Golf Betting Arizona

On this page, we look at ways that you can start golf betting in Arizona, as well as tips to create a solid foundation. We will also look at some of the most popular golf leagues and events for betting and the top 5 golf operators in Arizona for golf.

Golf betting odds in AZ

Golf betting odds in Arizona is a great way to bolster your schedule year-round, but you need to have a good knowledge base when you start. Start with simple tips and understand the primary golf betting lines you can wager on. From here, building strategies and routines happen naturally.

Golf value

These are essential for winning your bets when wagering on significant golf events, but your bets are only as valuable as the platform you place them at. So choosing one that meets your needs and offers plenty of betting varieties is a must.

Golf betting sites

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Tips to get you started golf betting in Arizona


Getting started with golf betting can be intimidating, even if you are already familiar with the sport. However, these basic tips will help you understand what is essential.

Choose the right Arizona golf sportsbook

Choosing the right golf sportsbook is essential for effective golf betting. You need one that has plenty of golf bet offerings and prices its odds competitively. Beyond this, a golf sportsbook should also meet basic needs like security and usability, and it needs to offer banking options that you are comfortable with.

Make sure you thoroughly research any operator and its golf betting lines before you commit to using it, and always be open to shopping around for valuable lines.

Start off with simple golf bets in Arizona

By starting with simple bets, you can prevent burnout and give yourself a better opportunity to grow. These wagers may not pay much, but they keep you motivated and give you that small rush of joy when you do win.

Give yourself the time that you need to develop your betting strategies and intuition.

Pay attention to the course

Players perform differently on all types of courses, and you need to understand how a player’s strength matches up with different courts.

Each course varies depending on:

  • Grass-type
  • Width of the course
  • Hole length
  • Hole shapes
  • Water hazards
  • Bunkering

You can extend this to paying attention to weather conditions when betting on golf. Some players are not bothered by wind, and they adjust easily. However, the slightest breeze can completely throw others off.

Not only do you need to know how vital these conditions are, but you need to know how they physically affect the putting, including which direction they are traveling in.

Avoid betting on the underdog

There can be exceptions to this, but unless you have a valid reason to bet on an underdog there is a good chance it will not pay off.

Even if they have talent, new players rarely start with major success. So if you are looking at a player that you know nothing about and cannot find information on, then you are better off ignoring that line or betting against them (if the evidence supports it).

Betting on the underdog when you have good reason to can certainly pay off, but the chances of a fresh face winning their first tournament are almost non-existent.

Bet earlier rather than later for your AZ golf bets

This mainly applies to future bets, but you want to get in with your bets as soon as possible. Because there are such strong players in golf, betting before the golf sportsbook curbs the odds to encourage betting on the underdog is essential to placing valuable winning bets.

If you wait until the last moment, there is a good chance that the bet will not be worth nearly as much, and you might feel more obligation to bet on the long shot.

Know when to hedge in AZ golf betting

Hedging bets can be useful in certain situations, but those are rare in golf betting. There are too many players to bet on for it to be useful in most cases, and betting on the entire field can cost just as much (if not more) than you would win.

The only situations where hedging your golf bets is valuable would be in smaller scenarios, such as pairings or props that cut the pool down to four players or fewer.

Golf betting odds in Arizona


Like any sport, golf involves a variety of betting lines to choose from. Learning what each of these lines applies to will help you develop strategies for handicapping and choosing your bets at different sports markets in AZ.

How to read golf betting odds

The odds set by a golf sportsbook convey the amount you need to wager and the amount that you can win. If it is presented as a positive number, you know that this line is an underdog, and the number that follows is the amount you can win by betting $100.

For example, if a player has odds at +800, then you can win $800 with a $100 wager.

If the odds are unfavorable, then this player or line is favored to win. This means that you stand a better chance of winning the bet, but you would need to wager the following number to get a payout of $100. In this case, if the odds were flipped to -800, then you would need to bet $800 to win $100.

These operate on a ratio, so you do not need to work in increments of $100. So, for example, you can bet $10 on +800 odds and still win $80. This is the most common way to see odds in Arizona, but some of them also provide fractional odds and decimal odds.

Tournament winner golf bets AZ

Tournament winner bets are most similar to moneylines in which you bet on who will come out on top. Depending on the tournament you are betting on and who is playing, these can be easy to determine.

Tournament winner bets get more difficult if you have an event full of up-and-coming players with little reputation to consider or heavy matchups between major players.

These are straightforward bets because you only need to determine one thing, and understanding your potential winnings is easy.

Top “x” finishers for AZ golf bets

If you are not sure who will win the tournament but have a decent idea of which players are strong, you can opt for a top “x” finishers bet.

These come in many varieties, including:

  • Top 3
  • Top 5
  • Top 10

You lose value as your winning margin increases, so try to keep it as narrow as you can. Putting a player in the top 3 will pay more than putting them in the top 5.

