Arizona MMA betting

MMA betting in Arizona includes many markets, including prop bets, money lines, rounds, futures, and more. In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about betting on mixed martial arts online.

MMA betting Arizona


First, you’ll learn about getting started at MMA platforms, as well as the top MMA sites in Arizona. Next, we’ll teach you about MMA odds and how to place bets on MMA events. Finally, we’ll share our best tips for MMA betting in Arizona and answer your FAQs. 

MMA betting Arizona isn’t as complicated as it might seem. If you meet the state’s legal age and location requirements, you can sign up in a few minutes. Then, all you have to do is provide personal information (name, birth date, address, email, phone number, SSN, photo ID). 

MMA betting account in AZ

Once your account gets verified at any one of Arizona’s licensed and regulated online providers, you can deposit. Depositing is the essential first step to take so that you can start wagering and using site bonuses. But before you do all of that, there is the difficult task of choosing the right betting site for you.

MMA sportsbooks in AZ

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BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
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Caesars Sportsbook Arizona MMA betting Caesars Sportsbook Up to $1,000 bonus Bet now Caesars AZ Promo
BetRivers Arizona MMA betting BetRivers Sportsbook Get up to $100 in bonus
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  • Excellent loyalty program
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Desert Diamond Sports Arizona MMA betting Desert Diamond Sports $250 Welcome Match Bonus Bet now Desert Diamond Promos
DraftKings Arizona MMA betting DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets
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  • Multiple in-game bonuses
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Unibet Arizona MMA betting Unibet Sportsbook $100 Second Chance Bet
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Best sportsbooks in Arizona for MMA betting


There are five major providers in Arizona that we want to talk about today. Each of them has the best you could wish to for MMA betting – promotions, a variety of markets, and exceptional features. These MMA betting sites also offer mobile betting for iOS and Android users.

BetMGM is one of the country’s top providers. This site features a VIP invite-only membership, a parlay generator, promos, and a new customer risk-free bet.

And when it comes to MMA betting, players can take part in 2-way money lines (who will win?), parlays, and more. BetMGM is a great choice for beginner bettors who want an extensive and easy-to-use site interface.

Fanduel Sportsbook Arizona is ripe with opportunities, promos, and rewards. Fanduel is another great option for MMA betting since it features Bellator Fighting Championship and Fight Night. 

The MMA betting page at this provider keeps track of upcoming fights and various money line markets. Punters also have the chance to join in fight parlay insurance offers and a risk-free welcome bonus upon signing up.

Bettors can also turn to Caesars Sportsbook online for one of the best MMA online sports betting sites in Arizona. In addition, Caesars has the largest new customer bonus offers in the state and its own rewards point system (Caesars Rewards). 

At Caesars, customers can bet on MMA, including money lines, method of victory props, round totals, and fight end bets. Furthermore, MMA promotions include Fight Night parlay boosts, as well as odds boosts on individual fighters.

Draftkings has long been a favorite for MMA betting online. This provider features live wagering, a VIP membership, pools, and promotions. 

In the realm of MMA betting in Arizona, DK features Bellator Fighting Championship markets. Punters can wager on fight lines, round props, fight props, fight parlays, winning methods, and other types of bets.

Unibet is a provider under the Mohegan Sun Pocono name. This site features a new customer risk-free offer and several promotions, like parlay boosts. 

MMA betting at Unibet Arizona includes markets for Bellator and LFA. Take part in various money lines, winning round bets, round totals, to go the distance bets, and more.

Bet on MMA in Arizona


Next, we’ll teach you about different ways to bet on MMA fights in Arizona. There are a lot of popular sports bets you can make at online providers. However, certain sports, like MMA, draw in much more specific types of bets. Below, explore some of the most common MMA bets you’ll see featured in Arizona and how they work.

MMA money lines

Money lines are one of the most common bets online. You’ll find money lines for almost all sports. But in MMA betting, you’re betting on the expected winning fighter of the match. So you’ll have to understand how to read the odds to take part in money lines. 

Your sportsbook will set the odds, and each team has either a + (the underdog) or – (the favorite) assigned to it. The underdog and favorite are each assigned a number based around the number 100. The underdog is a higher risk but a higher reward as well.

MMA props

Prop is another popular type of sports bet – also known as specials in some cases. These aren’t bets on the winner but rather bets on what will happen with players or fights. One of the most common MMA props is a “method of victory” prop bet.

These are exactly as their name suggests – you bet on a fight winner and the way you think they’ll win. This could be via knockout, submission, or decision, and there are different types of knockout and decision.  

Another type of MMA prop is the round prop. This is where you bet on what round the fight will end. Round props are high-stakes bets in the world of MMA. 

