If you want to bet on sports in Arizona, there are a few things you need to learn first. Sports like lacrosse, basketball, tennis, and more are among the sports you can wager on. You can also bet on various pro leagues, such as the MLB and the NFL. Arizona itself is also home to several professional sports teams that players can make wagers on.

How to bet on sports

Sports betting in Arizona may take some getting used to if you’re a beginner. You first need to be aware of the types of sports you can wager on. Then, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the professional teams in your state that you can bet on.

In this article, we’ll explore the above two topics. Further, we’ll look into some of the pros and cons of sports betting in this state. Then, we’ll explore some of the common questions most sports bettors have about making wagers.

Read on to learn more about betting on sports in the Copper State. We’ll cover sports and teams you can bet on, the pros and cons of doing so, and answers to FAQs.

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The major sports to bet on in Arizona


The first thing we’ll cover is the selection of sports you can bet on in Arizona. While this list may not be comprehensive of all of the sports at your disposal, these are the top ones. You could take part in basketball betting, hockey betting, football betting, or even baseball betting. You have a lot of variety when it comes to Arizona online sports market.


Baseball betting Arizona is one of the most popular sports betting arenas you’ll find online. Major League Baseball presents an exciting opportunity to wager on your favorite pitchers, hitters, and professional teams. Whether you’re betting on totals, props, or parlays, there is a lot of variety in baseball betting.


Betting on football in the United States is about as American as sports betting can get. Not only can you bet on the NFL, but you can also bet on college football teams across the country. The Super Bowl also presents an annual chance to place your futures bets. So even if you don’t know much about the sport, you can still bet on the halftime show.


Basketball betting is also popular in sports betting arenas in Arizona. One of the most popular and well-known basketball betting schemes is the famous March Madness. During this betting period, players wager on homemade and professional brackets alike. In addition, it’s a chance to bet on college basketball (NCAA) and take part in event betting that everyone is talking about.


Arizona golf betting isn’t quite so common as the other major sports wagers. However, those interested in golf will find that there are markets suited to your bankroll. Many betting sites feature markets to bet on the PGA Championship, the Ryder Cup, The Masters, and the Presidents Cup. Typically, you’re betting straight bets on the winners, and odds play a role.


Arizona Hockey betting is famous when it comes to championships like the Stanley Cup. However, professional hockey betting is more practical than college hockey betting. Sportsbooks may feature teams in the NHL and NCAA hockey teams and Russian hockey (KHL). You can bet on regular-season games, preseason games, as well as championship games.


Fans of tennis betting will have many markets to browse at licensed Arizona sportsbooks. Markets include the French Open, the US Open, the WTA, Wimbledon, and various others. Of course, depending on which sportsbook you wager at, your options will differ. A lot of times, though, sportsbooks will feature live, in-match betting for tennis matches.


The FIFA World Cup, UEFA Nations League, and MLS are all soccer markets you’ll commonly find at betting sites. You should also keep an eye out for some of Arizona’s own soccer leagues when wagering. Since soccer is famous in so many countries, there are dozens of markets and national teams to bet on. Look forward to props, parlays, totals, and more.


Motorsports betting is an exciting sports betting arena – almost as thrilling as motorsports themselves. For example, you could be betting on NASCAR races, including the NASCAR Cup. Typical bets on NASCAR would look like race lines, team props, driver props, and others. You can also bet on Formula 1 racing.


Rugby bettors also have a variety of markets to bet on in Arizona. For example, you often have a choice of betting on either Rugby League or Rugby Union. Within the Union, you’ll have markets such as Six Nations, the World Cup, England Premiership, France Top 14, and more. You might bet on the NRL, the RFL Championship, Super League, or other markets within the League.

Table tennis

Table tennis is a surprising sports betting arena when you think of typical sports betting. However, there are plenty of markets in this sport. Further, there are even some with odds involved. You can bet on match lines, live matches, spreads, and totals. The Moscow Liga Pro is one of the popular markets for table tennis betting.


E-sports betting is becoming more popular as more e-sports games grow in popularity as well. Games like Dota 2, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and others make up the bigger markets in e-sports betting. Typical e-sports wagers include match-winner bets, tournament winner bets, first kills, accumulators, and various others.


Although many online sportsbooks fail to offer markets, horse-race betting is an extremely common type of sports bet. Horse-racing is an old practice, and as such, betting on races is also an old practice. Therefore, if you find a sportsbook with horse-race markets, you could bet on race winners, lap winners, and other horse-race aspects.