Head to head golf betting in Arizona

Head to head golf bets take advantage of how players are paired when they tee off. These two players go through the 18 holes together, and a golf sportsbook will put odds on them similar to a moneyline.

In these bets, the player does not need to win the tournament to win the bet. As long as they do better than who they are paired with, you can win your bet.

Prop golf betting in Arizona

Prop bets on golf are anything that can happen during the tournament that does not directly influence who wins the contest. Some props may not even have anything to do with the game itself, such as the nationality of the winner.

Some prop bets are very popular, and you will see them often enough that you need to become familiar with the logistics of the bet and specialized strategies.

Against the field golf bets in Arizona

Betting against the field is an exciting golf prop that involves choosing between whether the favorite will win or any other player in the tournament.

If you bet on the favorite, you win the wager if they come out on top in the tournament.

If you bet on “the field, ” you win the bet if anyone other than the favorite wins the tournament.

Futures on golf in Arizona

Future bets for golf can take place months in advance. The most common future bets you see will apply to tournaments like The Open Championship, but these can also apply to end-of-the-year stats leaders or other betting opportunities you can place beforehand.

Future bets pay better the further out you place them. The less you know about the results the harder it is to predict them, but the more you stand to win.

Live golf betting in Arizona

When you work with live or in-play betting for golf, you can take advantage of constantly updating odds. These are a great opportunity if you plan to keep a close eye on the whole tournament, but if you do not have the time to dedicate, then live betting may not be for you.

Live bets can be pretty lucrative, especially if you time your wagers perfectly.

Popular golf betting options in Arizona

The Professional Golfers’ Association has the most betting opportunities for the sport, including the 4 Grand Slam tournaments:

  • The Masters – in April at Augusta National
  • The U.S. Open – in June at various locations
  • The Open Championship – in July in various Great Britain locations
  • The Championship – in August in different locations

Beyond these four larger opportunities, bettors also focus on other tours across the globe, including women’s golf, the Senior Tour, the European Tour, the Japan Golf Tour, the Australia, and the Sunshine Tour.

Best Golf betting sites in Arizona


While it is a good idea to start with one site in most cases, golf betting relies heavily on futures and in-play betting, especially for major tours. Having a variety of safe and reputable Arizona online sports betting sites to utilize can let you bet on the odds that work best for your choice.

Golf sportsbooks

Golf sportsbooks licensed in Arizona are great choices when starting. They have built-in credibility and security, and you are sure to find valuable odds at any one of these sites.

BetMGM golf betting

BetMGM has plenty of future opportunities for golf, including tournament winners for all major tournaments in the scheduled future. You can even request other bet types as you see fit for golf betting in Arizona.

They offer new bettors on the site a $1,000 risk-free bet.

FanDuel golf betting online

FanDuel has a heavy focus on the tour, but this is nothing new to golf betting. The Majors are separated in their own tab for easy navigation, and the entire site is just as intuitive.

New bettors can take advantage of a $500 deposit match at a rate of 20 percent.

Caesars Sportsbook golf betting

Caesars Sportsbook is notorious for its live betting format and overseas offering, and the name is bound to bring around its reputation.

If you choose to get started with them, you can bet up to $5,000 risk-free on your first bet.

DraftKings online golf betting

DraftKings covers many golf betting events in Arizona, from the Presidents Cup to the U.S. events and everything surrounding. In addition, the operator has valuable statistics hubs to take advantage of, as well as a $1,000 deposit match at a 20 percent rate.

Unibet online golf betting

Unibet caters to those who prefer international betting formats and odds, and you can easily swap to decimal or fractional formats. In addition, the platform is easy to navigate, so sorting by events or tours is simple.

New customers are given a $500 risk-free bet.

FAQs Golf betting odds Arizona

What bets are easiest for new AZ golf bettors to win?

Betting on the top finishers in a tournament is an easy wager because you do not need to determine who will win the whole event. Instead, picking a solid player should be enough for you to win. The Moneyline on the tournament winner is not as easy, but if you have a major player that stands out, it can pay off.

When is golf betting season in Arizona?

Because you have opportunities to bet on golf year-round, there is no set season for golf betting. However, pay attention to which countries have agreeable climates at which time of year and you will understand when betting options come out of these areas.

Does weather affect golf betting in Arizona?

Because golf is played outside, the weather can definitely make a difference. Details like wind speed, rain, and glaring sun exposure can cripple even the best players if they are not used to playing in those conditions. But, of course, this applies to playing at different times of day as well.

How do I stay focused when golf betting in Arizona?

Understand the league you want to bet on and the best players you follow. While plenty is going on in a golf tournament, you do not need to bet on every detail. Choosing a few players to research prevents you from spreading yourself too thin.

Do golf bets lean on popular players?

If you are in a position where you are betting on a tournament winner or a matchup between a major player and another, it can be easy to determine the outcome. The provider also knows this, and bets will not be as valuable. However, you can find plenty of valuable lines that are also easy to handicap; these may pay off better.