Mastercard Betting in Arizona

On this page, we look at what a Mastercard is and how you can use it for sports betting in Arizona, along with the benefits and disadvantages of Mastercard transactions, fees involved, and how you can deposit or withdraw with your card. We also suggest the best sportsbooks offering Mastercard in Arizona.

Arizona betting and Mastercard

If you plan to place bets in Arizona there is a good chance that your sportsbook will offer Mastercard as one of its transaction methods. Knowing what you need to be looking for with this transaction method can help decide on how you will fund your bankroll.

There is good and bad with every banking method, and Mastercard transactions are no exception. Paying attention to things like processing fees will help you out in the long run, and we explain the difference between sportsbook fees and fees coming from your financial institution.

If you have not deposited an Arizona sportsbook before we also go into brief detail on how those transactions work before introducing you to major sportsbooks that offer Mastercard as one of their accepted banking methods.

What is a Mastercard?

Mastercard is one of the largest financial service industries worldwide, and cards are accepted by more than 24 million merchants worldwide, including Arizona sportsbooks.

These can be debit cards, credit cards, or prepaid cards, but you can always recognize them by the Mastercard logo on the front.

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Benefits of using Mastercard with Arizona sportsbooks


Most bettors prefer to use Mastercard for these reasons:

  • User friendly
  • Commonly accepted
  • Instant deposits
  • Fewer fees
  • Prepaid options for security

While these are not the only benefits, they are the most prevalent.

User friendly

If you have shopped online before there is a good chance that you have used a card to complete a transaction, or you have at least entered your card information to use another payment method. Because so much of the population already knows how to complete a card transaction they already know how to use it with Arizona sportsbooks.

Because the cashier or browser can save the card information you should not need to run for your wallet any time you want to make a transaction. As long as you can verify the CVV everything should move smoothly.

Commonly Accepted

Mastercard is the most accepted card worldwide, and sportsbooks are not an exception. Because most major sportsbooks accept Mastercard you cannot go wrong in choosing it as a banking method.

Even if your bank limits gaming transactions, you can easily tag your Mastercard onto another banking method and proceed.

Instant deposits

One of the greatest things about Mastercard transactions is that your deposits hit as soon as they are processed. For most this means the money will be in your account the moment you click submit.

Instant deposits are a great tool for Arizona sports betting. You are constantly faced with updating odds and opportunities, so waiting 24 hours or more can have money passing you by.

Fewer fees

Mastercard transactions are well known for having little to no fees involved, especially when you are making deposits at your Arizona sportsbook. This goes a long way in preserving your funds for betting and preventing you from racking up fees.

While you might find an occasional fee, there are usually ways for you to avoid them. The fees you do run into tend to be lower than other banking method fees.

Prepaid options for security

If you want to use a card for a transaction but you do not want the card to be directly linked to your name then you can look into prepaid Mastercards.

When you purchase these at the store or even online the card is not put in your name or linked to your bank account, so you have plenty of additional security.

Disadvantages of Mastercard betting in Arizona


The good certainly outweighs the bad with Mastercard transactions, but that does not mean you should not pay attention to its dark side.

Most of the issues with Mastercard betting in Arizona revolve around its direct link to your bank or credit accounts and potential fees you can accumulate.

Direct link to bank or credit account

Mastercard transactions show up exactly on bank or credit card statements as they are. This is part of the reason that banks can block transactions, but it can also can problems if you do not want your sportsbook activity showing on your account

Potential fees

While fees with Mastercards are not likely, you should still keep an eye out for fees including:

  • Interest charges (with credit cards)
  • Cash advances charges (with credit cards)
  • Activation fees (with prepaid cards)

These are a disadvantage, but we will elaborate in the next section.

Mastercard processing fees Arizona


Mastercard transactions are one of the easiest ways to keep your fees low but pay attention to any possible charges you can have. These are not a nice surprise, and it is better to expect them and not have them than the other way around.

Whether these are fees with your sportsbook or your financial institution, you can always contact them beforehand to check.

Mastercard processing fees from sportsbooks

Sportsbooks are not big on charging you fees for making deposits, and they usually cover any fees charged by a transaction method when they can. Mastercards are no exception, so most of your deposits should be fee-free.

On the other hand, payouts usually have a fee attached, regardless of your payout method. Sportsbooks are not likely to offer Mastercard payouts, but if they do you need to verify the charge for the withdrawal and if there is an additional charge for this method.

This is all information that should be freely provided with your sportsbook, or you can contact customer service with any questions you have before signing up.

Mastercard processing fees from financial institutions

Where you will get hit the hardest is with fees from your bank, credit provider, or prepaid card fees. Sportsbooks do their best to cover fees when they can, but not everything happens on their end.

If you are working with a prepaid card you usually need to pay to activate the card, and you might have a base charge per transaction.

