ACH / eCheck betting Arizona

Arizona sports betting fans are living the dream right now. AZ online sports betting is legal. It’s lucrative. It’s everywhere.But before you choose a sportsbook and place your first bet, there are some things you need to know.

You’ll need to know how to make a deposit (and a withdrawal of all your winnings, right?). You’ll need to know how long it takes to deposit and withdraw sports betting funds. Finally, you’ll need to know what restrictions you’ll be dealing with.

And you’ll probably want to know which banking option is the most popular at AZ sportsbooks.

Getting started with ACH / eCheck betting Arizona

The most popular banking method at Arizona sports betting sites is ACH eCheck. And in this guide, we’re showing you exactly how to use it.

We’ll explain exactly what ACH echeck is. We’ll tell you how to use it, when to use it, and why you’ll want to use it 99% of the time. We’re even going to show you which top AZ sports betting sites accept ACH for deposits and withdrawals (spoiler alert: it’s all our favorites).

Top AZ ACH betting sites 2024

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Top sportsbooks that accept ACH / eCheck in Arizona


When it comes to the best AZ sportsbooks for betting across the Grand Canyon State, we’ve got our selection sorted.

These Arizona betting sites are superstars in the sports betting arena. They’re secure, offer excellent depth in the betting menus, and deliver competitive betting bonuses. Plus, they all accept ACH deposits and withdrawals. Easy, right?

  • Barstool Sports Arizona ACH / eCheck betting. Barstool Sports delivers some of the best media commentary in sports betting. It’s also home to strong betting insights, extensive sports betting markets, and competitive odds. Barstool accepts ACH / eCheck for deposits and withdrawals.
  • DraftKings Arizona for ACH / eCheck betting. DraftKings maintains a high profile in the media and at major sporting events—but it’s also got deep betting menus, competitive odds, a state of the art mobile app, and instant verification. Plus it accepts ACH deposits and withdrawals.
  • FanDuel Arizona for ACH / eCheck betting. FanDuel has long been known for its competitive daily betting menu, generous bonus offers, and huge user base. It also gives you plenty of scope in prop bets, and accepts ACH withdrawal and deposit.
  • BetMGM Arizona ACH / eCheck betting. BetMGM has the backing of a major betting brand, offers the best in live betting, and live streaming of major sporting events. It also has a generous rewards program and one of the best sportsbook bonus offers in Arizona. And—you guessed it—it accepts ACH withdrawals and deposits (as well as the VIP Preferred platform).

What is ACH / eCheck at Arizona sports betting sites


ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. It’s a batch network system that enables the quick transfer of funds between your bank account and your AZ sportsbook’s bank account.

ACH e-check payments work a lot like physical checks, except they eliminate the worst thing about waiting on a check: the delays. No more waiting for a check in the mail, or hoping yours ends up where it’s meant to be.

ACH payments are sent electronically through the Automated Clearing House system. In the system, they’ll be processed digitally, verified, and cleared into your sportsbook account (or vice versa, if you’ve made a withdrawal).

pros and cons of ACH eCheck betting AZ

ACH payments are the preferred banking method of choice for deposits and withdrawals at AZ sportsbooks. In fact, they’re the preferred payment method of choice across the US. Here’s why.

Pros of using ACH / eCheck betting AZ

  • Minimal wait times—instant deposits to AZ sportsbooks and cleared withdrawals within 72 hours
  • Convenient—any AZ sports betting fan with a bank account and a little cash can use ACH banking
  • No credit or debit card required
  • Zero fees for deposits and withdrawals at top Arizona sports betting sites
  • Reliable
  • Accepted at every major AZ betting site for both deposits and withdrawals
  • Does not require a third party payment app
  • Top end online security for instant payment processing. ACH eCheck AZ is one of the most reliable and safe online payment methods in the country
  • Fast and simple payment processing—you can have funds in your AZ sportsbook account instantly, and make your first bet within seconds
  • 24/7/365 support via your bank. ACH / eCheck works as a part of your regular banking platform, so you have one stop for addressing any questions or concerns you have.
  • No credit checks
  • Transactions are easily identified on your bank statements for ease of accounting
  • Can be integrated with VIP Preferred if required

Cons of using ACH / eCheck betting Arizona

  • Using the ACH banking method for betting AZ, you will need to enter in your banking information on site. Some AZ sportsbook users prefer not storing their financial login information online.

We might only be able to come up with one downside to the ACH eCheck betting banking system, but it’s one to consider.

Having said that, there is no more reliable and consistent method for getting your money from A to B—and back again. Even well-established betting markets like the Grand Canyon State place restrictions on credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and cash payment platforms. ACH eCheck payments enjoy more freedom and support with sports betting fans.

Safety and security in ACH / eCheck betting AZ


AZ sportsbook operators—and sports betting aficionados—know what a good payment platform looks like. It should be reliable, secure, safe, and—ideally—free to the consumer.

ACH checks all the boxes, making it Arizona’s payment method of choice for all your sports betting deposits and withdrawals. Major financial institutions also back it—it is, after all, run through your bank. This connection means you are afforded another level of security, too.

Have you ever had your credit card frozen after making a sportsbook deposit? It happens when your bank identifies that a third party app is using your credit card. To stop what it identifies as fraudulent activity, the bank freezes your card.

Because ACH works directly in with your bank account—including your own routing number and information—the bank can confirm you have approved the payment. Less hassle, less confusion—and a whole lot more time to build your betting bottom line.

