Unibet Sportsbook Arizona promo code

Unibet Unibet Sportsbook Arizona promo code Unibet Sportsbook $100 Second Chance Bet
  • Refer-A-Friend & get $50 each
  • Infinite parlay boosts
Bet now Unibet promo code AZ

What is the Unibet Arizona promo code for 2024?

The Unibet Arizona promo code is AZSPORTSB. When you sign up on Unibet, new bettors will receive an insurance bet bonus of up to $100. So if you lose that bet, you will get your money back!

One of the hottest new sportsbooks in the US has finally opened up in Arizona, changing the landscape forever. Unibet Arizona is already gobbling up fans faster than anyone could have expected. A big part of that is their great odds, fantastic lines, and some of the best bonuses in the market. We’ll start by presenting you the current Unibet Arizona promo code in July 2024 down below.

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Unibet AZ bonus July 2024

Unibet Unibet Sportsbook Arizona promo code Unibet Sportsbook $100 Second Chance Bet
  • Refer-A-Friend & get $50 each
  • Infinite parlay boosts
Bet now Unibet promo code AZ

Review of Unibet AZ


Throughout this detailed review, we are really going to run down everything that makes Unibet AZ so special.

We are talking about breaking down all of the different Unibet promos offers available, touching on the mobile betting platform they provide all of their users before digging into the different features and benefits that make this platform so special.

After that we go over things like:

  • The kinds of bets and wagers you can place on Unibet Arizona
  • The kinds of betting markets you can get into through this platform
  • The banking options available here

Bonuses at Unibet Arizona


Like a lot of other popular sportsbook options in Arizona, Unibet offers plenty of bonuses and promos to take advantage of.

Some of these bonuses and promos are little more lucrative than others, though. Here are the Unibet bonus offers you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled for!

Welcome bet

Recognized by pretty much everybody as the most generous of all the different bonuses available from Unibet, the Unibet sign-up bonus is one you’ll want to cash in on for sure.

This is the initial bonus you’ll get the first time that you deposit money into your account. It is always a little different for each new player, but generally, you can expect to get double your deposit up to $500 – and sometimes even higher than that.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity. If you don’t cash in big on your first deposit you don’t get another shot at it.

Promo offers from Unibet AZ

There are other promos from Unibet, including Second Chance bet offers and deals, special seasonal wagers, and a bunch of other unique offers.

Second Chance bets are added to two different wagers depending on various “triggers.” Some Second Chance bets need players to meet certain odds and certain wager criteria, others are tied to certain sports, and others will still pop up occasionally at random.

These are definitely the kinds of wagers you’ll want to jump on, too. They eliminate your risk entirely and give you a free crack at a decent chunk of change.

Unibet AZ rewards

As far as the rewards go, Unibet does not (yet) have an established VIP program.

This might be something that they put together later down the line, though. It’s something that’s been discussed online in a lot of Unibet sportsbook AZ reviews before. It’s just not something that’s come to fruition quite yet.

As the Arizona online sportsbook competition heats up, though, we are likely going to see a lot more offers like this available from sportsbooks like Unibet.

Don’t be surprised if a VIP offer is available in the near future!

Review of the Unibet AZ mobile app


Now let’s talk a little bit about the Unibet app and mobile betting experience.

Other sportsbooks offer dedicated mobile apps with full mobile control of the sportsbook, but few of them do quite as good of a job as the folks at Unibet do.

The whole betting experience really feels like it has been built from the ground up for mobile usage first. You’re going to have access to all the betting lines, all the odds, and all the betting markets that the traditional Unibet online browser experience offers, too.

Customer service is really easy to reach through the mobile platform. There is dedicated buttons to reach out to people ASAP to get answers, rather than having to fool around with a phone or an email service.

At the end of the day, the mobile experience is pretty premium across the board. It’s what you would expect from a top-notch sportsbook like this one.

Unibet AZ features and benefits


The Unibet sportsbook AZ platform offers a bunch of really cool features and benefits, the kinds of features and benefits that driving bettors in the state to jump on board at an almost breakneck pace.

We are talking about things like:

  • Some of the best live betting in Arizona
  • Great lines, great odds, and a ton of different betting markets to jump into
  • Some of the best “inside information” from top-tier sports bettors and professionals
  • Mobile betting built from the ground up that is clean, fast, and polished
  • A fantastic digital betting slip that makes breaking down your wagers almost effortless

It’s very difficult to come away from the Unibet sportsbook AZ platform feeling like this is anything more than a top-notch, really premium experience from start to finish.