When it comes to credit cards you need to verify how deposits made to your sportsbook are classified. If they are a normal transaction then you can pay them off and avoid interest, but some credit providers treat deposits as cash advances.

Fees charged for cash advances happen outside the bounds of a sportsbook, and they are also flat fees incurred the moment the transaction is instigated. Because they cannot be avoided it is easy for you to rack up charges here.

If you notice this is an issue or want to check with your financial institution before opting for Mastercard then you can contact them to verify.

Mastercard transactions Arizona


Mastercard is one of the easiest ways to make deposits at Arizona sportsbooks. While you might see it offered for withdrawals, you are more likely to need another option for your payouts.

Either way, moving funds around is straightforward. We will look at each method in basic terms so even those new to online transactions know what to expect.

Mastercard deposits Arizona

After you get your sports betting account set up with a reputable sportsbook and login you need to open up the cashier page and select “deposit”. Opt in to use a card to do this, and the sportsbook should move to a page asking for more information.

Unless you are using a prepaid card you will need to use a card that is in the name you are using with your sportsbook (your legal name), along with your billing address, card number, the card’s expiry date, and the three-digit CVV code.

Once you input that information the sportsbook will ask you how much you want to deposit and give you the chance to verify the information before submitting the transaction. As long as you enter all the information correctly your funds should be available instantly.

Mastercard withdrawals Arizona

Be prepared to use another method to make withdrawals at Arizona sportsbooks, such as e-wallets or bank transfers. Most do not offer Mastercard withdrawals, and those that do tend to limit them to prepaid cards.

If your sportsbook does allow this you will see the option to make a Mastercard withdrawal on the cashiering page after your first successful deposit with the card. Select this option and the card, along with the amount that you want to withdraw, then submit the transaction.

You may still be asked to verify information like the expiry date or the CVV code, but these transactions move smoother than deposits because the sportsbook already has the information. Sportsbooks usually process transactions in a maximum of 48 hours, but these transactions can also process instantly.

Licensed AZ sportsbooks offering Mastercard


There are plenty of great sportsbooks out there, but we did the hard work of finding the best ones that also offer Mastercard transactions for funding your sports betting account.

You should do your research to find the one (or ones) that are the best fit for you, but BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel each have reputations for robust offerings, competitive betting lines, and fantastic customer service.

BetMGM Mastercard

At BetMGM you have a $10 minimum on deposits and a $20 minimum for withdrawals, but the most distinguishing feature of this sportsbook is its M Life Rewards Mastercard.

Rewards at BetMGM are called M Life Rewards. The M Life Rewards Mastercard lets you earn rewards points for transactions you make anywhere Mastercard is accepted. These points can then be redeemed for rewards like free play opportunities, so this is a quick and easy way to improve your bankroll.

DraftKings Mastercard

With DraftKings, you have a low deposit threshold of $5 and a standard payout minimum of $20. This betting site lets you use Mastercard to make deposits, but keep in mind that if you want to do fantasy betting then your bankrolls are kept separate.

Mastercard is a quicker, easier way to deposit your DraftKings betting account.

FanDuel Mastercard

FanDuel has $10 minimum on both deposits and withdrawals. You can use any sort of Mastercard to fund your FanDuel betting account, as long as the card issuer allows it.

Using Mastercard with your FanDuel account gives you a familiar way to fund your account, and you have plenty of alternative options when it comes to making a safe and secure withdrawal.

Mastercard Betting Arizona FAQs

What banking options similar to Mastercard are available at Arizona sportsbooks?

The closest option for you if your Mastercard does not work is to try another type of card, like Visa, American Express, or Discover, as well as swapping between prepaid, credit, and debit options. You can also try adding your card to an e-wallet or using a bank transfer method to complete the transaction.

How fast are most Mastercard transactions?

Most Mastercard deposits process instantly. If you work with a sportsbook that offers Mastercard withdrawals then processing times run as high as 48 hours. They are still a quick way to transfer funds on and off of your sports betting account.

Is it safe to use Mastercard at any Arizona sportsbook?

Mastercard is generally safe to use, but you should still do the work to ensure the sportsbook you are using is safe and secure. Your browser should alert you to the security of a site, but you also need to choose a sportsbook licensed to operate in Arizona. These sportsbooks answer to the Arizona Department of Gaming.

Can I unlock sportsbook deposit bonuses with a Mastercard?

Mastercards are one of the ways that you can unlock bonuses offered at Arizona sportsbooks. If you cannot use Mastercard for a bonus then the sportsbook should list this in the conditions of the bonus.

Is there a maximum amount I can deposit or withdraw with Mastercard?

Any limits put on your Mastercard are derivative of your sportsbook or the sportsbook. Because these numbers change depending on these variables you need to check with both parties before assuming the upper boundaries of your Mastercard.