A word on VIP Preferred ACH payments at AZ betting sites

You might have heard about VIP Preferred—the Global Payments banking platform that works with most online sportsbooks in the US. You’ll find it at some of our preferred AZ sportsbooks, too (and we’ll show you exactly which ones in a minute).

VIP Preferred requires users to create a login. Once you’ve registered your account on the platform and verified your identity, you can use it to make payments through the third party app.

Effectively, you’re introducing a middle man. Luckily, the middle man doesn’t charge any fees, and doesn’t share your information with the sportsbooks you use.

If you are still uncomfortable with your AZ online sportsbooks having access to your bank account—VIP preferred might be a banking method you want to explore.

How to make a ACH / eCheck deposit at an Arizona sportsbook


Making your first deposit is easy when you use the ACH eCheck method. Once you go through the 30-second process, your funds hit your account instantly—meaning you get in on the action faster than ever.

Here’s how to get started right now.

  1. Login to your sportsbook account and navigate to the cashier page
  2. Select ACH / eCheck
  3. Key in the amount you want to deposit and hit submit
  4. Enter your bank account and routing number

Things to know:

Even though your deposit will hit your wagering account straight away, the transaction might not show in your bank account for up to 3 days. This is normal.

It’s also worth noting that some sportsbooks may prompt you for additional info when you make your first deposit. For example, you might be required to verify your identity. This will be a one-off, and is required by state and federal law.

How to make a ACH withdrawal at an Arizona sportsbook


The beauty of the ACH payment portal is that getting your hands on your winning payout is—finally—just as easy as making a deposit.

To cash out at an Arizona sportsbook will take you less than a minute.

  1. Navigate to the cashier page of your chosen AZ sportsbook
  2. In the withdrawal section, select ACH / eCheck
  3. Key in the amount you want to withdraw, and click submit
  4. Enter your bank account and routing number

ACH withdrawals at AZ sports betting sites aren’t instant, but they are pretty speedy. Once your payout has been approved, you can usually enjoy your winnings within 24 hours (longer on a weekend or public holiday).

Customer service for ACH / eCheck betting sites AZ

Eliminating third party payment platforms means eliminating one step if things go wrong with your deposit or withdrawal.

In simple terms: you’ll either need to contact your AZ sportsbook or your bank. But, if you hit a delay in getting that cash, here’s how you can resolve the problem fast.

  1. Confirm that the withdrawal has been approved and processed by your AZ sportsbook. Processing can take up to 72 hours—especially on federal and state holidays
  2. Once you’ve confirmed that your AZ sportsbook has approved the withdrawal, contact your bank. You’ll need the ACH account and transaction details.

Comparing ACH / eCheck as a sports betting payment


ACH eCheck for Arizona betting definitely has its perks. But does it stack up to the competition? In this section of our guide, we’ll compare the top 5 banking methods for deposits and withdrawals.

Credit / debit card AZ

No doubt you’re already wielding the plastic fantastic for your online shopping needs. Using it to fund your AZ sports betting journey is no different. Once you navigate to the cashier page at any sportsbook in Arizona, you can enter your payment info for instant deposits.

ACH vs. credit / debit card: ACH wins, hands down. Often, AZ sportsbooks don’t accept withdrawals to credit cards. So even when you deposit funds via credit card, you run the risk of your sportsbook hitting you with interest on a cash advance, rather than a payment.

PayNearMe AZ

If you only carry cash, PayNearMe is the option for you. You pay cash at participating retailers, who make a deposit to your sportsbook account on your behalf.

ACH vs. PayNearMe: ACH wins for ease of use, convenience, speed, and security. With PayNearMe, your deposit can take several hours—even overnight—to hit your betting account.

Play+ card for AZ

Play+ is a sports betting payment platform gaining traction in the community. It’s fast, it is backed by nationally recognized credit card brand Discover, and it is accepted at most AZ sportsbooks for both deposits and withdrawals.

ACH vs. Play+: Play+ is good—but ACH is better. It’s accepted at every major sportsbook in Arizona for deposits and withdrawals, it has zero fees, and it isn’t tied to anything except your bank account.

PayPal for Arizona

PayPal is safe, secure, and possibly the most widely recognized ewallet banking methods in the world.

ACH vs. PayPal: It’s a close race, but ACH wins for speedy payouts and the ultra-secure access direct to your bank account. ACH typically has less restrictive rules around deposits and withdrawals than PayPal does, since you have to verify your identity the first time you use it.

ACH / eCheck Arizona betting FAQs

Can I use someone else’s bank account to top up my Arizona sportsbook account?

No. Just like with a paper check, your sportsbook account name will need to match your bank account name.

Will I get charged a transaction fee when I make a withdrawal from my AZ sportsbook?

No. ACH e-check transactions are free of charge at all AZ sports betting sites. However, you’ll need to confirm if your bank charges a transaction fee for your specific account type.

Does ACH / eCheck have deposit and withdrawal limits for Arizona betting?

Check the FAQs section of your sportsbook to find out what their deposit and withdrawal limits are for ACH payments.

How do I know which Arizona sportsbooks accept ACH / eCheck for deposits and withdrawals?

You could start by checking our list here. The good news is, though, all licensed AZ sportsbooks accept ACH deposits and withdrawals.

Can I make an ACH / eCheck deposit to my AZ sports betting account even if I’m in a different state?

Yes. You can top up your sports betting account from anywhere in the US—but you’ll need to be in Arizona to place a bet.