Football Betting in Arizona

With a combined fan count of around 1.4 million followers on social media, the Arizona Cardinals prove that football is one of the most popular sports in the state. Add in college teams and those numbers soar even higher. Yet, if so many fans are watching, why haven’t you taken the opportunity to win money from betting on your favorite Arizona football teams?

What to know about Arizona football betting?

Not only is football one of the most popular sports in the US, it’s also one of the top sports for online betting. If you’re unsure why this guide will help explain everything you need to know about football betting in Arizona—from the pros and cons to the top sites offering competitive odds and betting options. Use this information to start winning big off your favorite teams.

Top AZ football betting sites 2024

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Advantages of Arizona football betting


Anyone familiar with an online sportsbook knows you can bet on just about any competitive sporting event—from baseball to ping-pong and even e-sports and chess. So, what makes football such an amazing option for Arizona sports betting? For many fans, it’s just because it’s their favorite sport. For skilled punters, though, it’s thanks to the number of betting options, wide coverage, and extensive odds.

Countless opportunities to win

Imagine for a moment that a football season consisted of one single game. You’d only be able to bet on that one game and, if you lost, you’d lose everything. Would you take those odds? Probably not. Fortunately, though, a football season stretches out over 18 weeks and consists of more than 270 games.

Considering all the ways you could bet on those 270+ games, there are nearly countless ways to win. The more opportunity you have, the better your odds of walking away with some money. And, compared to other sports, NFL and college football provide a wider range of teams, games, and championships to bet on.

Widespread Coverage

Although there’s luck involved with any bet, football betting requires strategy and background knowledge. The more you know, the better you’ll be at placing educated bets. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of available information on football in America. Check the Internet, watch ESPN, or talk to anyone at a sports bar and you’ll know what we mean.

Unlike less popular sports, you can even go back and rewatch games as many times as you like. Learn different teams’ plays, track players’ progressions, and build a foundation of knowledge from which you can create a winning strategy. It’s all available thanks to the widespread coverage of football in America. As the season progresses, you’ll know which players are injured and where to put your money.

Downsides to Arizona football betting


Even if football is one of the best sports to wager on, we would be remiss to not share some of the downsides to Arizona football betting. Keep these points in mind as you start building a strategy.

Football can be unpredictable

Let’s face it, the underdog story is so common that it’s become a Hollywood trope, especially in football. Just because one team is expected to win doesn’t mean they always will. Shake-ups happen and the favorites don’t always pull through. For this reason, football is prone to unpredictability.

Sometimes you expect the final outcome to be neck-and-neck but it isn’t. Sometimes the final scores should have been higher than they actually are. Learn to roll with these punches and you’ll avoid losing but be careful to play around football’s unpredictability. While it can make betting more exciting, you could also lose your shirt in the process.

Bookmakers are imperfect

Online betting odds are set by bookmakers who are trained to follow trends throughout the season. They’re typically intelligent analysts and are well-versed in everything football so you can trust that their odds are worth something. That being said, though, no one is perfect, including bookmakers.

Because football can be so unpredictable, bookmakers sometimes make mistakes. Although they try their hardest to produce accurate odds, the odds you see online might not be as fair as you think. Therefore, bet carefully and do your own research ahead of time.

Best Arizona football betting


If you want accurate odds and a range of betting options, you’ll need to find a quality online Arizona football sportsbook. From there, you can register, deposit funds, and start betting on your favorite teams. While you could spend hours exploring different platforms, check out our top five recommendations here:

BetMGM football betting

BetMGM is without a doubt the top online football sportsbook for betting on professional football in Arizona. They’ve already partnered with the Arizona Cardinals, meaning you’ll be first in line for the best odds and betting options on the market. BetMGM offers enticing promotions, quality customer support, and an easy-to-use mobile app.

Caesars football online betting

If you want a huge selection of betting options and diverse odds, you can’t do much better than Caesars online football sportsbook. Caesars is one of the largest platforms in the world and offers new members massive sign-up bonuses and regular promotional deals. Sign up today to unlock a risk-free bet worth up to $5,000.

DraftKings football odds

Gone are the days when DraftKings was just a daily fantasy football site. Register now and gain access to one of the most popular online football Arizona sportsbooks in not just Arizona but the entire world. Their large member-base allows them to offer more than one promo at a time and also host one of the best customer loyalty programs in the market. Maximize XP to win prices and more.

FanDuel football bets

If you’re someone who likes to bet on the go, FanDuel Arizona is exactly what you need. With their premium mobile app design, FanDuel gives you the power to follow odds, manage your bankroll, and even live bet, no matter where you are. Download their powerhouse mobile app today from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Unibet football sportsbook

For fast and easy banking, go with Unibet Arizona. They accept deposits via bank transfers, Visa/Mastercard payments, PayPal, Skrill, and NETELLER, and even prepaid options such as PaySafeCard and Ukash. Deposits post quickly and they’re one of the fastest foobtall sportsbooks for withdrawing funds back into your account.

