Futures Betting Arizona

Betting on sports is one of the most exciting and newer forms of gambling legalized in the United States. Since online sports betting has become legal, sportsbooks are racing to get the best US-based sites up and running for a great user experience. One of the most popular forms of wagering now offered is futures betting Arizona.

Betting on Futures in Arizona

Being able to place bets on sports games is great. Being able to place your bet on a game that isn’t scheduled to be played for weeks or even months, even better. Many people like the option of locking in a bet on a big season event like the Super Bowl. So having the option of futures bets is a massive incentive for bettors to jump onto specific sites.

If you are looking for a great site to place the best futures bets online, this article will provide you with the names of a few great options. We will also explain what exactly futures bets are and where you are most likely to benefit from playing them.

All Future betting sites in AZ 2024

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Top sportsbooks for Futures betting in Arizona

Here are some of the best Arizona sportsbooks we have found for futures betting and all your other online betting needs.


Barstool sportsbook is a well-known site that offers tons of sports information, tips, and tools to provide bettors with all the information they need to make an educated bet. The site is user-friendly, and the sports market is enormous.


Caesars sportsbook offers a unique and well-designed betting interface and mobile app. In addition, they offer customers plenty of promotions and bonuses frequently, and they provide a fantastic loyalty program as well.


The BetMGM sports betting site offers an excellent betting platform with a well-designed interface and easy-to-use tabs and features. In addition, they provide fantastic customer service and a great variety of banking options.

Draftkings Futures

Draftkings sportsbook betting is easy to use and offers excellent futures bets and live betting options. In addition, the site is safe and secure, guaranteeing your personal information will never get into the wrong hands.

Fanduel Futures

The Fanduel sports betting site offers a great variety of sports and wager options updated frequently throughout the day. In addition, they have a wonderful interface that is easy on the eyes and not overcrowded with unnecessary information or ads.

WynnBET Futures betting

WynnBET sportsbook is known for its great customer service and easy-to-navigate website. The betting platform makes placing wagers painless, and they provide plenty of banking options for quick deposits and withdrawals.

Unibet Futures

The Unibet sportsbook provides users with a well-crafted and easy-to-use interface. In addition, they have a large sports market and offer customers an array of promotions and bonuses for daily use on already fair odds.

Futures betting Arizona explained

Futures betting is when you place a wager on an event that isn’t set to take place for weeks or even months. The most popular types of futures bets that you will often see on many Arizona sports betting sites are end-of-the-season finals and tournaments.

Types of Futures Betting AZ

Moneylines are the most prominent form of betting on futures bets. However, you may also frequently see a few others as well, inducing props, parlays, and over-under. These are all great ways to win some money on all of your favorite sporting events as long as you know how to play the game.

Moneyline futures betting AZ

Moneylines are the most popular form of futures betting. These are almost always seen based on American odds, and they are simply who will win types of betting.

In American odds style betting (which is the most common form), Moneylines are shown with a plus and minus to determine which team is the underdog and which is the favorite.

These signs also represent the odds for each team and how much you stand to win if the team you are betting on wins.

  • Buffalo Bills (underdog) +225
  • Arizona Cardinals (favorites) -150

In this prescheduled NFL futures bet. You will see that the Bills are currently the underdogs by a significant margin. This indicates that at this time, the Cardinals have shown they are a better performing team and show good potential for dominating the Bills on the field.

As the season moves on and this specific game gets closer, this line can move in any direction depending on both teams’ performances. If the Bills up their performance, their odds may start to close the gap in the margin.

Props futures betting AZ

Another popular way to utilize futures bets is with props. These are wagers you make that do not deal with the outcome of a game, rather things that may or may not happen during it.

These bets can sometimes be more luck-based than anything else; however, still fun to participate in.

A good example of a futures prop bet is how many games one team will win throughout the season.

Over/under futures Betting Arizona

Over/under futures bets are the simplest to wager on. Also known as totals, over/under betting is deciding whether the total number of points (or anything) the bookie predicts will end over or under that number.

