PayPal betting Arizona

Millions of bettors are using PayPal to win and withdraw from their Arizona sportsbooks. This e-wallet hosts significant advantages over competing banking methods. Our guide will walk you through what PayPal Arizona is and how it can benefit you in the betting world.

Betting with PayPal in AZ

PayPal is a secured electronic wallet that allows for online payment transactions. As the most popular e-wallet on the market, PayPal is used not only across Arizona but across the world. Now, it is also a top banking method for online betting.

PayPal acts as an intermediary between your money’s source and a business. In the case of online betting, PayPal will move your money from your chosen method and into your sportsbook. Many betting sites accept PayPal as a withdrawal method. Here we will discuss the top Arizona sportsbooks that offer PayPal as a banking method.

PayPal hosts a variety of features including top-notch security. This guide breaks down each of these aspects, leaving players with a condensed list of advantages and disadvantages.

If you decide to use PayPal as your Arizona sportsbook banking method, you’ll need to finish by reading our PayPal account creation section before our FAQs. By the end of our PayPal Arizona guide, you’ll be a PayPal pro ready to place your bets online.

PayPal betting sites in AZ 2024

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Top PayPal Sportsbooks AZ


PayPal is one of the most popular sportsbook banking methods in Arizona. From its instantaneous transactions to its top-tier security system, all major sportsbooks are listing PayPal as one of their financial options.

We’ve analyzed big-name sportsbooks to bring you our top list in Arizona. These PayPal betting sites are the most well-rounded in the Copper State.

BetMGM PayPal Betting

BetMGM has all the major betting markets you’ll need in Arizona. In addition, it offers PayPal as a deposit method on its site with instant transactions and no e-wallet fees.

DraftKings PayPal Online Betting site

DraftKings offers a wide menu for both their deposits and withdrawals and PayPal tops their list for both types of transactions. Seeing as how DraftKings offers more withdrawal banking methods than the competition, it’s no surprise they made our top AZ sportsbooks list.

FanDuel PayPal Bets

FanDuel offers continuous promos, bonuses, and special betting options for their user. You’ll want to deposit money into your account when an opportunity arises easily. Luckily, they offer PayPal depositing which lets you fund your account in minutes.

PayPal features in Arizona


PayPal is full of features that raise it above competing e-wallets. It’s the most widely used online payment service across Arizona, even offering alternative financial services like high-yield savings account or PayPal Cash card. With the PayPal app, you can access your funds for deposits and withdrawals just as fast as you access your sportsbook.

Pay from anywhere

PayPal allows users to access their money from tablets, phones, and computers.

Sportsbooks that work with PayPal will automatically redirect you to the PayPal log-in page to verify your account details. Once there, you’ll be able to permit the transaction with a few clicks of a button and finalize your purchase or withdrawal from the sportsbook account.

High-yield savings account

PayPal’s newest feature is its high-yield savings account. So instead of withdrawing your sportsbook winnings for spending purposes, bettors have a smart alternative within this savings account.

The PayPal savings account has no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. But, more importantly, PayPal will pay you 0.40% APY interest on the money you save – that is six times more than the average U.S. bank pays to their account holders.

Put your winnings into this account and reinvest them into your sportsbook when you’re ready. Meanwhile, let your winnings earn you more money.

PayPal app

The PayPal app includes a personalized dashboard according to your account. Your wallet tab makes it easy to both send and receive payments through PayPal in minutes.

The PayPal app also includes shopping tools, early access Direct Deposit, and loyalty rewards tracking for certain commerce sites.

Bill pay

PayPal’s bill pay option allows users to make both single and recurring payments to select companies. This feature lets bettors set up payments in a one-and-done way, making sure they never miss a payment.

Creating your AZ PayPal account

Setting up your PayPal account can be done during a long TV commercial. Always make sure your information is up to date to avoid any holds on your account. You’ll need the following information.

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Connected account (bank, credit/debit)
  • Proof of ID may be requested

PayPal Cash card

The PayPal Cash card is a relatively new feature that works like a debit card for your PayPal balance. You can use the money in your account to buy from or deposit into your online sportsbook, so long as Mastercard is accepted.

You can also use the PayPal Cash card to withdraw money from your PayPal balance through an ATM. There are no charges to use a MoneyPass ATM with your PayPal Cash card.

The PayPal Cash card also allows for more privacy; you can go to one of the thousands of locations to add money to your account if you prefer to pay in cash.

PayPal security in Arizona


PayPal offers 24/7 security to safeguard your information and prevent fraud. Sportsbooks flock to PayPal so that their bettors can deposit and withdraw from their Arizona sports betting accounts with confidence. Various security features help PayPal to be the best in the business.

Transaction monitoring

PayPal monitors every transaction to protect against phishing, fraud, and identity theft. In addition, all payments are protected by end-to-end encryption.

If PayPal notices suspicious activity, they act immediately and contact the account holder to resolve any discrepancies.


One of PayPal’s top goals is to protect your financial information during your online payment transactions. Therefore, your personal information is never shared with third parties or the seller unless disclosed otherwise.

All payments must be verified through your email and password, protecting every transaction individually.


If you want a refund or fund reversal for one of your transactions, PayPal will readily investigate the claim. Once they conclude that the transaction was unacceptable, your funds will be refunded to your PayPal account. PayPal will keep you informed every step of the way.

