Arizona hockey betting

In this guide, we discuss the best opportunities for hockey betting in Arizona and look at the different strategies and ways you can bet on the sport. We will also look at some of the best operators available for hockey betting.

Hockey betting explained


Hockey has been a significant sport to bet on since it was introduced in the late 1800s. When the league was formed in 1917, that popularity only bloomed. As a result, it stands as one of the four most popular professional sports leagues in the United States.

If you want to get in on betting on hockey in Arizona, you need to understand the basic strategies involved. These will let you get started without overwhelming you, and you should end up with a decent win record.

Knowing how different types of bets work is also essential. Not every bet type is offered at everyone, but the top platforms for hockey betting in Arizona should give you a greater variety of well-priced lines.

If you want to bet on hockey in Arizona, you will find plenty of opportunities in leagues such as:

  • The Hockey League
  • NCAA Ice Hockey (Division I Ice Hockey)
  • The Champions Hockey League in Europe
  • International hockey leagues in Russia, Sweden, Austria, and other countries

Some of the most popular events for hockey betting in Arizona are the Winter Olympics and the Cup at the end of the season.

Best hockey betting sites in Arizona 2024

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Basic hockey betting strategies explained


Learning the basic strategies behind hockey betting can ease any worry you have about getting started. These probably won’t get you to a perfect percentage of wins on their own, but they set you above casual hockey bettors in Arizona.

Start hockey betting in Arizona by learning the rules

As with any sport, you need to understand how hockey operates before you can start betting on it. This involves what the different statistics mean, how player positions vary in responsibilities, and how the sport functions.

Beyond this, understand which teams are considered favorites and which ones are underdogs, and why. Finally, pay attention to player and team performances, and keep updating your knowledge as you move through the season.

Pay attention to goalies to prepare for hockey betting in AZ

Each position is essential, but paying extra attention to the goalies can give you a boost with your bets. This is because their performance has a heavier weight than any other single player, and in some cases, you can determine the outcome of a hockey game by looking at the goalies alone.

These players have the opportunity to influence the point scoring in the game directly, and some of them are phenomenal at it. In some cases, a goalie is strong enough to block every goal attempt for several games in a row, and knowing this is easy handicapping for your wagers.

Take note of win or lose streaks for hockey

Win and lose streaks have a heavy effect on teams. As a result, you will run across many pockets of 2 or 3 game streaks before the performance steadies again, especially as teams hit that last stretch to qualify for any playoff periods.

These win and lose streaks can also heavily influence the games that follow. A few games into a win-streak can boost confidence enough to topple a team, and a lose-streak can motivate players to finally get a win.

Check out injury reports before hockey betting in Arizona

Because hockey is a physical sport, players and teams keep injuries a secret. If the other team caught wind of an injury, they would be able to use the information to their advantage during the game. You can try to uncover injuries on your own, but you are better off paying attention to analysts here.

Check up on injury reports before placing any bets. Analysts will use evidence to determine whether there is a potential injury you need to keep in mind when wagering.

Stay up to date with hockey bets to build your bankroll

If you are working with a limited bankroll or just getting started, then you need to keep your bets rolling. Try to bet on every game to hone your skills and rotate your funds as required.

If you wrap up a large percentage of your funds in future lines, then you miss out on plenty of more accessible opportunities throughout the season. This dulls your skills, and it might not even pay off in the end.

Keep AZ hockey betting simple

Keeping your hockey betting practice simple will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed or losing your drive to wager. Try to come up with a simple system for placing bets that encompasses your handicapping process and the way you determine your bets.

Please become familiar with the game, players, and trends, and avoid more difficult bets and strategies until you are certain you are ready to handle them. There is no shame in making progress slowly.

Ways to bet on hockey in Arizona


There are plenty of ways to bet on hockey in Arizona, but the basic types are laid out below.

Hockey betting on the Moneyline AZ

The Moneyline for hockey is one of the most straightforward bets you can place. This is a wager on who you believe will win the game, and platforms will set odds according to the likely outcome of the game.

The Moneyline odds convey how much you need to wager to meet a certain payout. Teams favored to win will require more money and provide a smaller payout, and wagering on the underdog lets you wager less cash for a larger potential payout. 

If the Arizona Coyotes have odds set at +120, then this tells you that:

  • They are the underdogs in the game (+)
  • You need to wager $100 to potentially win $120

If the odds are negative (-120), then it indicates the team is favored to win, and you need to wager that amount to potentially win $100.

Puck line AZ hockey bets

Betting on the puck line is a point spread in hockey. In these bets, the favored team needs to win by a certain number of goals, and the underdog cannot lose by more goals than indicated.

