Snooker Betting in Arizona

Let’s take a look at the current rules and terms of snooker betting. We also discuss the different types of snooker bets you can place, leagues and tournaments to look out for, and the best sportsbooks for snooker in Arizona.

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An overview of snooker betting in Arizona


Snooker provides betting opportunities in Arizona throughout the year. The rules of the sport have evolved since its start in the latter 1800s, and understanding the basics is important to pin down the different ways you can bet on snooker.

Finding the types of bets you place is important, but you also need to determine which events you intend to bet on as well as develop foolproof strategies for determining these wagers.

Choose the right AZ online sportsbook for your situation to ensure a rich betting experience. Our recommendations are all licensed and ready to go for snooker betting in Arizona.

Rules of snooker for betting in Arizona

Snooker is built off of other billiards variations, including pyramid and black pool. The game is played by using a white cue to pot the balls, starting with the red balls and followed by the leftover colored balls in this order:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Black

Each ball is worth a certain number of points, and the player with the most points wins the frame. These matches are played over a set number of frames, ranging anywhere from 5 up to 35. Games can take many hours to finish, and some have even lasted days.

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Snooker terms to bet familiar with for AZ betting

Snooker has plenty of unique terms that apply to the sport, but not every term is related to the bets that you place. Understanding these basic terms will make it easier to navigate snooker bets.


A handicap in snooker refers to the number of frames that a player will win by. When placing bets you can give a player a handicap of one or two frames to manipulate the odds and create a winnable bet with more value.


That being said, a new frame occurs every time the balls are aligned and players break them. Snooker matches involve multiple frames, and it is not unusual for players to continue the match until one of them wins a total of 5 frames.


The term “break” refers to the number of points that a player scores during the frame. This is the culmination of the balls that a player pockets, and if a player manages to get all of them in order without losing their term the break is a “perfect” 147.

Types of snooker bets to place at Arizona sportsbooks


When betting on snooker in Arizona you will see plenty of variations on generic sports bets, including moneylines, spreads, totals, props, and futures.

You can combine some of these to create parlays that payout more, or you can try to sharpen your skills to respond well in a live-betting setting. Any way that you decide to participate in snooker betting in Arizona will likely involve these popular types of bets.

Outright snooker bets AZ

Outright bets in snooker refer to which player will win the entire tournament. These can be risky to place early on because there are plenty of variables that have not yet played out, but they are valuable wagers.

To win a match snooker bet Arizona

Betting on a player to win a match is the most popular bet you can place, and it applies to situations where two players are put head to head. Choose the one you believe will win from the two.

Frame winner AZ snooker betting

Frame winner bets are a popular live option. You choose who you believe will win the next frame, and once that is completed you can wager on the one that follows. Players do not need to win the match for you to win this bet.

Total frames in Arizona snooker betting

Betting on total frames involves a decision on whether the total number of frames played will be more or less than what is laid out by the oddsmaker. These may also be referred to as over/under or O/U bets.

Correct score bet AZ snooker wagers

Predicting the final score, as measured in frames, is difficult, but winning this can be one of the most lucrative snooker bets you place. This requires a good combination of luck and skill to win.

Total centuries as an Arizona snooker bet

Trying to predict the number of centuries (breaks of 100 in a single table visit) is another over/under opportunity when snooker betting. You can try to find the correct number, or find a preset over/under line.

Highest break bet snooker betting AZ

The highest break is a popular prop bet in which you decide which player you believe will have the highest break in this match. Even if they do not win, scoring the highest break overall will win this for you.

147 in the match for snooker betting in Arizona

The perfect break in snooker is difficult to achieve, but if you can bet on a player to successfully score 147 then your snooker betting luck is rich.

Leagues and tournaments for snooker betting in Arizona

Since the end of the first World War, snooker has expanded with leagues and tournaments across the globe. Most of these events take place in Europe, but that does not stop Arizona sportsbooks from putting up markets on the most popular ones.

World Snooker Championship betting AZ

The World Snooker Championship runs from April to May and takes place in Sheffield, England. This is the highest-ranked snooker event worldwide, and millions are paid out every year to the top players. 

Snooker bettors in Arizona would do well to get in on the action as there are plenty of top players with backgrounds that can be easily researched.

UK Championship and snooker betting in Arizona

The UK Championship is the most prestigious United Kingdom-based snooker event to bet on, and it has run every year since 1977. This event makes up one-third of the snooker Triple Crown alongside the World Snooker Championship and the Master’s invitational tournament.

The UK Championship is usually held in Barbican Center, York.