Deposits with PayPal AZ


To deposit into your Arizona sportsbook through PayPal, you’ll first need to set up your PayPal account accurately.

After creating an account, you will select a method of funding your PayPal account. One option is to have this money transferred directly into your PayPal and sit there. Another is to have an instantaneous transaction from your source, to PayPal, to your sportsbook when you need it.

PayPal accepts deposits from your bank account, a PayPal Cash Card, internal transfers from your friends’ or relatives’ PayPal accounts, or through your debit/credit card.

How to deposit with PayPal in AZ

Depositing into your Arizona sportsbook account is straightforward, especially if you use one of the abovementioned top sportsbooks. Once logged on to your sportsbook account, find the tab marked “payments/deposits”.

Next, you’ll be asked the source for your funds as well as the amount you’d like to deposit. Again, select PayPal as the source.

You will then be redirected to a sign-in page directed by PayPal. Enter your AZ PayPal account details and confirm the transaction. Follow any additional instructions on the screen.

Once completed, your money should be instantly deposited into your sportsbook account. Please note that it may take up to 2 business days to reflect this transaction on your source (ex. bank account, credit/debit card statement).

Withdrawals with PayPal AZ

While not as popular as PayPal deposits, withdrawing from your sportsbook through PayPal may be a possibility.

PayPal withdrawals are subject to more sportsbook restrictions. The first is that you must be using a personal PayPal account to receive your winnings. If your PayPal account is a business account, there are associated fees that the sportsbook may refuse.

Secondly, many sportsbooks require you to first deposit through PayPal before being able to withdrawal into PayPal. Again, this is a simple rule to encourage a positive economy within the sportsbook.

How to withdraw with PayPal in AZ


Just as you would with PayPal deposits, first log in to your sportsbook account and navigate to the “payments/withdrawals” page. Select the method of withdrawal and the amount, and then follow the PayPal prompts that follow.

Your PayPal funds should reflect your withdrawal within 3-5 business days, although this varies per sportsbook. Check with your sportsbook for details on the processing time for PayPal withdrawals.

PayPal AZ advantages

PayPal has maintained its post as the top e-wallet online through its long list of advantages. From its little to no fees to its accessibility for users, it’s no wonder PayPal is a top banking method across AZ sportsbooks.

No fees

When using a PayPal personal account, you will not be charged any fees for your payment transactions. This includes transfers to and from family or friends, paying a business, or depositing into your sportsbook.

PayPal does not charge maintenance fees, sign-up fees, or annual fees for its personal account holders.

Easy to use

PayPal’s interface is sleek and easy to use on both its mobile app and its computer layout. In addition, bettors and buyers alike have access to a simple home page and activity page that lets them monitor their transactions.

PayPal also offers a resolutions center, direct phone number, and online forum to answer any questions you may have while using its services. There is also a clear process for disputing any transactions through this page.

Widely accepted for AZ sportsbook deposits


PayPal is one of the most widely accepted deposit methods for Arizona sportsbooks. Its no-to-low fees, speed, and security make it available across top PayPal betting sites. Easily connect your funds with your sportsbook through PayPal in a few clicks.

PayPal AZ disadvantages

PayPal’s disadvantages include fees for business accounts and sportsbook requirements for use.

Business fees

If you’re using a personal account for your PayPal transactions, this disadvantage won’t affect you. If you have a PayPal business account, however, you may experience fees for depositing or withdrawing into your AZ sportsbook.

AZ Sportsbook requirements

Most AZ sportsbooks accepting PayPal for withdrawals will first require the bettor to deposit through PayPal. This is an easy stipulation to complete, as PayPal is an effective and quick deposit method.

Some AZ sportsbooks may also require your PayPal-associated email to be the same as the email you used to create your sportsbook account. This is done to add more security to the deposit/withdrawal transaction but may prove to be a hurdle if you use multiple email addresses.

PayPal AZ FAQs

Can I use PayPal to deposit and withdraw from my AZ sportsbook?

Yes, you can use PayPal to deposit and withdraw from certain AZ sportsbooks. Most major AZ sportsbooks accept PayPal as a deposit method. These deposits are instantaneous. Fewer sportsbooks accept PayPal as a withdrawal method. These withdrawals are reflected in 3-5 business days.

Why should I use PayPal for online betting in Arizona?

PayPal has many great features that make it a top banking method for AZ online betting. The PayPal app makes it easy to complete instant sportsbook deposits from anywhere. These transactions are secured with end-to-end encryption.

What features does PayPal AZ have?

Apart from its top security, PayPal AZ offers a bill pay feature, transaction monitoring, a high-yield savings account opportunity, and a PayPal Cash card option. The PayPal Cash card can also be used to access your PayPal balance and even add to your account through cash payments.

Is PayPal safe to use for Arizona sports betting?

Yes, PayPal sports betting is one of the safest methods for electronic payment transactions in Arizona. It is backed with end-to-end encryption and consistent monitoring to prevent fraud, phishing, and scams. If you need to dispute a charge on your account, PayPal also offers a chargeback investigation.

Which AZ sportsbooks accept PayPal?

As a top banking method for online betting, many AZ sportsbooks work with PayPal. DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel Arizona are our top sportsbook choices that accept PayPal for deposits in AZ. DraftKings sportsbook also accepts PayPal withdrawals.