These are typically shown with the price in the parenthesis as:

  • Team A -1.5 (-115)
  • Team B +1.5 (-110)

Team A is the underdog and needs to keep a loss margin to one goal. Team B needs to win by two or more goals. The puck line helps balance out the matchup.

Over/under hockey bets in Arizona

An over/under bet on hockey lets you wager on whether the score will be above or below the prediction.

These O/U bets can be applied to the game’s total score or the total goals scored by a team. You see them presented as:

  • Over: 4.5 (-115)
  • Under: 4.5 (-115)

In most cases, the moneyline is identical for both sides, but platforms may adjust this to encourage bettors to even out the action.

Prop and future hockey in Arizona

These wagers do not depend on the result of the game, but they apply to indirect aspects of the games in varying time frames. Prop bets take place in one game, and they can cover anything, such as “Will Clayton Keller score a goal?” The odds tagged on look like this:

  • Yes -170
  • No +135

Futures are set weeks and even months in advance. So the further out you place your bet, the more you stand to win. But, again, this is because there is less information to go off of. The most common future bet for hockey is the Cup winner.


In-play (also known as live betting, in-game betting, or in-running betting) is anything you can place while the game is played, such as the next score.

In-play bets have constantly updating odds, and you need to be able to act fast. This is not an excellent choice for new bettors, but it helps break up the monotony of pre-game.

Other sports to bet on in the state:

Bet on Hockey in Arizona


Arizona sportsbooks are likely to provide competitive odds on the league, but some work hard to offer international markets. These five platforms offer you to bet on Hockey in Arizona, and have fantastic reputations even outside hockey betting, and you can benefit from their reputation and the required accountability of Arizona licensing.

Hockey platforms with odds in AZ


At BetMGM, you can use your $1,000 risk-free bet for Hockey betting in Arizona, along with the Kontinental Hockey League (Russia), SHL (Sweden), Liiga (Finland), and National League (Switzerland). Bets are divided up by events, futures, and specials, and there are plenty of opportunities to go around.

Your opportunities for hockey betting in Arizona are robust, from puck lines to prop bets.


FanDuel will give you a 20 percent deposit match bonus up to $500, and the platform also offers parlay insurance for certain wagers. You have future options with the Cup, and the regular-season schedule is full of puck lines, over/under, and moneylines.

The operator has an easier site to navigate than some other AZ online sports betting sites, so this is a great place to start if you are not very tech-savvy.


Caesars platforms offers an incredible $5,000 risk-free bet for new bettors and focus on plenty of major sports, including hockey. The platform is great at varying bet options, and you can even adjust the presentation of odds to meet what works best for you.

One of the strengths of the platforms is its regular schedule of in-play bets and an intuitive live-betting format. In addition, the platforms put in the extra work to make live betting a priority, so you will also find some in-play hockey lines at a better value here.


When it comes to hockey betting in Arizona, DraftKings has plenty of opportunities, including:

  • Puck lines
  • Totals
  • Moneylines
  • Player props game props
  • Daily specials

The Hockey platforms focuses on the league, and you can find updates here often. They are well-known for providing a statistics database to make handicapping easier, and even live-betting incorporates instant stats updates.


Unibet provides a $500 risk-free bet for new customers. While there are plenty of odds here, you might be excited to discover the broader variety of international events, including VHL, AHL, and many international tournaments.

The brand makes it easy to sort through wagers and adjust the odds format depending on their type. For example, you can find more than 70 markets for ice hockey, and the platform has plenty of action on bets like total goals and other major bet types.

FAQ Hockey betting Arizona

Which types of bets are best for hockey betting in Arizona?

The best types of bets for hockey betting in Arizona include simple bets like Moneylines. If you want to wager without putting much effort into research, consider prop bets based more on chance, like who will win the coin toss. However, keep in mind that those bets are not easy to win.

Which hockey league has the most betting opportunities in Arizona?

Following the sport should give you the most opportunities in Arizona. This is the highest level of hockey competition globally, and it is partially based in the United States.

What should I look for in a platform for hockey betting in Arizona?

On top of the basic measures of merit, look for a platform with a wide variety of hockey bets available. For example, a regular-season game might have 25 lines, while matchups will have lines north of 100. You want at least these many opportunities, preferably more, with competitive odds.

Can I bet on hockey in AZ without handicapping?

You can try to bet on hockey in Arizona without handicapping, but your rate of success will be much lower than it would be if you researched before placing bets. Casual betting off chance is fine, but it does not give you a decent opportunity to win your wagers.

Is hockey a good sport for live betting in Arizona?

Hockey is an excellent sport for live betting in Arizona, especially when you take advantage of a platform with a great live betting platform.