Scottish Open and AZ snooker betting

The Scottish Open is an international event that ranks participants. Other names ist has gone by include:

  • International Open
  • Matchroom Trophy
  • Players Championship

The tournament took a break from 1990-1992, stayed a ranking event until 2004, and was added to the Players Tour Championship in 2012. It was only added to the main snooker tour in 2016 but had previously been a part of the Players Tour Championship

European Masters and snooker betting AZ

The European Masters is not an annual event, but when it is underway you will find plenty of action on it. This ranking event takes place in many places around Europe, recently including Romania, Belgium, and Fürth. 

Snooker betting strategies


While your strategies will evolve as you gain experience, we recommend starting with basics to create a firm foundation. Snooker betting is done best when you:

  • Find a way to bet on big tournaments
  • Keep your bankroll in check
  • Use promotions to your advantage
  • Hedge bets as needed
  • Handicap those favored to win

There are plenty of other basic strategies to employ, but these create a smooth setting for snooker betting in Arizona.

Bet on big tournaments

The bigger tournaments are where you will find the best players with the most public history. These tend to be close matches with plenty of action, so there is much to bet on besides match-winners.

These are your best opportunities for making informed decisions and having plenty of opportunities to spread your wagers across.

Keep bankroll in check

Betting on snooker matches can stretch out over many hours and even days, so learning how to manage your bankroll is essential to bet on an event in full. You can stick to pre-match bets, but getting in on the action is the best way to get big payouts with snooker.

Use promotions

Sportsbooks run bonuses and promotions regularly. Use these to pad your bankroll when snooker betting in Arizona (if you can). When finding a sportsbook for snooker betting try to find ones that have a history of running promos on snooker events. These will give you better value for certain events.

Hedge bets as needed

Also known as arbitrage betting, hedging your bets is an easy way to guarantee a small profit when snooker betting in Arizona. While only one player can win the bet, if you bet on both sides you are guaranteed a win. If you can figure out how to do this properly then you should come out on top every time.

Handicap your favorites

If you believe a player is guaranteed a win then consider assigning them a handicap when you wager. By handicapping the player you make your bet a bit more difficult to win, but you increase the potential payout.

Other sports to bet on in the state:

Best snooker betting AZ

  • FanDuel

New bettor bonus: $500 deposit match (20 percent of deposit)

FanDuel AZ does not offer a sport without covering it thoroughly. With snooker, you find plenty of head-to-head markets, including those in events like:

  • The English Open Qualifiers
  • The Northern Ireland Open
  • The Scottish Open
  • DraftKings

New bettor bonus: $1000 deposit match (20 percent of deposit); $50 free bet

DraftKings AZ has a boastable live betting format, and it is a great choice for in-play snooker betting. While you can put futures on tournaments like the World Championship, DraftKings also zeroes in on matchups like Fraser Patrick vs. Shaun Murphy or Judd Trump vs. Steven Hallworth.

  • BetMGM

New bettor bonus: $1,000 risk-free bet

At BetMGM AZ you have plenty “who will win” bets, and you can put futures on:

  • The Champion of Championships
  • The UK Championship
  • The Masters
  • The World Championship.

New bettor bonus: $5,000 risk-free bet

Caesars Sportsbook is so much more than its lofty welcome bonus. Here you can benefit from fantastic odds on live bets. The sportsbook also absorbed William Hill’s presence in the United States, so expect great lines on foreign opportunities like the World Championship.

FAQs Snooker odds Arizona

What is the difference between betting on larger snooker tournaments vs. smaller ones?

Larger snooker tournaments like the Triple Crown events tend to focus on the best players, so you have less variation in odds and may find more value in prop bets. Smaller tournaments might feature up-and-coming players, so moneyline bets will vary more but you have less to work with.

How does tournament schedule factor into snooker betting AZ?

Players with a packed schedule can burn out more easily than those with breaks, but too many breaks or longer breaks can interfere with performance. Keep in mind how players respond to these conditions.

Can you handicap the underdog with snooker betting Arizona?

You can handicap the underdog. These would affect the bet by making it more attainable but reducing the amount you potentially win.

Should I bet on underdog-rich tournaments?

Tournaments with more underdogs tend to be smaller, and they can have more interesting lines. Betting on these tournaments may not make up your entire schedule, but the opportunities here should not be ignored. They can be a great reprieve from the headlocks that happen in popular tournaments.

Is snooker betting in Arizona a better match for in-play betting?

Because of the length of the matches, snooker is a perfect candidate for in-play betting. These opportunities require even more research and on-the-ball thinking, but you can find your greatest wins in the action.