Rugby in Arizona

Over/under bets go by several names—including totals bets and margins bets—but they work by betting on the final total score. So if you expect one team to dominate, you can bet that their total score will surpass a specific line set by your AZ Rugby sportsbook.

If they go over that line, you win. Alternatively, you can bet the other way. If you doubt that the expected winner will cross a pre-set point value, you can bet under the line and, if they fail to perform as well as expected, you’ll still walk away with a profit.

Still have questions about Arizona Rugby betting? We have the answers to all of your sports related questions below!

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Start learning Arizona Rugby betting works

Once you’ve found a bookie with competitive Arizona Rugby odds, enticing offers, and diverse betting options, you could begin betting on Rugby today. While that’s certainly one way to get started, we recommend taking a little more time to research the game and learn as much about it as possible. The more you know about Rugby, the better your strategy will be.

As with many British sports, Rugby originated in the 19th century. Legend has it that William Webb Ellis created the game after picking up a ball during a Rugby School soccer match in the UK. Rather than adhering to the rules of the game, he decided to run with the ball and, thus, created the game of Rugby.

Over the years, Rugby’s rules have been codified, and it’s since spread around the world to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. To play, two teams face off and try to move a large oblong ball across a field. Players can only move the ball by running, tossing, or kicking it down the field, however, they cannot throw it forwards—only sideways or backward.

As players move down the field, the opposing team tries to tackle the player holding the ball. Players constantly toss the ball back and forth to avoid being tackled, making Rugby both fast-paced and violent. Imagine a mix of both soccer and football but with its own unique rules.

Like American football, Rugby matches are typically high-scoring, meaning it’s less prone to last-minute shock results, unlike soccer and other European sports.

FAQs about Arizona Rugby betting

Will I get in trouble for Rugby betting in Arizona?

After Governor Doug Ducey signed House Bill 2772 into law in 2021, all online sports bets are officially legal within Arizona state boundaries. This includes Arizona Rugby bets. You must be at least 21 years old to join a Rugby Arizona sportsbook but if you meet that requirement, you can place as many bets as you want.

Can I use a Rugby betting Arizona sportsbook if I’m not a resident?

There are no limits on using a Rugby betting Arizona sportsbook if you’re not an Arizona resident. As long as you are within Arizona state lines, you can register and use an online operator. After you leave the state, though, you won’t be able to access the AZ Rugby betting site.

Is it worth betting on Rugby in Arizona?

Although Rugby doesn’t get as many American viewers as basketball and football, it’s still one of the most popular sports in the world. By participating in Arizona Rugby betting, you’ll be joining millions of other Rugby fans and earning a share of the profits.

What championships can I bet on while betting on Rugby in AZ?

There’s no shortage of championships to bet on with Rugby in Arizona. Every year, you can bet parlay and futures bets on the International Rugby Championship. Then, every four years, you can also bet on the Rugby World Cup and Olympic Rugby in AZ. With so many international teams, you’ll struggle to run out of Arizona Rugby betting options.

Which Rugby teams should I bet on?

Take some time to research the top teams over the last five years. Although teams trade out players from season to season, this can provide useful insight into who might win. Currently, the top teams in the world are the New Zealand All Blacks, South African Springboks, and the England Red and Whites.