Another exciting prop bet is the “first-minute finish” bet. If you believe that a fight could end in the first minute of round one, then you would bet “yes.” If not, you bet “no.” The odds can be pretty extreme in this type of prop.

Other fights and round props include:

  • Point deduction bet (fight prop)
  • Time of finish bet (fight prop)
  • Time of finish bet (round prop)
  • Winning round bet (round prop)
  • To start round X bet (round prop)

MMA round totals

Another popular MMA bet is wagering on round totals. There are multiple rounds in an MMA fight. Round totals are where the punter bets that the fight will end before or after the “total.” The “total” is the number of rounds the fight should last, as predicted by the sports oddsmakers. 

As a bettor, you don’t have to know precisely in which round the fight will end. You just have to predict whether the winning round will be over or under the set total. For example, a fight might have a total of 2.5. This means that it’s expected to end halfway through the second round. So you would bet over or under 2.5 rounds.  

To go the distance MMA bets in Arizona

This is a yes/no type of bet placed on a certain fight. First, you decide whether you think the winner will result from points. So, if you bet “yes,” then you believe that the fight will not end in one fighter getting knocked out. 

It’s also a way of saying that you think the fight won’t end until all scheduled rounds finish. If you bet “no,” on the other hand, then you believe the fight will end before that point.

MMA fight parlay

Another popular type of bet is the parlay bet. Parlays combine multiple bets on a single wager. They are harder to win since you have to win all bets to succeed. However, the payoff can be pretty high. 

MMA fight parlays look like combinations of the following bets:

  • Method of victory props
  • Exact method of victory props
  • To win fight bets (money lines)
  • Total rounds bets

For example, an MMA parlay might look like “X fighter will win the fight by DQ (disqualification).” Or, you might have this parlay: “Y fighter will win the fight, ending in under 2.5 rounds”. 

Live MMA betting

Finally, one type of bet that will get featured on certain apps is live betting. MMA live betting is where you can wager on Bellator, and other MMA fights after they have started. Paired with site features like live streaming of fights and live event updates, live options can be fascinating.

Some punters find that live betting is a helpful way to use live-action to inform strategies. However, it can be easy to get caught up in the urgency of these bets. In the end, it may be better to stick with planned wagers.

Tips and strategies for MMA odds


Last but not least, it’s good to have some strategies and tips on your mind when you finally start betting. So we’ll teach you a few tips that transfer to MMA betting and using sites in Arizona, in general.

Do your research on MMA fighting

Although you don’t need to be an expert in a sport to wager on it, it can help. This is true in the case of MMA fighting since there are some complicated and unique rules involved.

Furthermore, there are different fighting championships involved in MMA betting, and they each operate differently. Being aware of this can help you to make well-informed bets with value.

Be smart about managing your MMA bankroll 

A bankroll is essentially the money you have designated for wagers. For many people, their bankroll is the money they’ve deposited into their accounts.

Managing a bankroll helps to prevent one from betting too much and going quickly into debt. By wagering only what is already in your account, you can secure your bankroll and make wiser choices.

Don’t always bet on the favorite to win

Betting on the favorite fighter is a common mistake in MMA betting. Although it may seem like these fighters’ stats precede them, there is no guarantee that they’ll always win. Furthermore, you can actually profit more by successfully betting on the underdog to win. 

Study past methods of victory

The method of victory prop is a prevalent type of bet. If you decide to wager on a method of victory for a certain fighter, you should consider their past methods. If it seems like there is a trend, especially when paired with another certain fighter, you might follow that hunch.

Other sports to bet on in the state:

FAQs MMA betting in Arizona

Who can take part in MMA betting in Arizona?

Bettors have to meet the state’s legal age requirements and the site’s location requirements. Sports bettors must be at least 21 years old and within state lines when wagering in Arizona. Once you sign up for a site and verify your identity, you can bet on MMA.

What are the biggest MMA betting mistakes?

Some of the biggest mistakes of MMA betting in Arizona include not researching the fighters and betting too often. Players also make the mistake of going to the wrong site where the MMA odds aren’t excellent.

Can I win real money with MMA betting in Arizona?

Yes, players can win real money and cash out at licensed and regulated sites. You can cash out winning bets to various banking methods, including PayPal, checking accounts, and more. The only time that winnings won’t be real money is if you get a site credit refund for a bonus.

How do I find the best odds for MMA betting in Arizona?

Players can find the best odds by shopping around at different Arizona sites. Browse the odds and lines for MMA markets to see where you might find the best options. You may even join more than one provider so that you can compare the odds at any given time.

What are “method of victory” props in MMA betting in Arizona?

This type of proposition bet refers to when you bet on a certain MMA fighter’s method of victory. In order to win this bet, your chosen fighter must win and in the method you’ve predicted. Standard methods of victory you can choose from include decision, knockout, and submission.