Cycling isn’t the most exciting sport in the world, but that doesn’t mean betting on it can’t be fun. Cycling bets are similar to other racing bets, where you bet on winners most of the time. However, you could also wager on props related to time, individual cyclists, and more. The Tour de France is one of the biggest races you can bet on.


Darts isn’t the most traditional sport, but even so, you can bet on it, too. There are some unique bets specific to the sport itself, though. One example is the 1×2 / match winner bet. You also have bets like tournament winner, leg winner, 9 dart finish, most 180s, and more. So again, this is a unique chance to bet on something unexpected.


Billiards betting is another unique type of sports betting. Note that billiards betting is actually a different thing than snooker betting. You could bet on games or tournaments as a whole. Bets include handicaps, frame markets, outright markets, running bets, and more.


Lacrosse betting is one of the types of sports betting that includes both college and pro markets. College lacrosse is big in the United States, as well. Outright bets like money lines, as well as totals and spreads, are the most common. However, when you look at the big markets, you’ll find championships like the NCAA Tournament and a World Championship.


Volleyball betting is inclusive of both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. Markets include betting on tournaments and individual matches alike. You can wager bets such as totals, correct scores, handicaps, match bets, and prop bets. Most commonly, punters place match bets, where you predict the team to win the match.


Boxing bets may not provide the most extensive variety of markets. However, you still can try your chance at some interesting wagers. For example, fight proposition bets are fun ways to bet on the fights without knowing a ton. For example, you could bet on the fighter you think will “go the distance”. Or, you could bet on the winning method (draw, technical decision, etc.).


Wrestling betting is the last, but not least, sport on our Arizona sports betting list. Wrestling betting isn’t always exclusive to WWE betting. However, this is the most popular arena for markets. Keep in mind that WWE events have scripts directing them. You can still bet on them, but it helps to know this to inform your strategy.

Other sports to bet on in the state:

Arizona Pro teams to bet on in 2024


Arizona actually has a few professional teams of its own. Further, you may be able to bet on some of these teams and their players at betting sites. Among them are one major league pro women’s team and four major league pro men’s teams.

Arizona betting on the Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks are Arizona’s Major League Baseball team. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, this team has some experience under its belt. So if you want to bet on a home pro team, you can try your luck wagering on the Diamondbacks.

Arizona betting on the Cardinals

Arizona’s NFL team is the Arizona Cardinals. Unfortunately, they are a Phoenix team with zero Super Bowl wins under their belt. Therefore, if you bet on them, you may want to bet on in-season games only.

Pro basketball betting

Finally, Arizona has two major NBA teams – one in the NBA and one in the WNBA. The former is the Phoenix Suns, and the latter is the Phoenix Mercury team.

Pros and cons of sports market


We think it important to illuminate the advantages and disadvantages of betting on sports in Arizona. Although there are many sports to bet on and chances to win, you still need to be cautious.

Be careful with your bankroll, and start with sports that you understand. Arizona has a lot of sports to bet on, but it’s also newer in the state. You may not have all of these options at every AZ sportsbooks.

Further, the local pro teams aren’t the most skilled in the nation. Therefore, you may need to look outside of state teams to wager on.

Betting on sports FAQ

What is “vigorish” in AZ sports betting?

There are several terms you may come across in relation to Arizona sports betting. Vigorish is one of those words. Also referred to as “juice”, this term simply refers to the commission or profit the oddsmaker(s) make on your bets.

Is there a hardest sport to bet on in Arizona?

The answer will vary depending on who you ask. However, most people agree that football is one of the most difficult sports to bet on. This is because it’s an incredibly popular sport in America. Because of this popularity, the oddsmakers will make it extra difficult to win football bets.

How do you improve at sports betting?

It definitely takes time to become a skilled sports bettor. While there is no right or wrong way to go about the task, you can improve by employing strategies. Study up on sports betting forums, follow team and player statistics, and choose bets wisely.

What types of bets can you make in Arizona?

Online betting sites feature a wide variety of bets you can make. Popular bets include parlays (combination bets), proposition bets, spreads, totals, money lines, and others. Depending on what sport you bet on, the types of markets will vary.

Who can bet on sports in AZ?

In the state of Arizona, you can bet on sports as long as you’re a minimum of 21 years old. You need to actually live in Arizona, though. Further, you’ll have to verify that you are currently in Arizona when you place bets at Arizona online sportsbooks.