PaySafeCard betting Arizona

Bettors across the state are joining the PaySafeCard fan club. PaySafeCard betting Arizona brings extra security, privacy, and assurance to online sports betting. If you don’t know much about PaySafeCard yet, today’s your chance to learn everything you need about it.

Using PaySafeCard for betting in AZ?


PaySafeCard is an alternative payment method for online transactions. It was created for those bettors who are wary about sharing their financial information online.

While most banking methods require a connection to your bank account, debit/credit card, or e-wallet, PaySafeCard allows bettors to keep their financial details anonymous.

Find PaySafeCard options in Arizona

This guide will discuss the history and benefits of PaySafeCard. Bettors will learn how and when to deposit and withdraw from their platform using PaySafeCard.

Finally, if PaySafeCard is not a viable option for you, we will provide a list of alternatives so that you can continue betting. If you’re left with any questions, be sure to check out our PaySafeCard FAQs that wrap it all together.

PaySafeCard sportsbooks in AZ

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PaySafeCard AZ history


The company Paysafe launched PaySafeCard over two decades ago. Paysafe had a mission to bring cash to the internet.

Nowadays, bettors who value privacy have limited options when it comes to financing their online Arizona platform. Most common banking methods include connecting a personal account or sharing private financial details, like your credit card number and security code.

Paysafe wanted to create a way to pay anonymously, through cash, for online transactions. Those who preferred to keep their betting separate from personal finances finally found a solution, and its name is PaySafeCard.

AZ options

Originally launched in Germany, PaySafeCard spread like wildfire across Europe. Becoming one of the most popular online sports betting payments methods across the pond, it soon found its way into the U.S. and beyond. PaySafeCard is currently used and trusted in over forty countries.

How PaySafeCard Arizona works


PaySafeCard is a prepaid payment method that increases safety and privacy for online transactions. Bettors use a voucher system for online payments that are paid for in-person and with cash.

What to look for

PaySafeCard is distributed to bettors as a 16-digit PIN. You can purchase your PIN as a printout, pre-printed prepaid card, or sometimes digitally online.

Most bettors choose to travel to a near, in-person location to pay for their PaySafeCard in cash. PaySafeCard amounts range from $10-$100 per PIN, but bettors are welcome to purchase multiple PaySafeCards if needed.

Locations for PaySafeCard in Arizona

You may purchase your PaySafeCard at one of the brick-and-mortar locations near you. With thousands of locations across the U.S., it’s easy to pay in cash for your PaySafeCard PIN today.

Once you purchase your PaySafeCard, your PIN can be used for thousands of online shops and providers. We’ll go through the Arizona platform that might accept PaySafeCard below, enabling you to bet in AZ quickly and securely.

With over 10 million transactions and counting, Paysafe sports betting has made privacy accessible for all users.

PaySafeCard betting sites Arizona


If you’re a bettor who values security and privacy, you’ll want to consider PaySafeCard betting sites. This list includes betting sites that have been associated with PaySafeCard.


Bet365 is one of the world’s most popular online platforms. It houses competitive odds and a varied menu of betting markets. Many users far and wide take advantage of Bet365’s PaySafeCard banking method.


888Sport is a sportsbook available for both Android and iOS users in Arizona. With well-priced odds and lines, 888Sport knows that variety is key for bettors. With this in mind, they offer PaySafeCard as one of their deposit options.


DraftKings has begun working with PaySafeCard in Europe, and we are confident that this relationship will soon spill over into Arizona betting markets. With both basic and fantasy online sports betting, DraftKings is a sportsbook that doesn’t disappoint.


BetMGM is available in over ten states with a sleek interface for all users. They have long utilized PaySafeCard as a deposit method, satisfying their large group of active bettors. Check out this AZ sportsbook for all your major betting market needs.

Caesars sportsbook

Backed by a huge name in betting and entertainment, Caesars sportsbook Arizona knows security comes first on its platform. Their vast options for deposits and withdrawals are sure to include top-security methods such as PaySafeCard.  

Betting sites that accept PaySafeCard in Arizona


PaySafeCard offers a ton of benefits for Arizona bettors. While its security and privacy certainly stand out, PaySafeCard’s speed, app, free use, and various locations are other benefits you will encounter.


Many bettors fear that their information will slip into the wrong hands once they use it for an online transaction. While you may trust yourself, it’s hard to trust an online system where thousands of cases of fraud or theft occur every day.

PaySafeCard puts security into your hands. By keeping your PIN, you and only you are in charge of your financial information. When you use this PIN to pay online, it’s equivalent to using cash. Whatever is leftover remains in your PIN, which you can continue to use to your liking.


Two of the most common banking methods for platform are bank accounts or credit/debit cards. The downfall of these choices is that your betting portfolio and decisions are not kept separate from your personal finances.

PaySafeCard offers a safe haven for bettors who want to keep their betting transactions separate from their daily expenses. By paying for your PIN in cash, there is no paper trail for your Arizona betting deposits and transactions.


Once your PIN is paid for it will automatically be activated. You may then use it for any purchase at an affiliated online store or platform. When you deposit into your AZ online sports betting site with PaySafeCard, the funds are instantly transferred and ready to bet with.


PaySafeCard launched its mobile app in 2011. It’s rated 4.5 stars by over 100,000 users on the Google Play store and is also available for Apple devices. Users rave about its ease of use and overall effective interface.