[Knicks vs. Suns O63/U63 (-125)] In this example, the bookie has pre-determined NBA futures betting score for the Knicks vs. Suns will end in 63 points. Whether you are betting over or under, each side of the bet will have to wager $125 to win $100. If the score ends at 72 and you wagered under, you win.

What happens if the end total is 63 and the bookie’s prediction was right? In this case, both sides return the stakes, and no profits are allotted to anyone.

Events for Futures betting Arizona

Bookies will create futures bets for just about any event going on during the year. These types of wagers make it possible to bet in sports even if the season hasn’t started yet. This way, they can increase bettor participation and lock in some players before the season begins.

Here is a list of the most popular games for futures bet with some of the best futures betting odds.

MLB futures Arizona

  • American League Division Series
  • Wildcard game
  • World Series
  • Teams trades or contract renewals
  • Jackie Robinson Rookies of the Year
  • BBWAA Awards finalist

NBA futures AZ

  • NBA All-Star
  • NBAPlayoffs
  • NBA awards annual ceremony
  • NBA finals championship
  • Play-In Tournament

NHL futures in Arizona

  • Stanly cup semi-finals
  • Stanley Cup finals
  • NHL drafts
  • Hockey Hall of fame induction
  • NHL Winter Classics

NFL futures betting

  • NFL Playoffs
  • Super Bowl
  • The American Football World Championships
  • Army vs. Navy Football Game (not NFL but definitely worth mentioning)

In all sports futures betting, you can also wager on the more obvious such as:

  • Team MVP
  • Leadership Award
  • Best Offensive Player
  • Best Teammate Award
  • Most Improved Player
  • Best Defensive Player
  • Citizenship Award

You can also wager on who will be drafted, whose contracts will be renewed, whose contracts will not, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.

Events futures betting Arizona

Another up-and-coming way of futures betting is events or novelty betting. These are wagers you place on events that may not have anything to do with sports at all. However, some do, such as the Olympics or the World games.

Political futures in AZ

Political events are a favorite among sportsbooks and can include prop bets such as “Who will rule the White House in 2022, Republican or Democrats” to “Will Kate Middleton and Prince Harry have another baby by 2023?”.


Another top subject for placing a bet early in the season is television and entertainment areas. For example, you can find sports betting sites that will let you put money on which state will win Miss America or which celebrity will take home the Best Performance of the year at the Grammys.

You will also often see people placing bets on the Nobel prize winners.

Unique (to say the least) futures betting AZ

Other types of futures betting options may seem a little hard to believe, but trust us, they are out there. A few that you will find listed on many sports sites include:

  • Which celebrity will be the next to die?
  • Which celebrity couple will be the next to divorce?
  • Will aliens make contact with earth by 2022?
  • Who will be captured first, Lockness Monster or BigFoot?
  • How will the world end? (Although we are not sure how anyone will get their payout for this one.)

How are the odds determined in Futures betting Arizona?

Like other forms of betting, the sports betting odds in Arizona are determined by previous performances, player and team stats, and even through expert advice. Bookies take all these factors and more when they are starting to put together bets.

However, like mentioned above, these odds can change as the season is underway. In addition, there are a lot of other factors that can change the odds of a futures bet as the scheduled date gets closer.

Factors that can change Futures betting odds include:

  • Injured or ejected players
  • Weather conditions
  • Heavy sided bets
  • Team performance
  • Drafts and trades

Futures betting Arizona FAQ

How old do you have to be to legally wager on bets in AZ?

You must be 21 years of age or older to bet on any sportsbook in Arizona.

What is a futures bet?

A futures bet is a wager you place on an event that is scheduled for weeks or even months in advance.

Why do odds or lines change on futures bets?

The odds or lines will change on futures bets if player or team performances change, a player gets injured, the weather changes, etc.

What can you bet a future bet on?

You can participate in a futures bet on pretty much any sporting event scheduled throughout the year. But, of course, the most popular and profitable futures bets are on big sporting events like FIFA, the Super Bowl, or the Stanley Cup.