Unibet Arizona betting markets


If you are serious about making as much money as possible on your Unibet betting action, it’s important that you have access to just as many adding markets as possible.

There are a ton of options out there from Unibet, and not just US markets, either.

No, you are going to have (almost) unlimited access to sports betting markets in the US, Europe, and around the rest of the world as well.

We are talking about betting markets that include:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • College football
  • College basketball
  • Soccer (US, European, and international)
  • UFC and MMA as well as boxing
  • Tennis and golf
  • Cricket and darts
  • Handball and rugby
  • Snooker and pool
  • All kinds of motorsports
  • Football

… And more markets, including new markets that are regularly being added to the Unibet sportsbook in Arizona all the time.

When you get right down to it, you are going to have more opportunities to bet on games and tournaments around the world when you create a Unibet Arizona account than maybe anywhere else.

That’s a game-changer for serious sports bettors!

Betting options – Unibet AZ


As far as betting options from the folks at Unibet sportsbook AZ are concerned, all of the “classic” options you’re looking for are included here.

We are talking about betting the moneyline, the point spread, and the over/under. These are staples of sportsbooks in the US and throughout the rest of the world, and they feature prominently here on this Arizona sportsbook.

If you want to bet on the hometown Arizona Cardinals, the Phoenix Suns, or the Arizona Diamondbacks – or put a little money down on the Coyotes in the NHL or any of the college teams in AZ – this is the place to get in on the action.

Of course, you’ll also be able to put together different parlays, bet on almost every prop imaginable (including some not available on any other bookie), and even get into live betting and futures betting pretty effortlessly, too.

That’s all really tough to beat!

Unibet Arizona banking options


Getting money into and out of your sports betting account is always important. Safety and security need to be priority number one, but convenience also has to be a real focus as well.

Here are some of the great Unibet betting banking options available right now.


You’ll be able to deposit your money (almost) instantly using:

  • All major debit and credit cards
  • A prepaid Unibet card from Play +
  • Your bank account (a checking account)
  • PayPal
  • And through any eCheck/ACH banking transfer service


Withdrawals are really easy to initiate as well.

You’ll be able to use almost all of the same services, with the main exception being using major debit and credit cards to get your money out of your account.

Your bank account (through ACH transfers or eCheck services) will work fine. PayPal works great as well. And of course the fastest method is using that Unibet prepaid card from Play +.

Customer service


Reaching Unibet customer service isn’t going to be a challenge, either.

You can contact them directly (between 8 AM and 11 PM, local time) every single day of the week just by dialing 1-855-655-6301. You’ll get someone that can actually help you with any of your customer service needs, too.

You won’t have to worry about getting bounced around from one department to the next.

Unibet Arizona FAQ

Is sports gambling legal in the state of AZ?

Sports gambling including online sports betting in Arizona is 100% legal. You can create a Unibet Arizona account with no concern at all.

Are the odds on Unibet Arizona the same as other sportsbooks in AZ?

The odds on the Unibet sportsbook AZ platform are always going to be a little different than anywhere else. These odds are very competitive, though, so don’t expect them to be too wildly different.

How quickly will I be able to take money out of my Unibet AZ account?

Getting your money out of your Unibet Arizona account shouldn’t take very long at all, regardless of the method you choose. The fastest method, though, is to use the Play + prepaid card directly from the folks at Unibet. Bank account (ACH) withdrawals work, too.

Are my winnings from Unibet taxable?

It’s possible that your winnings from your Unibet sports betting activities are going to be taxable. This is something that you are going to want to speak to a tax professional about, though.

Can I combine multiple bonuses and promos together on Unibet AZ?

Some of the Unibet bonus offers are going to be able to be stacked with other deals and other promos. Some of them might not be stackable. It all really depends on the kind of bonus you’re looking at.

Is there a promo code for Unibet Arizona?

Yes, there is a promo code for Unibet Arizona! You will find it on our list.

How many times can I use a promo code?

You can use a promo code one time per person.

What is the promo code for Unibet Arizona?

The Unibet Arizona promo code is AZSPORTSB.