Prop Betting Arizona

Prop betting has been around for quite some time in the Arizona sports betting arena. So, if you’re still not familiar with it, you’re missing out on a lot of fun (and potential winnings!). In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about prop betting at your preferred Arizona sportsbook.

Arizona prop betting in a nutshell

Prop betting at an Arizona sportsbook is a way to place a side bet on your preferred sporting event. The bet has nothing to do with the overall outcome of the game. Instead, it focuses on whether or not specific events take place during that game.

The top sportsbooks in Arizona take prop bets, and they’re an excellent way to make your betting experience much more exciting.

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Prop betting: what it is and how it works in Arizona

Firstly, let’s talk about what a prop bet is and how it works. A prop bet, originally known as a proposition bet, is a side wager you can place as part of your regular sports betting.

The bet itself is unrelated to the final outcome of the game. Instead, it focuses on whether or not something else occurs during the game.

So, rather than betting on whether your team wins or loses, a prop bet lets you wager on:

  • Yes/no occurrences: e.g. will there or won’t there be a penalty kick?
  • Team/player-based occurrences: e.g. which team or player scores first?
  • Frequency of a specific occurrence: e.g. how many strikeouts does a particular pitcher accumulate throughout the game?

As mentioned before, a prop bet is a side bet. That means it complements your main sports bets and gives you many creative ways to have more fun with the same sports event.

Still, you can enjoy this type of bet in two ways: fun or skilled prop betting.

Fun vs skilled prop betting

The difference between fun and skilled prop betting is pretty straightforward.

A fun prop bet is just as the name suggests: it’s purely for fun and requires no skill or analysis on your part. This type of bet is aimed at occurrences that you have no way of predicting, like whether or not your favorite player gets a red card during a soccer game, for instance.

On the other hand, a skilled prop bet is a side bet that you can predict through your understanding of the game.

Here’s the thing, though: Arizona sportsbooks aren’t going to label pop bets clearly as ‘fun’ or ‘skilled’ bets. So it’s not always clear if a prop bet is purely for fun or if you have a chance at predicting the outcomes.

Pros of prop betting at an Arizona sportsbook

Prop betting is popular among Arizona sports bettors for a long list of good reasons. Here are some of the benefits of adding prop betting to your experience:

No shortage of wagering options

Remember: prop betting is when you place a side bet that has nothing to do with the game’s overall outcome. That opens you up to a world of possibilities regarding wagering options.

As mentioned above, you can make yes/no bets on whether or not a team or player does something, and you can even bet on how often something specific takes place.

Bottom line? You’ll never get bored with prop betting.

Adds more fun to your sports betting experience

A large part of what makes sports betting in Arizona so exciting is the overall experience. Prop betting adds another dimension to that experience, but it also opens you up to a whole range of surprises. That’s an excellent way to enhance your love for sports betting and for the game itself.

Besides that, it also makes prop betting an excellent way for newbies to have fun as they learn more about sports betting.

Potential for big returns

Of course, you wouldn’t be betting on sports if there wasn’t the potential to win. So even though prop betting is a side wager in the grander scheme of things, you still have the potential to win big with it.

Cons of prop betting at an Arizona sportsbook

Naturally, prop betting has a few drawbacks to be aware of as well. Some of the top ones include the following:

Sportsbooks typically restrict prop betting stakes

Suppose you want to get into prop betting. Well, if that’s the case, then you’ll want to compare the top Arizona sportsbooks to find out which ones have the best betting stakes.

One of the possible downsides of this type of wagering is that the sportsbooks usually restrict prop betting stakes. So, always read the fine print and see which sports betting site can offer you the best terms.

Some of them are based solely on luck

This point is more of a double-edged sword. In the previous section, we mentioned how prop betting isn’t always about skill. Sometimes, it’s just about fun and nothing more.

Well, that can be viewed as a downside as well. You see, some prop bets are purely based on luck. That means no matter how hard your favorite team or player has prepared for the season or how hard you’ve analyzed everything, none of that has any influence on your prop bet.

Top Arizona sportsbooks offering prop betting

Now that we’ve explored the basics of prop betting and its pros and cons, let’s discuss where you can place such a wager. Thankfully, prop betting is widely available, especially at the top Arizona sportsbooks. So, a few of the best licensed and operational sportsbooks offering prop betting include:


Anyone who’s been sports betting for long enough in Arizona will be familiar with BetMGM. There are plenty of reasons players love this site, and they also provide some of the best prop betting Arizona has to offer.


Next up, we have Draftkings. They’ve been around for almost a decade now, offering plenty of exciting ways to bet on your favorite sports. So naturally, prop betting is one of the options they offer.


Fanduel is another Arizona favorite, having earned a reputation as the go-to option for many local sports bettors. You’ll never run out of fun ways to play here, mainly since their offering includes prop betting of all kinds.

Barstool sportsbook

Undoubtedly, the Barstool sportsbook should be on the list of any respectable Arizona’s sports bettor’s places to bet. So why are we mentioning them? Well, you’ve probably guessed it. They offer some pretty exciting terms for prop bets.

Caesars sportsbook

Last but not least, if you’re looking for an excellent place to enjoy prop betting, be sure to check out Caesars sportsbook. They’re one of Arizona’s top sports betting sites for all types of wagers, including prop betting.

How to place a prop bet

Typically, you can place a prop bet alongside your regular wagers at your preferred Arizona sportsbook. The layout of the websites are different depending on the sportsbook, but look out for buttons along the lines of “Other Bets” or “More Bets”.

Clicking on them will lead you to your prop betting options. If you can’t find the link, be sure to refer to the sports betting site’s FAQs or guides.

How Arizona sportsbooks payout for prop bets

Arizona sportsbooks will pay your winnings the same way as any other kind of bet you win. That means they’ll deposit it directly into your betting account, typically once the game is over.

FAQs about prop betting in Arizona

How do prop bets work?

Proposition bets, or ‘prop bets’, are an exciting way for you to place a side wager at an Arizona sportsbook. The bet is not based on the game’s outcome but on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a specific event during that game.

Are prop bets profitable?

Prop bets can be profitable just like any other wager you’d place at a sportsbook. However, some sportsbooks might place a limit on the odds for that particular prop bet, so be sure to read the terms and conditions before you place a wager.

What’s the difference between fun and skilled prop bets?

A fun prop bet is one that’s placed just for fun. But, unfortunately, that means the outcome of the bet has nothing to do with the team or player’s performance, and there is no way for you to predict whether or not it will happen.

How do I place a prop bet with an Arizona sportsbook?

A skilled proper bet is influenced by the player or team’s performance, i.e. something that your analysis can help you predict.

Are there any downsides to prop betting?

Check your Arizona sports book’s interface for buttons or links to place prop bets. Sometimes, it’s labelled something along the lines of ‘Other Bets’ or ‘More Bets’.