Over/under betting Arizona

Sports betting in AZ was legalized in early 2021 and officially went live that September, finally allowing residents of the state to begin wagering on their favorite sports teams and players. It also brought many new players to the game looking for a good place to start their sports gambling journey. And where is the best place to start? Over/under Arizona betting.

Over/under Arizona betting

Over/under betting Arizona (also known as totals) is one of the most straightforward bets to place when you are wagering on sporting events. These wagers are pretty unique and straightforward, making them ideal for bettors just starting out.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail what over/under betting in Arizona is, how to utilize it to win a decent payout and the sportsbooks available today that offer great Arizona over/under betting options. So, before you choose a sports betting site and start wagering, take a moment to go through this article for great advice, tips, and tools.

What is over/under betting in Arizona?

Unlike most traditional forms of betting, over-under bets do not require you to choose which team will win the game. Instead, you have to decide if the bookie’s determination of the total points to be scored in the game will be over or under the final results.

In simple terms, you are wagering on the total points of both teams combined rather than who scores the most.

These types of bets can be played in many areas of sports betting, with one of the most common being prop bets. You will frequently find over/under prop bets offered because they can be used in many different sports betting areas and not solely on the final score.

Some over-under examples of prop bets include:

  • How many times will the Arizona Cardinals hit home runs throughout the game? O4/U4
  • How long will the national anthem take to be sung at the beginning of the Super Bowl? O4min/U4min
  • How many times will Phoenix Rising FC get carded in the first half? O2/U2?
  • How many points will the Star basketball player make in the first 20 minutes of the game? O/15 U/15

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How to read Arizona over/under odds

In a regular Moneyline bet, you will see the betting odds in Arizona listed next to a plus or minus sign in order to determine the favorites team and the underdog. This also indicates how much the stakes will be for both sides of the wager.

If there is a plus sign in front of the odds (+155), your wager will require $100 down to win $155. If there is a minus sign in front of the odds (-155), then you will be required to wager that amount ($155) in order to win $100). All bets are factored around 100’s.

Phoenix Suns vs. NY KnicksO82-U82-155

In this example, the two basketball teams are predicted to score 82 points per bookie. Whether you bet over or under, you will need to wager $155, and if your bet wins, you will win $100. If your bet loses, you are out $155.

Phoenix Suns vs. NY KnicksOver 82-155
 Under 82+125

Now in this over-under example, the predictions stay the same; however, the odds are in favor of the game ending in over 82 points.

Anyone betting over here will need to wager $155 to win $100 if the game goes above 82 points.

If you are more inclined to believe the game won’t make it to 82 total points, you will put a $100 stake to win $125.

What if the game ends right on the predicted score?

In the rare case, a game ends with that predicted AZ over/under score, the sportsbook returns all wagers, and no one makes any money. When this happens, it is called a push.

Using the above example, if the Phoenix Suns and NY Knicks game ends with Knicks 42, Suns 40, the total is 82 points, and the bookie will return your stakes. Easy right?

The best sportsbook for over/under Arizona betting

When you are looking for the best sports betting site to use for over/under betting or any type of betting for that matter, you have to check for reliability, straightforward sites, and security.

Here is a list of Arizona sportsbooks ideal for over/under betting that is professional and reputable, making your experience a good one.

BetMGM over/under betting

What makes BetMGM a great over/under sports betting site?

  • Reliable and well-designed app
  • Great live betting options daily
  • Frequent promos and bonuses

Draftkings over/under betting

What makes Draftkings a good over/under betting site?

  • Quick, easy banking options
  • User-friendly mobile app and website
  • A wide variety of sports betting options

Fanduel over/unders

What makes Fanduel a great sports betting site for over/under betting?

  • Tons of deposit options
  • Competitive odds
  • Safe and secure site

Barstool Sportsbook over/unders

What makes Barstool sportsbook a great over/under sports betting operator?

  • Amazing legit bonuses and promotions and daily odds boost
  • A strong easy to use app
  • Fantastic ratings and reviews from happy customers and loyal bettors

Caesars sportsbook over/under betting

What makes Caesar’s sportsbook one o the best over/under sites?

  • Tried and trusted brand
  • A large variety of sports and bets
  • Frequent promotions and bonuses

WynnBET Sportsbook over/under

What makes WynnBET a good over/under sports betting site?

  • Wonderful customer service
  • More than fair odds
  • User-friendly interface

Unibet over/under

What makes Unibet Arizona a great over/under sports betting site?

  • Wide variety of sports options
  • Live streaming and live bets
  • User-friendly app

How do bookies determine over/under Arizona odds?

A lot of factors go into determining the odds for over/under bets. The bookies do not just pull a number out of a hat and throw it into a bet. Instead, they look at statistics, player performance, the weather for the day, etc.

If you have a baseball team playing in snow and sleet, chances are good runs won’t be coming in as much as they would on a warm, dry, sunny day, so the totals listed will be lower than normal.

In a soccer game, where the starting striker is injured on one team and the defense is strong on the other, the score total will be low for that game as well.

On the other hand, if you have a top-tier basketball team playing against a bottom-tier team, the totals may be higher than a regular game. Can you see the pattern?

Over/under Arizona betting strategies

As with most other types of Arizona sports betting, there are some great strategies out there that will increase your odds of winning at over-under bets.

Here are a few great tips to help you get ahead of the crowd when betting over/under wagers.

Watch the stats

Frequently check the stats on teams and players for the games you want to bet on. Having a good idea of previous performance will help you make a good educated guess on upcoming games.

Keep an eye on the forecast

As previously mentioned, a change in the weather can significantly affect the final score of any outdoor sporting event.

Defense is key

People oftentimes will make decisions based on how good the offense on both sides is and how many points they tend to score in any given game. However, defense is just as important, if not more so. A top scorer isn’t going to get as many points when matched against a strong defense.

Over/under betting Arizona FAQ

What is over/under AZ betting?

Over-under betting is when a sportsbook determines the total points they believe a game will end in, and the bettor has to decide if they believe the game will end over or under that prediction.

How are the odds determined for over/under AZ bets?

Many factors are considered when determining the odds for over-under bets. Some of these factors include injured players, weather changes, and defense offense matchups.

Who can legally wager on over/under Arizona bets?

The legal betting age in Arizona is 21 years or older. To bet in Arizona, you must be a current legal resident. You will be required to show proof of your age on residence before participating in online sports betting.

Why are there plus and minus signs in front of the odds?

The plus and minus signs let players know how much they will have to wager and the amount of money they will win in a game. For example, plus signs indicate a wager of $100, and a minus sign indicates a wager of the number that follows (the odds).

Where can you find promotions for over/under Arizona bets?

All reputable sports betting sites provide promotions and bonuses frequently. You can find these deals on each specific sportsbook page or through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In addition, you may often see advertisements with promo codes for certain betting sites as well.