You can use this app to create your PaySafeCard account, registering your PINS to keep track of all your PaySafeCard “cash”.

No fees for use

Using PaySafeCard is generally free and there is no charge for purchasing your PIN at your nearest location. platform cover processing fees for deposits and withdrawals through PaySafeCard.

There may be fees associated with inactivity on your PaySafeCard, so be sure to use your balance for your active sports betting account.


There are over 40,000 U.S. locations alone where you can buy a PaySafeCard. Many of these are pharmacies, phone stores, mini-marts, or convenience stores. Common chains which sell PaySafeCard include Dollar General, CVS, and CircleK.

Users can easily find their nearest location through the PaySafeCard app.

PaySafeCard Mastercard


PaySafeCard launched their PaySafeCard Mastercard for secure spending in more locations.

Used as a credit card but funded like a debit card, the PaySafeCard Mastercard makes payments off of an existing balance. Your balance is topped off through your PaySafeCard account and can be used to pay for online and offline transactions.

Unlike regular credit cards, this Mastercard does not require credit checks and has minimal fees for its users.

Depositing with PaySafeCard in AZ

The majority of Arizona platforms that offer PaySafeCard as a banking method do so as a deposit option. With no fees for bettors and instant transfer times for your funds, PaySafeCard is a great way to fund your betting fast.

To use PaySafeCard on your Arizona site, you must first log on to your account. Once you have your PaySafeCard paid for and in hand, you’ll need to create a PaySafeCard account if you have not yet done so. Make sure you use your real name and the email address associated with your account to ensure that transactions between the two run smoothly.

More options

Then, head to the “payments/deposits” page on your operators site. Select your deposit amount and choose PaySafeCard as your deposit method. You’ll then be prompted to enter your Paysafe username and password to confirm the transaction.

Within a few seconds, your funds will be reflected on your platform and you will be ready to place your first bet.

AZ withdrawing with PaySafeCard

Originally, PaySafeCard was created only for online payments. Unless you were a business, store, or company, you couldn’t receive money through PaySafeCard.

Now, the Paysafe payment system has introduced a new Payout service. If your operator includes PaySafeCard as a withdrawal method, it can now transfer your winnings and betting balance back to you through this method.

To withdraw your winnings in Arizona, you’ll need to direct yourself to your sportsbook’s withdrawal page and enter the amount you want to withdraw. Typically, the withdrawal range per transaction is limited to between $20-$1,000.

Email request

Then, you’ll be prompted to enter your PaySafeCard-associated email address. Remember that this email address should be the same as the one you use for your account. This is one way that the platform verifies that your PaySafeCard balance is protected against fraud and theft.

Once your operator processes the withdrawal, your winnings will automatically be reflected on your PaySafeCard balance. Each AZ platform has its set processing times for withdrawals. Reach out to your operator for details.

Alternatives to PaySafeCard in Arizona


If extenuating circumstances prevent you from using PaySafeCard in Arizona, there are a few alternative banking methods offered by AZ platform. These can be used for deposits and withdrawals, depending on the provider.

Arizona bank transfers

ACH bank transfers are widely used and accepted for Arizona online sports betting. For this banking method, you will have to give your bank details to your account.

While it is a fast a reliable method, privacy is not of the essence with ACH transfers. Your deposited funds may also take up to three business days to reflect on your bank account.


E-wallets are electronic wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller. These online wallets offer security by acting as the middleman between your money and the operator. You will connect your bank account or credit/debit card to your e-wallet to fund your payments. Transactions on your original account will then be labeled under the e-wallet’s name.

Other cards in Arizona

Play+ is similar to PaySafeCard, except that the Play+ card is funded through a bank account or credit/debit card. Similar to an e-wallet, Play+ cards act as the intermediary between your financial accounts and your platform.

Play+ cards are also accepted anywhere that accepts Discover. Check out the other banking options at operators in the state:

PaySafeCard Arizona FAQS

Do I need an AZ bank account to use PaySafeCard?

No, you can use PaySafeCard in Arizona without a bank account. You will not need to share your financial details when purchasing PaySafeCard. By paying in cash and person, the only information you will need to give your platforms is your PaySafeCard PIN for deposits as well as your email for withdrawals.

What are the benefits of PaySafeCard Arizona?

PaySafeCard Arizona offers an extra layer of security and privacy for online sports bettors. Their system processes platform deposits instantly, securing your betting funds in seconds. The PaySafeCard app is highly rated and users can find thousands of locations to buy or top off their PaySafeCards across the U.S.

Which AZ platform accepts PaySafeCard?

Bet365 and 888Sport often accept PaySafeCard as a banking method. Other U.S. platforms that have connections with PaySafeCard include DraftKings, BetMGM, and Caesars sportsbook.

Is PaySafeCard safe to use in Arizona?

Yes, betting with PaySafeCard is one of the safest methods offered in Arizona. Sports bettors prefer PaySafeCard because their money lies in their hands. Treated like cash, your PaySafeCard PIN is used for online transactions without sharing your personal or financial details.

Are there fees for using PaySafeCard for Arizona betting?

There is no fee for purchasing or using your PaySafeCard. There may be a fee for inactivity on your PaySafeCard in Arizona. So long as you use your PIN for active betting, this fee shouldn’t affect your account.