Come up with a winning football betting strategy


After finding and registering with a reputable online sports betting site, you’ll need to develop a strategy for betting on upcoming football games. Although you’ll need to do your own research on teams, players, and the season, we can offer a few pointers to help you out. Follow these dos and don’t to win big.

DO set a budget

The best football betting strategy is to play responsibly. It’s inevitable that you’ll lose some money at some point but if it ever becomes unaffordable, it’s time to step back from the foobtall sportsbook and accept your loss. Setting a budget at the start of the season can help you manage your bets and even diversify how you spend your money.

It’s always better to bet a small amount on multiple options than to go all-in on one single game!

DO register with more than one

Some players find a single oneand never venture from it. If that works for you, great, but we highly recommend shopping around. There’s no limit to the number of operators you can use to maximize the potential field by earning extra bonuses, finding better odds, and earning loyalty points across multiple platforms.

For example, Hard Rock sportsbook Arizona offers football events offers that are worth your while.

DO take advantage of promos and bonuses

If you’re unfamiliar with the common bonuses and promos, we recommend familiarizing yourself before you even sign up with an online operator. As soon as you start playing, you’ll likely unlock a bonus that you won’t want to miss out on:

  • Matched deposit bonuses – Your football sportsbook may match a percentage of your first deposit, up to a certain amount. Some sites have better offers, including 100% matches, so look around for the best deals.
  • Risk-free bets – If you unlock a risk-free bet, you’ll be able to place a wager without actually losing your stake. If you win, you get to pocket the profit and if you lose, your stake will be refunded back into your bankroll.
  • Free bets – Like risk-free bets, a free bet lets you wager money without actually losing anything. Your football sportsbook will provide the stake and you get to keep the profit if you win. If not, you’ve lost nothing.
  • No-deposit bonuses – Although usually much smaller than the other bonuses listed here, you can unlock no-deposit bonuses without transferring funds into your account. They post to your bankroll as soon as you verify your membership and you can use them immediately.

Before using a promo or bonus, always be sure to read the terms and conditions to find out about turnover requirements, sport-specific limitations, and any other details.

DO try live betting

Add some excitement to the game by betting as you watch. Even if you’ve already placed a moneyline bet on who will win, you can still get in on the action by placing prop bets throughout the game.

Wager on who will score the first touchdown, your favorite team’s total passing yards, or even guess which team gets the first penalty. The options and limitless and you’ll win more by spreading out your bets.

Do NOT chase losses

Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and run. If you find yourself chasing after lost bets, take a moment to step back, think about why you’re playing, and remember that it’s supposed to be fun. Chasing after lost bets is a slippery slope towards irresponsible betting and, if you find yourself falling down that hole, don’t hesitate to call it quits.

Losses are inevitable but that doesn’t mean you won’t also win some money back. The difference between a smart punter and a novice is that the punter knows how to roll with the punches and turn them around into a win when they’re able to play again. Never bet more than you can because a win is never guaranteed.

Do NOT get greedy

Just as you shouldn’t chase bets, never build a strategy around possible future wins. Even if you’re on a winning streak, your luck is bound to run out so it’s best to anticipate possible losses. If you place a bet thinking that it’s a sure-fire win, you’re only bound for disappointment. Football is unpredictable and you could just as easily lose a substantial stake.

Even if it seems tempting to chase after profits, try to avoid that pull. Sports betting is meant to enhance the enjoyment of watching sports. You might be able to win big but if the entire allure is to profit, you’ll soon find out that it’s not as fun as you thought it would be. Remember to focus on enjoying the game while you bet and play sensibly.

Want to know more about Arizona football betting? Keep reading to find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

Arizona football betting FAQs

Is online football betting legal in Arizona?

Yes, under H.B. 2772 it’s 100% legal to bet on sports using an online football sportsbook within Arizona state boundaries. This includes football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and all other professional sports.

Should I always bet on Arizona teams?

A strong betting strategy shouldn’t rely on a single team. Even if the Arizona Cardinals are your favorite, try branching out to cover the field by betting on other national teams. The more opportunities you have to win, the more likely you are to walk away with a profit.

Which gets more bets—NFL or college football?

Traditionally, the NFL has reigned supreme in America as the number one bet-on sport. In recent years, though, the number of viewers and punters have dropped and college ball has seen an uptick in patrons.

What should I know about football before I bet?

Ideally, you should understand how the game works and which teams are expected to win throughout the season. As the season progresses, keep track of injuries and upcoming talent. This information will help you bet more wisely.

Are free and risk-free bets actually free?

When you sign up with an online football sportsbook, you may unlock one of these bonuses. They are not entirely free. You must first deposit funds into your bankroll before you can use them on a football game.